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10 of the Most Controversial Pieces of Public Art

On the spectrum of accessibility and esotericism, public art is often caught somewhere in the middle. It is traditionally commissioned and paid for by a sponsor, which often doesn’t grant artists the creative control they desire, and its open-air setting makes every passerby a critic. As a result, public art has seen its fair share of controversy over the years, as artists clash with local residents and the art world battles government intervention. With an upcoming art installation project in Columbus Circle spurring various debates, the question of who decides what art should be placed in public spaces is relevant yet again. After the jump we’ve rounded up some of the most controversial pieces of public art in America and abroad. … Read More

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ACT-UP’s ’90s Activism Now Hipper Than Ever

What’s better than political art on a sneaker? You guessed it (or didn’t): re-issued activist t-shirts now arguably fashionable for their nostalgia. As our good friends at The Shophound report, the AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power, popularly known as ACT UP, are collaborating with Open Ceremony to bring you their iconic and once ubiquitous “Silence=Death” graphics on t-shirts once more. The price has gone up a little since the early ’90s — expect to pay 50 bucks for these puppies and at bougie shops — but a portion of the proceeds benefit ACT UP, a New York-based organization committed to end the AIDS crisis. … Read More

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