Was It Rape? TV’s New Obsession With Sexual Consent, From ‘Game of Thrones’ to ‘Breaking Bad’

“Get on all fours.” Those words mark a turning point for Adam Sackler, the main love interest on Girls. Directed at his new girlfriend Natalia in the penultimate episode of the show’s second season, they initiate the most uncomfortable sex scene of a series that’s built its name on uncomfortable sex scenes. Adam picks Natalia up and forcibly throws her onto his bed. Adam keeps going when Natalia objects that she hasn’t showered, and when she asks that he watch out for her dress. Adam doesn’t appear to care about Natalia’s obviously pained facial expressions. But did Adam rape Natalia? … Read More

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20 of the Weirdest TV Merch Items You Can Buy

Television fan culture has blossomed into something huge and wonderful. There are so many TV shows that have a rabid and obsessive group of eager fans who love to buy merchandise related to their favorite shows and characters. I should know — my apartment is overflowing with memorabilia from The SimpsonsBeavis & Butt-HeadCommunity, etc. — but sometimes networks go beyond simple T-shirts and magnets and start selling everything from costumes to sofas to swords. Here are 20 examples of the weirdest television merchandise that you can buy. … Read More

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5 Storylines ‘Girls’ Season 3 Never Resolved

Girls has taken us on quite a journey over the past three years, from Season 1 (“The Season That Launched a Thousand Think Pieces”), to a dark and confusing Season 2 (“You’ll Never Want to Use Q-Tips Again”), to, finally, a refreshingly enjoyable Season 3 (“They Might All Be Kind of Starting to Grow Up”). But while the stories have become more interesting and some of Hannah’s outfits have improved, the Flavorwire staff has noticed a disturbing trend: often, Lena Dunham and Co. will plant a particular plot seed, then refuse to water it or even hint at its existence ever again. … Read More

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‘Girls’ Season 3 Was Its Best Yet, Despite Major Flaws

The third season of Girls was, in a lot of ways, much like the show’s two previous offerings. Adam and Hannah face multiple relationship problems. Hannah moves forward with her writing, then moves back, then possibly moves forward again. Marnie continues to be annoying and self-obsessed. Well, all of them continue to be annoying and self-obsessed. The episodes are still frustratingly uneven, and some characters get the shaft, regardless of how interesting their storylines are (in the first season, it was Shoshanna; this time Jessa has the most interesting plot but is often relegated to the background). Yet this is the first season of the show that I actually enjoyed watching. … Read More

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‘Girls’ Season 3 Finale Recap: “Two Plane Rides”

Acceptance letters’ great virtue is making life seem uncomplicated. Just for a second, getting into one’s top choice college or law school or, in Hannah’s case, MFA program feels like the solution to all of one’s problems. The piece of paper Hannah delicately tapes together is her own personal Golden Ticket, and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop is her chocolate factory. “I got in” is a rare rush of pure validation, a reassurance that all of Hannah’s temper tantrums in the name of creative freedom were worth it and that her dreams of being a capital-W Writer aren’t all hot air. It’s no wonder that our final glimpse of Hannah for the next year or so is her clutching that letter for dear life. The rest of her life is far less reassuring and far more messy. … Read More

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10 Career-Changing Music Moments in the Last 10 Years of TV

In the early 2000s, TV went through a transformation to become a medium capable of artistic achievement on par with film. The power of television has not always been harnessed when it comes to music, but the change in TV coincided with its emergence as a platform as powerful as radio in breaking new artists to the masses. Today the game continues, with music supervisors being courted by labels as much, if not more, than tastemaking rock writers. The power of TV is such that it can both break new artists and reinvent old hits like “Baby Blue” and “Don’t Stop Believin'” for new generations. And so, we’ve put together a list of ten music moments on TV in the last ten years that were not only memorable, but that actually altered an artist’s… Read More

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‘Girls’ Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: “I Saw You”

Demanding what one needs in a relationship is a tricky business. Is Adam allowed to ask for space, if that’s what he needs? Sure. But is Hannah obligated to suppress how upset that request makes her, or the anxieties it provokes for her about the state of Hannah-and-Adam? Is Adam allowed to say that he needs Hannah not just to let him move out—he needs her to embrace it? Make no mistake: Hannah pulls some grade-A shenanigans this episode that are 100% her fault. The source of that desire to act out, though, is her boyfriend, who’s snapped out of the knight-in-shining-armor phase he entered during last season’s finale and reverted back to the not-so-lovable asshole we knew back in Girls‘s early days. … Read More

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This Week’s Top 5 TV Moments: Miss Claudette Stops By ‘Broad City’

There are scores of TV shows out there, with dozens of new episodes each week, not to mention everything you can find on Hulu Plus, Netflix streaming, and HBO Go. How’s a viewer to keep up? To help you sort through all that television has to offer, Flavorwire is compiling the five best moments on TV each week. This time, Kroll Show and Broad City get high-profile guest stars. … Read More

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Lena Dunham’s High-School Abortion Play and Other Highlights From Her SXSW 2014 Keynote

AUSTIN, TX: It would be safe, even an understatement, to say that Lena Dunham and the SXSW Film Festival have some history. Her first film, Creative Nonfiction, played here in 2009 (an earlier version was rejected the previous year), and that first trip to Austin — a place which, to her, “represents magic, hope, beginnings, adulthood, freedom, triumph, and tacos” — was “the greatest week of my life. I ate tacos, I drank milkshakes, I swam in Barton Springs, I drank a beer at a backyard rock show and talked to cute guys who never would have given me the time of day in New York, because everything is bigger in Texas.” … Read More

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