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What’s On Flavorpill: Links that Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today, we bought spandex and signed up to be on the next installment of Danse Gooshers. We made plans to attend Fall’s upcoming art shows, specifically the one featuring a polygonal horse and buggy. We learned that it is possible to live up to 115. We created our own font; … Read More

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Pre-Order The New Moon Soundtrack for $500

Thanks to a tip from Stereogum, you can now hear 40 seconds of Death Cab for Cutie’s “Meet Me On The Equinox,” the first single from Twilight: New Moon, here. (We’re sure Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is depressed that it’s not a new track from Grizzly Bear or Animal Collective, but sometimes you have to make due.) You can also pre-order one of 50 limited edition copies of the film’s soundtrack for $500. This gets you the soundtrack, access to the “Twi-insiders” email, some stickers, access to an MP3 download of the soundtrack 72 hours before all of your friends, a Death Cab t-shirt, a poster, and a commemorative plaque with your name on… Read More

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Jay-Z and Beyonce and at a Grizzly Bear Show???

Your eyes do not deceive you. That is most certainly Jiggaman and Sasha Fierce in the flesh. Attending the last Jelly Pool party of the season in Brooklyn, Jay-Z and Beyonce are vibing out to the Grizzly Bear song, “Ready, Able.” In the words of ‘benmanship,’ the YouTube user who posted the video, “no people recognized him but it was chill… they had cops around and some big dudes.” Chill is right. First Stephenie Meyer professes her love for Grizzly Bear’s latest album, Veckatimest, and now Jay-Z, a man who recently came out with a song called, “Ghetto Techno,” digs the band as well. Grizzly Bear might just be the biggest indie cross-over act ever. And hey, we’re not complaining — we heart the… Read More

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Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Digs Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear

Stephenie Meyer, the author of Twilight, discovered some “awesome CD’s” this summer. Her website was updated over the weekend, displaying a new post containing a few music suggestions for her… Read More

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The (Unofficial) Hipster Runoff Manual of ‘Style’


HIPSTER RUNOFF (HRO) is ‘a blog worth blogging about’. It is written from the perspective of “Carles” (CRLS), 1 bro whose ‘mainstream to alt’ story has inspired an entire generation. No one is sure who Carles ‘is.’ He is ‘just trying 2 b authentic’ in his posts, eArt, and poetry. Carles speaks in ur voice 2 raise evry voice (via hilary duff/disney {subvia walter whitbro}). Anyone can write ‘as’ Carles. Writing ‘like Carles’ aligns ur personal brand w/the HIPSTER RUNOFF and brands. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Cultural Stories

1. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs grossed $13.8 million in North American theaters on Wednesday, beating out Shrek 2‘s record for biggest mid-week opening for an animated film. [via Reuters]
2. JellyNYC’s free Pool Parties have moved to a new venue in Williamsburg and the schedule — which includes Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors, and… Read More

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Viva la Mix! #9: Downloads from Mos Def, Animal Collective, Iron & Wine and Nadja

Last week was a ridiculously big one for music fans for two reasons: Vecktimest and Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. But for those of you wearying of all the Grizzly Bear/Phoenix hullabaloo, Flavorpill’s got a new roundup of lower-profile but equally awesome MP3s, only one of which happens to involve either of the aforementioned artists. (Cut us a break. It’s a remix.) Click through for downloads from our last Viva Radio playlist, and be sure to check back and listen to the show itself — we update every… Read More

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Is Indie Music Just One Big Animal Pun?

Yes. Here it goes.

1. You fool! That’s not Advil… that’s Ratatat poisoning!

2. Do you have Cat Power? Or more importantly, have you walked your Dr. Dog lately?

3. Yo, I heard the Wolf Parade was sick last weekend… who knew murderous woodland creatures could be so organized?

4. Chicago’s Pitchfork Zoo opened today, but their Animal Collective is seriously lacking. What d-bag thought it would be a good idea to have only one Panda Bear? I give it a 7.4. … Read More

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Grizzly Bear Attacks Fans with New Album; Victims Rejoice

The coveted “Best Albums of 09” debate began far too early this year. In January, every flannelled obsessive moaned victoriously after gracing their ears with vinyl copies of Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion. The release of Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest is the biggest, most anticipated contender in this battle of yearly rankings. The mainstream world has American idol, the indiesphere has two comparatively obscure bands, hyped beyond the point of King Kong vs. Godzilla. To put it simply, our ears have been waiting like a pair of Joe Bros-loving teenyboppers for Grizzly Bear’s follow-up to 2006’s wildly acclaimed Yellow House. And it has arrived, oh has it… Read More

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