Does Adam Driver’s Success Herald a New Kind of American Masculinity in the Movies?

It’s weird to see the actor Adam Driver wearing a shirt on the cover of the September issue of GQ. The man who plays Girls‘ topless, brutal, physically imposing weirdo alcoholic — a character who does physical labor when he isn’t acting on Broadway — has “made it,” turning from jolie laide oddity to hot commodity. … Read More

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Longform You Have to Read: Wells Tower on Burning Man, Elephants, and Porn Star James Deen

In a world where you have more options for satisfying longform reading than ever, your friends here at Flavorwire are taking the time once a week to highlight some of the best that journalism and longform has to offer. Whether they’re unified by topic, publication, writer, being classic pieces of work, or by just a general feeling, these articles all have one thing in common: they’re essential reading. … Read More

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Mock “Kim K Skills” All You Want — Kanye West’s New Interview Is an Intriguing Portrait of a Marriage

Is the Q&A the perfect form for a nation to actually listen to what Kanye West has to say? The most interesting musician currently working, West is also constantly misrepresented in the mainstream and tabloid media, whose reports paint him in “crazy” colors that often carry undertones of racism — particularly after the perfect storm of hooking up with the world’s most successful celebrity, Kim Kardashian. And in a new GQ cover story, he’s got plenty of insight to share. … Read More

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How Not to Write About Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy’s new starring role, in Tammy, and the fact that she’s more of a household name than ever mean she’s garnered quite a bit of press recently. While not purposefully malicious, some coverage can be insensitive about her weight in a particularly ignorant way. To call an actress whose last several films have earned over $100 million at the box office “America’s plus-size sweetheart” instead of merely “America’s sweetheart” fixates on her differences, despite the intended compliment. … Read More

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‘GQ’ Needs to Lay Off One Direction’s Female Fans

This week, British GQ ran afoul of a bunch of young women on the Internet when it posted excerpts from an upcoming interview with the members of the boy band One Direction. (The entire interview is not online.) For the uninitiated in the matter of One Direction — hey, old people exist — they are the current Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block, or Beatles in terms of pop culture phenomenon. The deployment of hair gel differs slightly from the their predecessors, and someone more versed in the principles of melody and harmony can tell you more about the quality of their work than I can. But the thing that places them in the legacy of these prior bands is that One Direction are viewed as a “girl thing,” which fact GQ decided to underline by asking them endless questions about “groupies” and their “number,” sex-wise. … Read More

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Read Through the Finalists for the 2012 National Magazine Awards

Yesterday, the American Society of Magazine Editors announced the finalists for the 2012 National Magazine Awards, which judge American publications as a whole as well as specific articles within them. Bloomberg Businessweek, GQ, New York, The New Yorker and Vice are all nominated for overall excellence in the field of general interest magazines, Glamour, More, O, The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple and W are nominated for women’s interest, and The American Scholar, Aperture, IEEE Spectrum, The New Republic and Virginia Quarterly Review are nominated in the “Thought-Leader” category.

You should take a peek at those titles at your leisure, and check out the full list of finalists here, but we were more interested in the finalists in most of the major article categories. We’ve put together a handy list for you, with links to the nominated work. Yet again, we were flabbergasted and discouraged by the lack of female writers here — of the categories we looked at, they are only nominated in the Public Interest and Fiction sections. Regardless, there’s a lot of good writing here, so click through to get a handle on the ASME nominees, and let us know who you think should take home the prizes in the comments. … Read More

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Awesome Infographic: Steve Jobs' Spheres of Influence

Though the media’s frantic reeling from the loss of Steve Jobs has abated a bit, the discussions on his influence over technology, business and the world at large have not, and probably will not for years to come. To further the discussion, GQ has put together a great infographic — or as they call… Read More

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‘GQ’ Names the Worst Dressed Cities in America

The blazer-loving editors over at GQ just released a list of the 40 most “sartorially challenged metropolises” in America, and we’re saddened to report that all of Flavorpill’s favorite cities — from Los Angeles (“Fantasy-dressing reigns: men dress like boys, women like tweens, and middle-aged women like the trophy wives they once were”) to Dallas (“Forget J.R. Ewing. The 21st century Big D douchebag favors Fight Club frosted tips and whisked jeans over Stetsons and ostrich-skin boots”) to Seattle (“The city that made plaid cool is somehow still wearing it, 20 years post-Nevermind“) — made the cut, so to speak. Click through to see where your hometown falls on the list, and let us know if you agree with these seemingly random rankings in the comments. … Read More

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Now and Then: Vintage and Contemporary Magazine Covers

Culture is an ever-evolving beast, it’s true. We may not be completely sure where it’s going, but we do know where it’s been, and how better to track our progress than by looking at the changes in the most popular (and enduring) lifestyle and culture magazines in American culture? We’ve already taken a look at redesigned book covers, but magazines are a more immediate reflection of our selves – like advertisements, they’re a reflection of a cultural ideal. Plus, well, they’re fun to look at. Click through to see the vintage covers and contemporary redesigns of your favorite American rags, and let us know if you think we’re changing for the better or worse. … Read More

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