10 Films Featuring Fantastic Female-Led Casts

Earlier this week it was announced that Stories We Tell director and Atom Egoyan muse Sarah Polley is writing an updating of Louisa May Alcott’s coming-of-age novel Little Woman. The project will be led by women, in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Naturally, we’ve been busy doing a little dream casting for the upcoming picture.

We’re still flummoxed by the backlash about the recently announced all-female Ghostbusters reboot. Female-led productions have been around since the dawn of cinema and the work of film pioneer Alice Guy-Blaché. Here are ten movies that feature only (or largely) female casts. … Read More

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Exclusive! Full Details of the New ‘Ghostbusters’ Cinematic Universe, 2016-2024

Late Monday, Deadline broke the big news that precisely nobody was waiting for: Sony Pictures, taking a page from Marvel and DC and Universal monsters and every other asshole in Hollywood who wouldn’t know an original idea if leaped out of the glove box of their Tesla and bit them on their Botoxed cheek, is launching what amounts to a Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe. … Read More

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Sony Officially Announces the Novel Idea of a Male ‘Ghostbusters,’ Potentially Starring Channing Tatum

You probably heard about — and got thoroughly excited about — the all-female Ghostbusters starring an impeccable cast of comedians (Melissa McCarthy,… Read More

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How to Get Away With Pop Music Plagiarism

This week, the big topic of conversation among music fans is whether the chorus of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” sounds enough like Tom Petty’s 1989 hit “Won’t Back Down” to warrant the 12.5 percent songwriting credit recently awarded to Petty and his co-writer, Jeff Lynne. Copyright infringement as it applies to songwriting plagiarism goes beyond merely how a song sounds, and if a songwriter even intended to copy the work of another. The field has become more and more litigious in recent decades, and to an outsider, the situation can look a bit creatively limiting. Sometimes people do go to court and win, but many big cases settle out of court on the basis of subconscious plagiarism. What a scary landscape to live in as a musician — being responsible for inadvertently copying someone else’s work you’ve never even heard. … Read More

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And the All-Female ‘Ghostbusters’ Are…

I won’t be cruel — before I wax ecstatic with excess verbiage, these are officially the actors in negotiation to star… Read More

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‘Young Frankenstein’ and the Enduring Appeal of the Horror Comedy

The familiar 20th Century Fox logo and fanfare begins the film — but in black and white, segueing into a dramatic orchestral theme and a title that hits with a bolt of lightning and a crack of thunder, in front of the moody image of an ornate castle on a distant hilltop. With those familiar images, audiences were welcomed to Young Frankenstein, Mel Brooks’ affectionate parody of the Universal horror masterpieces. The movie, which is out on Blu-ray today in a new anniversary special edition, hit theaters 40 years ago — in the same calendar year as his equally successful Blazing Saddles, a one-two punch that’s all but unprecedented among comedy filmmakers. Yet for all of Saddles’ influence, Frankenstein may be even more beloved, for its place within both the filmography of Brooks and the surprisingly venerable cross-genre of horror comedy. … Read More

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25 Amazing ‘Ghostbusters’ Tattoos

Cinema’s class of 1984 turned 30 years old this year—and everyone’s favorite fictional parapsychologists are making a smash return at a theatrical reunion this weekend. A remastered 4K version of Ghostbusters has arrived in theaters. Audiences grew up watching Bill Murray’s Peter Venkman, Dan Aykroyd’s Ray Stantz, Harold Ramis’ Egon Spengler, Ernie Hudson’s Winston Zeddemore, and the rest of the ghostbusting gang, enamored with the film’s special effects, gadgets, and hilarious characters. And the real diehard fans have shown their affection for the supernatural comedy by getting Ghostbusters tattoos. Here are 25 of our favorites. … Read More

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That Female-Led ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Is a Dumb Idea, But Not for the Reason Dumb People Think

As you may have heard over the weekend, Bridesmaids and The Heat director Paul Feig might direct a reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise, and if he does so, his take might redraft the franchise with a crew of female ghostbusters stepping into Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson’s vacant proton packs. It’s all very tentative right now (though Feig commented on the story on Twitter). But Variety reported it, with the customary “according to sources” and “declined to comment” notations and the rather important disclaimer that “no formal negotiations have taken place yet.” So this could very well be just another go-nowhere Ghostbusters rumor, which would be nothing new — we’ve had about a quarter century of them now, all equally fruitless. But it was a Saturday, and the movie Internet needed something to talk about, so here we are. And let’s get one thing out of the way: this is a dopey idea, a transparent attempt to paddle-board some fresh juice into a long-dormant corpse. Feig shouldn’t make a new Ghostbusters movie, because any new iteration of Ghostbusters is a terrible cash-grab and nothing more, and he has better things to do. But we’re going to have to deal with the other angle on this thing as well. … Read More

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