Golden Globes

Watch Janet Mock and Film Editor Jason Bailey Discuss the Golden Globes

Wherein we shamelessly plug this panel discussion on All In with Chris Hayes, which includes film editor Jason Bailey, Jezebel managing editor… Read More

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Fey, Poehler, Maron, and Apatow Begin Stand-Up’s Overdue Reckoning With Bill Cosby’s Comedy Legacy

Last week, I was reading (and enjoying) Patton Oswalt’s new book Silver Screen Fiend, a memoir of his four-year film addiction, which occurred as he was simultaneously finding his footing as a comedian. In describing the latter progression, he writes: “I’d spent the first nineteen years of life memorizing every comedy album I could play on my parents’ turntable. I knew the exact timing for the pause between the words ‘waited’ and ‘July’ in Bill Cosby’s ‘Revenge’ routine.” That line, the first of several examples of his comedy obsession, jumps out and jars — due, of course, to timing beyond Oswalt’s control. The book was presumably put to bed long before the accusations of Cosby’s decades as a serial rapist resurfaced last fall; the line serves as a reminder not just of his vaunted position in the comedy community, but of how slow that community has been to react to the accusations. This week, the tide began to turn, first with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s jaw-dropping Cosby jokes in their Golden Globes introduction, then with a candid conversation the next day between Judd Apatow and Marc Maron on Maron’s WTF podcast. … Read More

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Robin Wrights and Golden Globe Wrongs: Links You Need to See

Unless you’ve spent the day blissfully ignorant of the dissonant post-awards-show chorus of snark, you know that yesterday, the Golden Globes happened. Amidst everyone commenting on which celebrities did and didn’t deserve a few seconds to thank God/casting agents (and occasionally actually say something meaningful), there have also been people commenting on the commentators. Alessandra Stanley, the New York Times TV writer whose work was subject to a great deal of criticism last year, has written another awkwardly worded article that once again sounds like a snide, subtle belittling of a TV show’s minority main character. Slate author J. Bryan Lowder notes how she seemed to suggest that Transparent won Golden Globes for Best TV Show, Comedy or Musical and Best Actor in a TV Show, Comedy or Musical for reasons of “political correctness.” At least we’ll never run out of thinkpieces for as long as she’s writing. … Read More

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Exclusive Supercut: Just the Amy and Tina Parts From the 2015 Golden Globes

Your Golden Globe awards aired last night, and there was plenty to talk about, but who’re we kidding: as per usual, the main attraction was Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, doing a yeoman’s job in their third (and reportedly last) go-round as Globe hosts. But if you clicked away for THAT EPISODE of Girls, or didn’t feel like sitting through three hours of self-congratulation for their 15 minutes of comedy, we’ve got you covered: here is our exclusive supercut of the Tina and Amy stuff, aka just about all you really need to see. … Read More

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Oh Look, The Golden Globes Got Some Things Right! Here Are the Winners

This year’s Golden Globes were wonderfully unpredictable; it was not, however, an arbitrary unpredictability. A great deal of the… Read More

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The 15 Golden Globes 2015 Moments Everyone Will Be Talking About

The early theme of the 2015 Golden Globe Awards was one of diversity. Hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey set a tone of irreverent feminist fun. Of course there were exceptions and dud moments — this is a Hollywood awards show, after all. But with heartfelt shout-outs to gay AIDS victims, rape survivors, civil rights activists, trans people, authentic women characters, and stars’ romantic partners of all stripes punctuating the night, it felt like the notoriously boozy telecast had, at least in some respects, finally caught up with its diverse… Read More

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Flavorwire’s 2015 Golden Globe Picks and Predictions

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Golden Globe awards go out Sunday night, and who’re we kidding — we’re all watching for the show (Amy and Tina! Drunken celebrities! Much revelry!) and not really for the awards, which are not only unreliable as Oscar and Emmy prognosticators, but often the result of stargazing and hobnobbing rather than actual critical analysis. But if you are one of the poor souls who keeps track of this stuff, we humbly offer up our picks from the films and television shows on the HFPA ballot — and our very best (sometimes wild!) guesses as to who they’ll actually recognize. … Read More

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Why the ‘Pride’ DVD Cover Isn’t “Gay”: Links You Need to See

Today is no more a day of queer issues than any other, but as I spent my day doing “the internet thing,” I was struck by two articles on BuzzFeedLGBT, one about the subtle erasure of a film’s queerness in its marketing, the other about an entire country seemingly trying to immobilize its entire transgender population: … Read More

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