“All Women Seduce With a Lie”: Real-Life Writing Workshop Horror Stories

We called, you answered: inspired by Lena Dunham’s nightmare vision of a University of Iowa workshop, we’ve collected real-life stories of what happens when MFAs melt down. Readers didn’t disappoint — if there’s anything a workshop’s good for, it’s a lifetime’s worth of cringe comedy. (Good writing is also possible, but by no means a given.) Click through for bitchy blog posts, unsolicited nudity, and of course, a few healthy doses of racism, all helpfully illustrated with canonical examples of side-eye. … Read More

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Desiree Akhavan on ‘Appropriate Behavior': “I Wanted to Explore Dating and Fucking as I Knew It”

Desiree Akhavan is having a moment, with her new role as Hannah’s workshop classmate on Girls and her indie film, Appropriate Behavior earning plaudits from film critics and feminist bloggers alike. The film (showing at indie theaters, on iTunes, and on-demand) falls somewhere between an awkwardly hilarious family, sex, and dating comedy and a poignant sex, family, and dating drama. Ahkavan plays Shirin, a bisexual Iranian Brooklyn type not unlike her creator, at least superficially. She’s navigating post-breakup life — which means a lot of awkward sex scenes, and, through flashbacks, falling deeply in love. Meanwhile there’s the matter of coming out to her parents. … Read More

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Calling All Writers: Send Us Your Workshop Horror Stories!

Much has already been made of this Sunday’s episode of Girls, which saw Hannah Horvath’s transition from alienating her entire New York social circle to alienating her entire fiction workshop at the University of Iowa. There are already obligatory rundowns of “how this work of fiction didn’t accurately reproduce every detail of its real-life setting!!!!” (though this Vulture piece is much more fun and evenhanded than its headline suggests), and Lena Dunham’s taken to Twitter to make it clear that, no, those workshop critiques aren’t based on the controversy over her memoir. So we at Flavorwire would like to cast a wider net. … Read More

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PaleyFest Lineup Includes ‘Broad City’, ‘Outlander’, and ‘Jane the Virgin’

The 32nd annual PaleyFest honoring television will take place March 6-15 at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland. This year,… Read More

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‘Girls’ Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: “Triggering”

Girls has proven before that while you can take the girl out of New York, you can’t take the raging narcissism out of the girl. Some of the series’ most memorable episodes have zeroed in on Hannah, and what happens when she leaves the Brooklyn bubble for her hometown (“The Return”) or her extended family (“Flo”). This time, of course, Hannah’s in for the long haul. But for now, “Triggering” is the latest in Girls’ most consistently entertaining subgenre of episode: abandoning all pretense of being about life in the city, and doubling down on the series’ true subject—the all-consuming, raging, and enraging self-absorption of its heroine. … Read More

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Staff Picks: Flavorwire’s Favorite Cultural Things This Week

Need a great book to read, album to listen to, or TV show to get hooked on? The Flavorwire team is here to help: in this weekly feature, our editorial staffers recommend the cultural object or experience they’ve enjoyed most in the past seven days. Click through for our picks, and tell us what you’ve been loving in the comments. … Read More

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‘Girls’ Season 4 Premiere Recap: “Iowa”

The fourth season of Girls, like the first season of Girls, begins with Hannah Horvath’s parents taking her out to dinner. The contrast is as striking as it is intentional: the skeezy guy Hannah was then hooking up with is now her boyfriend; the unpaid internship that was then winding down (without a paying job in sight) is now an acceptance to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. And of course, this dinner is a celebration, not an abrupt announcement that Hannah’s financially on her own. … Read More

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‘Girls’ Season 4 Goes to the Writing Workshop, Gets Meta About Criticism (and Sexism)

In the first episode of the fourth season of Girls, which premieres Sunday (January 11), Lena Dunham’s Hannah Horvath suggests that the last four years have been a wash. Where she’s headed, she assures her parents, is more promising, or at the very least it’s a path that requires sticking to a plan. You don’t half-ass your way through the most storied MFA program in the world, after all. … Read More

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Your Weekly TV News Roundup: ‘Queer as Folk’ Reunion Planned, Netflix Sets Premiere Dates

The television world moves so fast that by the time you learn of a show’s premiere, it could already be canceled. It’s hard to keep track of the constant stream of television news, so Flavorwire is here to provide a weekly roundup of the most exciting — and baffling — casting and development updates. This week: Brickleberry and Covert Affairs are canceled, Girls is renewed, and an upcoming Queer as Folk reunion.  … Read More

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Flavorwire’s Complete Guide to 2015 Midseason TV

New year, new shows! September may be the time when the television season officially starts, but January is always just as busy, with a plethora of new and returning programs. From the final season of Parks and Recreation to the premiere of The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore to the return of The Americans, here are 22 shows that should be on your… Read More

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