Designer Toys for Grown-Ups

The holidays are a time for families and loved ones to celebrate togetherness, and they tend to arouse feelings of nostalgia that recall simpler times. The days of being a child and enjoying hours with your favorite toy don’t have to be a distant memory. There are plenty of playthings for grown-ups that encourage similar exploration and fun. We’ve gathered some of our favorite toys that emphasize great design, responsible materials, and conceptual artistry. … Read More

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Playful GIFs of Iconic Banksy Artworks

Banksy’s lauded (and controversial) New York residency has come to an end, but you can enjoy the British graffiti artist’s work in endlessly animated form thanks to these GIFs from artist ABVH — which we spotted on Beautiful Decay. Several of Banksy’s iconic pieces have been given new life — and the looping format really suits the street artist’s absurdist imagery. Find a new appreciation for Banksy with these playful, animated artworks in our gallery. … Read More

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Incredible Photos of the New York City Subway During the 1980s

Steven Siegel has been photographing the streets and subways of New York City for 30 years, and his Flickr album is a time capsule of a grittier, feral city — before Times Square was scrubbed clean and 9/11 changed the metropolis forever. In honor of the first subway opening today back in 1904, we’ve shared a collection of Siegel’s remarkable photos that capture the underground world bustling with graffiti-covered trains. Several of the images were taken in a junkyard where the metal behemoths were waiting to be demolished. Siegel and friends created several dreamlike scenarios (in a pre-Photoshop era) with clever angles, poses, and accidental exposures. Many of these areas would be off-limits to the public now thanks to tightened security measures, but those were different times. Take a closer look in our gallery. Visit Siegel’s Flickr page for a trip back to New York in the 1980s. … Read More

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Surreal Snapshots of Anamorphic Graffiti in Abandoned Spaces

Fanette Guilloud‘s anamorphic graffiti, first spotted on Scene 360, is the ultimate optical illusion. A Penrose triangle and other graphic shapes appear to be floating in abandoned spaces, adding to their surreality, but the cleverly photographed images weren’t created with Photoshop. Using old-fashioned perspective and simple paint, Guilloud’s installations are a creative sleight of hand maneuver. Take a closer look in our gallery. … Read More

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Famous Graffiti Artists (Including Banksy) Talk About Banksy’s Troubled New York Work

Banksy’s recent New York appearances are the biggest news in the local art scene, especially because attention-hungry street artists can’t… Read More

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10 of the Most Beautiful Works of Street Art From Around the Globe

You probably don’t want to read another essay on graffiti and street art’s highbrow acceptance, but the fact remains that slogans and murals spray painted and wheat pasted onto walls, and other forms of artistic expression displayed — often illegally — in public places, is more popular than ever. With over 750 beautiful color photos of art from all around the globe, Rafael Schacter’s The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti is further proof of how far the culture has come since the early days of French students writing slogans on walls and taggers bombing New York City subways; the spirit is still there, but now it’s high art. Click through to preview a selection of art from the book. … Read More

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Graffiti Street Scenes Vividly Recreated in Beeswax and Thread

Laura Ortiz Vega is somewhat of a remix artist. She scouts locations around her native Mexico City and documents the freshest, most vibrant graffiti she can find. Then she recreates the images through a painstaking ancient artisan technique of the Huichol people by tightly weaving and stringing colorful wool threads, gluing the coils with a natural beeswax called cera de campeche for authenticity. Part (traditionally) feminine craft, part (traditionally) masculine street culture, part new, part old, and all very much in the vein of her culture, Vega re-invents the form with her clever, devoted and fun work. Up close, the mastery is really apparent. Take a gander at some of our favorite pieces below.  … Read More

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Mobstr’s Sarcastic and Ironic Street Art About Street Art

Minimalist, black-stenciled graffiti art is nothing groundbreaking — just peruse Etsy and you’ll find a host of inspired decals for your laptop. But England’s Mobstr adds a new spin to the subgenre through sarcastic and cheeky sayings that slyly hint at the cliched nature of street art ca. 2012. Spotted on My Modern Met, the Newcastle artist’s work sets out to show the differences and similarities between street art and advertisements. As Mobstr explains in an interview with the Public Ad Campaign, “I want something quirky and different. Something which makes you smile, which makes you question, which makes you think…. even if it is ‘why the fuck is that there?'” Mission accomplished. Click through to see some of our favorite Mobstr pieces. … Read More

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10 Great Songs About Famous Visual Artists

Even reigning glam aliens have idols. Even top hip hop impresarios obsess over that one particular painting. There is no shortage of guitar strumming, rapping, and singing about art at large, but we’re keen on odes and tributes to specific heroes of art history. From David Bowie’s serenade to “Andy Warhol” to the Modern Lovers’ investigations into “Pablo Picasso” and why he “never got called an asshole,” here are a few notable tracks inspired by famous visual artists. Did we miss your favorite? Drop us a comment. … Read More

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Documenting the Environmental Crisis of the 1970s

From 1971 to 1977, the Environmental Protection Agency asked freelance photographers to shoot images related to environmental issues that were overwhelming the turbulent ’70s. The Documerica project is a fascinating look at how various communities across America coped with the crises that plagued their small towns and big cities. While there are a fair share of disturbing moments in the striking photo series, there’s also a lot of beauty amongst the chaos. Click through to see a smoggy New York skyline that looks like sweet, perfumed death, one of the earliest electric cars, and indulge your love of dirty subway scenes. … Read More

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