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10 Reissues Sure to Please Your Music-Loving Friends


Thanks to the internet, buying for that beloved music lover of yours can be next to impossible. Chances are your friend already knows about — and has the albums of — every current notable band worth listening to. That’s why, when stuck with the conundrum of what to get him or her, the solution comes in looking backwards. Many fans are so busy trying to keep up with the current trends that they forget to check out the fantastic acts of yore. We’ve rounded up ten recently released reissues, from Devo to Robert Wyatt, with suggestions for which of your music loving friends to give them… Read More

A Thousand Words on Reviewing 1,000 Records in 2009


Journalist Chris Weingarten has listened to more records than you this year. One thousand to be exact. With his trusty 1000TimesYes account on Twitter, Weingarten braved through the 140-character constraints and condensed each record into a bite size review with a ranking. Some take full advantage of this limit: “872)Kid Sister/Ultraviolet: When the cool kids invite you to their party and turn out to be as boring and talentless as you suspected.#1.5.” Others are beautifully concise: “981)Kevin Drumm/Imperial Horizon: Float on.#9.”… Read More

Sorry Gaga: Our Picks for a Best New Artist Grammy Nod


If you haven’t already heard, it looks like America’s favorite performance artist Lady Gaga — she of the fashion envelope pushing — is definitely ineligible to be nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy when the awards for 2009 are awarded early next year despite reports to the contrary. Why, you ask? Because she was already nominated last year for “Just Dance” back when her only fans were clubgoers and the gays. Gaga lost then to Daft Punk, but she’s poised to be a major contender this year in other categories if not a shoo-in for the category she lost in 2008. As for the gaping hole in the Best New Artist category that she leaves behind? Here’s a look at the acts we’ll be rooting for when nominations are… Read More

New Video for Grizzly Bear’s “Ready, Able”


It must have taken ages for LA-based artist Allison Schulnik to make the stop-motion video for Grizzly Bear. But it was definitely worth it. Our favorite part is when her amorphous, rainbow Claymation Yeti gets beamed up into what we’re assuming is a spaceship. We think the creepy-yet-compelling visuals go perfectly with the song — which is possibly our favorite on Veckatimest.

Watch it and let us know what you think. We’re feeling inspired and we’re off to the drugstore to buy some Play-Doh.
… Read More

2009’s Top 5 Indie Soundtracks That Aren’t the New Moon


Whatever your thoughts on vegetarian vampires, sexual repression, or the world’s most puzzling sex symbol Robert Pattinson, you can’t argue with the numbers: the New Moon soundtrack has sold 115,000 copies after just three days. If it goes to number one (which history tells us is likely), Twilight will become the first movie franchise to have two soundtracks reach the top. All of this leads us to believe that middle school kids aren’t the only ones drooling over the New Moon. It’s all of… Read More

Fashion Week MP3s: Miike Snow’s “Animal” + Ed Droste’s Playlist


In a surprising interview with Gawker, MisShapes’ Leigh Lezark — who the site nicknamed “Princess Coldstare” back in 2005 — refused to name a song of Fashion Week, but she did suggest that everyone should download this one. What do you think? On a related note, did you know that Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste curated the playlist at Jeremy Laing? Find out (and download) the tracks he included after the jump.… Read More