Your Weekly TV News Roundup: ‘Smash’ Musical Heads to Broadway, ‘Girls’ Casts Shoshanna’s Parents

The television world moves so fast that by the time you learn of a show’s premiere, it could already be canceled. It’s hard to keep track of the constant stream of television news, so Flavorwire is here to provide a weekly roundup of the most exciting — and baffling — casting and development updates. This week: Sarah Silverman’s HBO pilot, Hulu gets the rights for FX/FXX shows, and Girls casts Shoshanna’s parents. … Read More

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Photos That Explore Young Womanhood Unencumbered By Feminine Stereotypes

Swedish artist Arvida Byström was a precocious child. At only 12 years old, she started her painting and photography career, and at 22 she’s a Tumblr star and owns her own gallery (Gal in East London). Her work is a rainbow of glitter, “girly” things, and ‘90s ephemera — which she subverts to explore taboo subjects, sexuality, gender, and identity. Byström recently collaborated with photographer Valerie Phillips on the book Hi You Are Beautiful How Are You (first spotted on iGNANT), which focuses on presenting young womanhood untouched by Photoshop and preconceived notions of femininity. … Read More

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There’s a Lot of Love in the New ‘Girls’ Season 4 Trailer

Is there a possibility that the upcoming season of Girls will spare us the show’s usual onslaught of nerve-wracking heartbreak? The latest… Read More

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2014 Was — Secretly — the Year of the Jewish Woman

Jewish women have generally done well in America. From Emma Goldman to Erica Jong, Susan Sontag to Pink, they have broadened our cultural horizons. Sure, they are often portrayed in the media as JAPs (Jewish-American Princesses), like Cher in Clueless and Fran on The Nanny — or else, god help us, as the overbearing mother or background sister to a creep like Portnoy. But who isn’t stereotyped on the big screen? At such a tiny percentage of the population, it’s impressive Jewish women make an impact at all.

2014 has been different, though. 2014 was the year that Jewish women got their hands on the wheel – not the mainstream-media wheel, exactly, but still, the wheel of a perfectly functional, increasingly visible car — and drove off in a new direction, with all the exhilaration (but, thankfully, none of the impending doom) of Thelma and Louise, as Harvey Keitel’s police investigator / audience surrogate Hal cheered them on. (Geena Davis: possibly Jewish!) … Read More

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Shows Like ‘The Affair’ Are Proof That It’s a Golden Age of Sex Scenes For Grownups

In Vulture, writer Adam Sternbergh has a piece about “The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of the Sex Scene,” where he argues that the cultural shift of sex scenes in art has run its course from the movies to television, leading to all kinds of crazy sexploitation in the likes of our internet-saturated age — just look at how network TV’s pushing the boundaries lately — but also revealing a distinct lack of shows that have sex in the narrative as a part of life, where it’s something that grownups do, not something made expressly for thirteen-year-old boys watching Game of Thrones. … Read More

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10 Shows About Contemporary Life in New York City, Ranked

Today, Vimeo begins its foray into original programming with High Maintenance, a web series that the site picked up after its critically acclaimed first season. The six new episodes (three available now, three in 2015) continue to follow a delivery weed dealer as he bikes around selling to, and interacting with, a variety of customers. Despite the logline, High Maintenance isn’t a stoner comedy but rather a lovely and sometimes poignant series of character studies about multiple eccentric residents of Brooklyn. New York City may be overflowing with material, but it’s a tricky setting to nail down — especially because New Yorkers tend to be hyper-critical while watching our city on screen (really, how hard is it to research basic subway stops?) — so it’s always worth praising when a series gets it right. Here are the ten best and worst currently-airing shows about life in New York City, including High Maintenance, ranked. … Read More

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Get Ready for ”Girls’ and Philosophy’ — a Book About the Philosophy Behind HBO’s ‘Girls’

Perhaps Girls isn’t seen through a philosophical lens often enough: it’s certainly seen through the outrage-over-privilege lens, it’s certainly seen through a… Read More

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Watch Jessa Slap Hannah in ‘Girls’ Season 4 Trailer

Remember when the Girls girls had semi-recently graduated from Oberlin College, and were trying to (have their parents help them) stay… Read More

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HBO’s ‘Girls,’ ‘Looking,’ and ‘Togetherness’ Set for January Air Date

Mark your calendars, folks: HBO’s lineup of quirky not-quite-comedies — Girls, Looking, and newcomer Togetherness — is set to return (or, in… Read More

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