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Sorry Gaga: Our Picks for a Best New Artist Grammy Nod

If you haven’t already heard, it looks like America’s favorite performance artist Lady Gaga — she of the fashion envelope pushing — is definitely ineligible to be nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy when the awards for 2009 are awarded early next year despite reports to the contrary. Why, you ask? Because she was already nominated last year for “Just Dance” back when her only fans were clubgoers and the gays. Gaga lost then to Daft Punk, but she’s poised to be a major contender this year in other categories if not a shoo-in for the category she lost in 2008. As for the gaping hole in the Best New Artist category that she leaves behind? Here’s a look at the acts we’ll be rooting for when nominations are… Read More

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New Video for Grizzly Bear’s “Ready, Able”

It must have taken ages for LA-based artist Allison Schulnik to make the stop-motion video for Grizzly Bear. But it was definitely worth it. Our favorite part is when her amorphous, rainbow Claymation Yeti gets beamed up into what we’re assuming is a spaceship. We think the creepy-yet-compelling visuals go perfectly with the song — which is possibly our favorite on Veckatimest.

Watch it and let us know what you think. We’re feeling inspired and we’re off to the drugstore to buy some Play-Doh. … Read More

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2009’s Top 5 Indie Soundtracks That Aren’t the New Moon

Whatever your thoughts on vegetarian vampires, sexual repression, or the world’s most puzzling sex symbol Robert Pattinson, you can’t argue with the numbers: the New Moon soundtrack has sold 115,000 copies after just three days. If it goes to number one (which history tells us is likely), Twilight will become the first movie franchise to have two soundtracks reach the top. All of this leads us to believe that middle school kids aren’t the only ones drooling over the New Moon. It’s all of… Read More

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The Flavorpill Mixtape IV: Free Downloads From Grizzly Bear, A-Trak, and The Very Best

Exciting news: Your latest Flavorpill Mixtape has arrived. Your ears are salivating. Your fingers are ready to click ctrl + left click and “save as.” Ten essential downloads from this past week in music after the jump — all free for the taking! Take a listen, and then leave us a comment with what you think. … Read More

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What’s on at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we re-watched the season finale of True Blood, complete with a laugh track. We listened to what Don Draper had to say about health care reform. We were excited for Betty White’s guest appearance on the upcoming season of 30 Rock. We were frightened by Nic Cage’s glam… Read More

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Fashion Week MP3s: Miike Snow’s “Animal” + Ed Droste’s Playlist

In a surprising interview with Gawker, MisShapes’ Leigh Lezark — who the site nicknamed “Princess Coldstare” back in 2005 — refused to name a song of Fashion Week, but she did suggest that everyone should download this one. What do you think? On a related note, did you know that Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste curated the playlist at Jeremy Laing? Find out (and download) the tracks he included after the jump.… Read More

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Viva La Mix #20: Downloads from Grizzly Bear, Kid Cudi, Raekwon, and Girls

The summer of lo-fi music has come to a close — it’s getting cooler out, and we need to refresh our iPods with some new music. So give your fingers a little warm-up stretch and get ready to “Right Click, Save Link As,” because after the jump we present 10 essential downloads from our latest Viva Radio show that we consider required listening at Flavorpill HQ.… Read More

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What’s On Flavorpill: Links that Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today, we bought spandex and signed up to be on the next installment of Danse Gooshers. We made plans to attend Fall’s upcoming art shows, specifically the one featuring a polygonal horse and buggy. We learned that it is possible to live up to 115. We created our own font; … Read More

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Pre-Order The New Moon Soundtrack for $500

Thanks to a tip from Stereogum, you can now hear 40 seconds of Death Cab for Cutie’s “Meet Me On The Equinox,” the first single from Twilight: New Moon, here. (We’re sure Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is depressed that it’s not a new track from Grizzly Bear or Animal Collective, but sometimes you have to make due.) You can also pre-order one of 50 limited edition copies of the film’s soundtrack for $500. This gets you the soundtrack, access to the “Twi-insiders” email, some stickers, access to an MP3 download of the soundtrack 72 hours before all of your friends, a Death Cab t-shirt, a poster, and a commemorative plaque with your name on… Read More

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Jay-Z and Beyonce and at a Grizzly Bear Show???

Your eyes do not deceive you. That is most certainly Jiggaman and Sasha Fierce in the flesh. Attending the last Jelly Pool party of the season in Brooklyn, Jay-Z and Beyonce are vibing out to the Grizzly Bear song, “Ready, Able.” In the words of ‘benmanship,’ the YouTube user who posted the video, “no people recognized him but it was chill… they had cops around and some big dudes.” Chill is right. First Stephenie Meyer professes her love for Grizzly Bear’s latest album, Veckatimest, and now Jay-Z, a man who recently came out with a song called, “Ghetto Techno,” digs the band as well. Grizzly Bear might just be the biggest indie cross-over act ever. And hey, we’re not complaining — we heart the… Read More

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