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10 of the Worst Band Logos You’ll Ever See

The Rolling Stones were in the news recently — not for their 50th anniversary, but because their fans apparently hate the logo that’s been designed to commemorate said anniversary. In fairness, you can hardly blame them, since the image in question involves sticking the band’s signature lips-and-tongue image on, um, a silverback gorilla. Designer Walton Ford seems pretty happy with the backlash; “The last people I wanted to please,” he told Rolling Stone this week, “were Rolling Stones fans.” Anyway, love it or hate it, the logo got us thinking about some truly dreadful exercises in band branding. Here are some of our favorites. … Read More

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Musicians Past and Present on the Idea of “Selling Out”

There’s been quite a bit of discussion online about an interview Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy gave to the Chicago Grid earlier this week. Specifically, Tweedy discussed the fact that he licensed four of his songs to Volkswagen for a series of commercials, and the inevitable accusations of “selling out” that followed. Tweedy was unrepentant, arguing that “the idea of selling out is only understandable to people of privilege.” It’s always interesting to read what artists think about the whole idea of selling out, given that it’s something that fans seem the need to discuss ad infinitum. Here are some other perspectives from over the years. … Read More

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