Gilmore Girls

Domenica Ruta’s Gritty Memoir ‘With or Without You’ Is Like a Cracked-Mirror ‘Gilmore Girls’

All the press for With or Without You, a debut memoir by the young writer Domenica Ruta, newly available in paperback, compares it to lyrical memoirs about difficult families like Mary Karr’s Cherry and Jeanette Walls’s The Glass Castle. And those are very good comparisons, indeed. But while I was reading it, to be honest, I couldn’t stop thinking about Amy Sherman-Palladino’s cult girlie TV classic, Gilmore Girls. … Read More

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Have You Taken the Rory Gilmore Reading Quiz?

From Angela’s Ashes to Anne Sexton, the younger Gilmore girl spent a good chunk of the show’s duration carrying around,… Read More

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What Would Lorelai Gilmore Do?

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15 Inexplicable Omissions from the WGA’s “101 Best Written TV Series of All Time”

The Writers Guild of America announced its list of the “101 Best Written TV Series of All Time” Sunday, culled from online voting by members of the writers’ union from both coasts. The list pretty much included the shows you’d expect (the top ten, in descending order: The Sopranos, Seinfeld, The Twilight Zone, All in the Family, M*A*S*H, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mad Men, Cheers, The Wire, The West Wing) — with a few notable exceptions. Yes, even in a list of 101 comedies, dramas, variety shows, and (weirdly) mini-series, they’re bound to make a few mistakes. … Read More

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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Like Your Favorite TV Characters

Thanksgiving is for sitting around the table with family and friends, expressing gratitude for things most of us take for granted every other day of the year. But above all, Thanksgiving’s a time for TV, where tempers run as high as oven temperatures. Charred turkey, sibling rivalry, yam-slamming, and sticking a turkey on one’s head; without these key ingredients, no TV Thanksgiving would be complete. Here’s a list of what you’ll need to make your own TV Thanksgiving, at home. … Read More

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TV’s Greatest High School Nerd Transformations

With the recent Bunheads finale, the fast-approaching end of Awkward’s second season, and a promising Inbetweeners reboot, we confess we’ve gotten caught up in a lot of teen angst these past few weeks. So since we’re in the state of mind, we decided to look at some of the great high school series in television history and their nerd spawn. Like the teenage protagonists of the aforementioned shows, these characters all started out uncool, insecure, and/or sartorially challenged. And then of course, they grew up. You can click through for some before and after shots we dug up, and hope you’ll let us know about any great geek transformations we might have missed. And now, we’ll be making our way back to the couch for more adolescent love triangles, camera phone farce, and woefully instructive tales of sex.  … Read More

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The Reading Lists of Your Favorite Fictional Characters

If you’ve ever seen Gilmore Girls, there’s a pretty good chance you know that Rory Gilmore is as big a bookworm as they come — maybe that’s why we’ve always liked her so much. Recently, we stumbled on this exhaustive list of all the books Rory has read, and after we caught our breath (there’s some two hundred and fifty books on there!) we decided to compile a few more of the books we’ve noticed some of our favorite fictional characters reading — so as to follow along, of course. Click through to see what books Don Draper, Margot Tenanbaum, and Daria Morgendorffer have been occupying themselves with recently, and let us know if we’ve missed your favorite fictional bookworm in the comments! … Read More

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Our Favorite Female Ensembles on Television

In glancing at tomorrow’s new DVD releases, one title jumped out as being worthy of our little spotlight: yes, tomorrow marks the unveiling of Designing Women: The Final Season. Not that the ’92-’93 year was one of their best — it did feature the third and decidedly lesser version of the cast (Delta Burke and Jean Smart 4eva) and the writers were kind of running on fumes. Still, mediocre Designing Women is better than none at all; this was, after all, one of the best female ensemble shows in TV history. We nearly called it the best, and then realized what a tall claim that is. In contrast to the moving pictures, where you can barely find two important women’s roles in the same movie, television is full of crackerjack female ensembles; we’ve assembled our ten favorites after the jump, and if you’re the kind of person who thinks Sex and the City will be on it, you should prepare yourself for disappointment now. … Read More

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Exclusive Supercut: The Wisdom of Our TV Mothers

If there’s one thing moms love to give, it’s advice. This Mother’s Day we’re repaying the gift by celebrating the pantheon of great (and famously not-so-great) TV mothers and the wisdom they’ve bestowed over the years, on topics ranging from defeatism and birth control to gender equality and community chip bowls/showers. In our Mother’s Day supercut, you’ll also learn about the perilous nature of back-talk, taking a joke too far, and listening to Betty Draper. We hope you’ll tell us about the television mothers you’re most thankful for in the comments, because lord knows they don’t hear it enough. … Read More

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10 Fictional TV Towns We’d Like to Visit

Last week IFC announced that Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein would be releasing Portlandia: A Guide for Visitors this November. It’s the perfect idea for a show in which the town itself is such an important character; a more perfect vision of Portland, with a cool mayor, 100% employment, and hipster customs that seem more like local law – especially bicycle rights. And this guidebook might be our chance to find out where Ronald D. Moore of Battlestar Galactica fame lives so that we can visit him ourselves. Inspired by the news, we’ve been thinking about some other fictional TV towns that we wouldn’t mind visiting, even those without a decent Feminist Bookstore. Leave any of your favorites that we missed in the comments! … Read More

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