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Viva la Mix! #6: Downloads From Bat For Lashes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Grizzly Bear

The end of spring is approaching, and that means its time to emerge from your winter slumber and start slogging through the music blogs in search of the perfect the summer soundtrack. Lucky for you, Flavorpill’s Viva Radio is all you need: in each edition, we help you find that special new band with a roundup of essential MP3’s. Click through for downloads from our last radio playlist and be sure to check back and listen to the show itself — we update every week. … Read More

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Exclusive: I Want My MTV – Diary of a VJ Audition

So YOU wanna be an MTV VJ?! Want to scream “Spring Break” in mid-autumn? Wanna toss to ironic ads for Stridex pads? Want to drink Budweisers with Fred Durst and, um, Carson Daly once a week? Personally, I’d never given the concept much brain space, except to wryly chuckle at it while searching in vain for 120 Minutes re-runs. Not that I haven’t got some experience: in college I was a bona fide college-radio nerd. Once a week I (sexily) muttered my thoughts on the latest Broken Social Scene releases into a microphone, and listeners in the Lehigh Valley called our request line to ask if we carried any early Zappa. It was awesome.

Maybe that’s why I ended up schlepping to the most ad-plastered section of New York City to try my hand at the VJ game. Quite simply, I felt so gosh-darn flattered that they liked my picture and cover letter that I figured what the hey? And so, live from Times Square, I hereby present a minute-by-minute account of what happens when you stop being polite and start getting real, VJ-audition style. … Read More

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We'd Totally Buy a Car From Ikea [Morning Links]

Ask a Flowchart: Which Blowhard Am I? (We’re Jeff Jarvis.)

Play “Which Bro is not in the band?” with Grizzly Bear

George Orwell, doting dad?

Is Ikea is planning to launch a modular car concept?

Living With Music: A Bollywood Playlist by Daphne Beal

“Men, they concluded, are just… Read More

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We're Taking Bets in the Cramer vs. Stewart Smackdown [Morning Links]

Universal will screen the first footage from Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno at SXSW.

32 Songs in 8 Minutes (video)

Even the name TV-B-Gone makes us feel sad inside.

Fred Falke remixes Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks”

“Even more scandalous to our modern superhero sensibilities is the raping,… Read More

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But World of Warcraft Won’t Make You Feel Confident [Morning Links]

Book: We find it interesting how quickly authors nipped this text-to-speech thing on the Kindle 2 in the bud. Any SAG members paying attention? [Guardian]

Dance/Opera: An “opera about the history of opera as the most important genre in European culture” ends up being “banal and pretentious, not an easy combination to bring off.” But if you go to see Vita Nuova, you will get to hang out in the pretty new Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center… [NYT]

Design: “When I build on a site in nature that is totally unspoiled, it is a fight, an attack by our culture on nature.” Pritzker-winning Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn dies at 84. [Newsday] … Read More

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Friday the 13th Slays at the Box Office. Har. Har. [Morning Links]

Books: On one side of the island, one of the world’s bloodiest civil wars; on the other, Sri Lanka’s Galle Literary Fest. [Guardian]
Dance/Opera: Shaquille O’Neal coulda been a dancer. [Chicago Sun-Times]
Design: Shepard Fairey: pop masquerading as art? [New Yorker]
Film: Does anyone else find it really scary… Read More

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Music World Police Blotter: Grizzly Bear, Michael Jackson, Boy George, Travis Barker and a Mysterious Piano

Indie rock’s Grizzly Bear is in fake big trouble with the Web Sheriff for posting a track on their Web site from Animal Collective called “Brother Sport” that is not set to be released until this January. [Stereogum]

Michael Jackson, who recently converted to Islam and changed his name… Read More

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