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‘American Sniper’ Is Not Your Culture-War Talking Point

Last night, in a typically loathsome and infuriating appearance on The Daily Show, Mike Huckabee laid out, for all us dense coastal elite liberal types, the problem with our worldview. “There’s a real clash of cultures and there’s a disconnect between people who live in the ‘bubbles’ of New York, Washington, and Hollywood, versus the people who live in the land of the ‘Bubbas,’” he explained, which Stewart interpreted as a contention that “people who live on the coasts are not ‘real.’” It was, in a nutshell, Huckabee (and the book he was there to promote) attempting to jump-start that reliably contentious pseudo-political issue, the culture war. And, Huckabee insisted, the fault lies with the people in the “bubbles,” because “those of us who live in ‘Bubba-ville,’ we get the people in the bubbles — because television shows and movies are all about the people in the bubbles.” Yet according to the paper of record, “Bubba-ville” got its very own motion picture this weekend, and a controversy to go with it — all of which would be much more convenient if the film in question actually were the simplistic flag-waver that it’s being labeled as, on both sides of the political/cultural divide. … Read More

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Praise Jesus, Kirk Cameron Is ‘Saving Christmas’ From You Dirty Liberal Atheists

Look, I know you get tired of hearing about it, but it’s true — it happens earlier and earlier, every single year. Why, it’s not even Labor Day yet, we’re still wearing age-inappropriate short pants, the kids are barely back in school, and already, four months before the big day… it’s time to start complaining about the War on Christmas. Can we just get put away the “Halloween is a Satanist celebration” protest signs first? Where are our priorities in this hopelessly paranoid, Christian conservative nation? Anyway, Kirk Cameron — remember him? The Growing Pains heartthrob whose warm, dreamy smile filled a thousand issues of Tiger Beat and as many late-‘80s junior high lockers, before he started railing about evolution and bananas and how gays are destroying civilization, and everyone sort of backed away from him slowly, like some kind of ranting, drooling homeless guy on the subway? Anyhoo, he’s made a fairly good living from the “faith-based” entertainment industry, so this week, he sat down with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze website, which in turn shared the trailer to his latest cinematic opus, Saving Christmas. … Read More

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Andrew W.K. — A Philosopher for Our Times

If you’ve not been reading Andrew W.K.’s life advice column at the Village Voice, you’re really missing out. Since the start of the year, he’s been taking weekly questions from fans, and dispensing some fascinating and thoughtful answers. In particular, he’s garnered a great deal of attention for his response to “Ask Andrew W.K.: My Dad Is A Right-Wing Asshole,” wherein he chided the questioner for defining his father as a political viewpoint and not a person. It was rightly lauded, and was also greeted with a measure of surprise: wait, the guy who wrote “Party Hard” also wrote this? The thing is, though, it’s always been worth taking Andrew W.K.’s ideas seriously. And reading through his column again this morning, it struck me: in Andrew W.K., we have a philosopher for these crazy times. … Read More

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10 Politicians and Their Fictional Pop Culture Doppelgängers

Sunday night, viewers of History’s hit miniseries The Bible (haven’t read the book; does the show work as a standalone?) were given their first look at Satan — and several immediately took to Twitter, pointing out what they saw as a marked resemblance to the President. Good ol’ Glenn Beck led the way, tweeting “Anyone else think the Devil in #TheBible Sunday on HIstory (sic) Channel looks exactly like That Guy?” (Beck apparently uses “That Guy” as a substitute for Obama, whose name he refuses to say, because Glenn Beck is a child.) Though the show’s producers have dismissed the connection, we’ve gotta say — he’s kind of a dead ringer. On the other hand, politicians are so ubiquitous that it’s pretty easy to find resemblances in pop culture. Don’t believe us? Here’s a few more examples. … Read More

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Watch the Ad for Glenn Beck's Very Patriotic New Denim Line

If you enjoyed seeing Glenn Beck in a wizard’s robe and hat as much as we did, then perhaps you’ll be just as amused by the former Fox News host’s latest sartorial adventure: his new 1791 Denim line, a name which, as the American history buffs in our audience surely realize, pays homage to the year the Bill of Rights was ratified. What’s even more surprising than the fact that Beck is selling jeans? The ad for 1791 Denim, which as Lilit Marcus at Racked points out, looks like it could be a Bon Iver video.

“These were the first American blue jeans — the jeans that built America,” explains Beck in a voiceover. “And they were built in America, built at a time when things were timeless. A time when you knew things would last. A time when people worked for their dreams, and their dreams worked for them.” Apparently, the bearded man seen here dreams of setting off a really large rocket that he’s welded all by himself in the middle of a desolate, snowy landscape. “Well, maybe you’ll never get your chance to go to the moon,” says Beck, with what we’re imagining are tears in his eyes, “but as an American, you sure as heck can still shoot for it.” Who knew someone could get so worked up over a pair of dad jeans? Click through to watch the spot now. … Read More

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Glenn Beck to Become Cartoon Character?

Well, he’s already pretty cartoonish — the cape, the chalkboard, the tears, the general paranoid hysteria. But The Wrap reports that Glenn Beck may be delving even further into the realm of fantasy; his new, $9.95/month, subscription-based Internet TV station is developing an animated comedy series with the… Read More

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The Morning's Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Today in real headlines that read like Onion headlines, Shia LaBeouf is making a documentary about Marilyn Manson. In an interview on Live with Regis and Kelly, LaBeouf he described their meeting: “He lives in West Hollywood above a liquor store. There’s no lights in the room. And there’s sort of these big metal doors… Read More

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Michael Caines' Fairytale-Inspired Political Portraits

In a series he calls “Perfect Happiness,” Toronto/Brooklyn-based artist Michael Caines creates irreverent portraits of political figures as characters in fairytales or as if painted in 18th century Christian religious tradition. Though making a distinct nod to political cartooning, there is something refreshingly tender in Caines’ work — it manages to comment on the ridiculousness of our culture of political pageantry while simultaneously affirming its place in our society. Besides, who can resist Karl Rove in a gingham dress? Click through to see Michael Caines’ paintings – including Kim Jong-Il in a ballgown – and let us know what you think in the comments! … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we tested our knowledge of FCC complaints against Glenn Beck vs. Jon Stewart. We were sad to hear that TV on the Radio bassist Gerard Smith had died following a battle with lung cancer. We wished that we could our hands on one of the specially… Read More

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