10 Great Movies That Appear In 10 Other Great Movies

There are all sorts of reasons to see Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Ali: Fear Eats The Soul (debuting this week on Blu-ray, via The Criterion Collection), but here’s the one that finally clinched it for me: when they go see it in Middle of Nowhere. By inserting the earlier film into a later one, Nowhere’s director, Ava DuVernay, isn’t just telling us something about the kind of people who inhabit her story; she’s also savvily commenting on the kind of story she’s telling. And she’s not the only filmmaker to employ this very clever trick. … Read More

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Iconic Horror Movie Villains Reimagined as ‘Scooby Doo’ Bad Guys

The Scooby Doo villain long ago passed into the realm of cultural cliché: an evil property owner or similar small-timer, with a plan so inept that a stoner, his dog, and their moron friends are able to figure it out. But what if those Scooby villains were a bit more… sinister? For the answer to that, we go to illustrator Travis Falligant (aka IBTrav), who took to his website and Tumblr to imagine some of film horror’s most iconic killers as Scooby Doo baddies. … Read More

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CrossFit 4 Tots, Lady Taco, and ‘Goodnight Dune': The Links You Need to See

The Halloween episode is a sitcom staple, and maybe next year you can dress up as your favorite TV character’s favorite Halloween costume (how’s that for a layered idea?) If you’re worried about all of the discount candy you’ll be buying at the drug store tomorrow, just think of the poor trick-or-treaters who… Read More

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Zombies

Well, it’s Halloween. You know what that means: time to go deep on zombies. Here are some odd facts, culled from around the web, that you might not already have known about them. … Read More

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Amazing ‘Friday the 13th’-Inspired Engagement Photos

Canadian couple Van Lawson and Josh Morden’s engagement photos look like any other smiley, romantic photo shoot in the woods… that is, until you notice a man with a hockey mask lurking in the background. In a cheeky twist on the typical engagement shoot, Lawson and Morden had a Jason-esque slasher interrupt their picnic at Camp Crystal Lake. Toronto photographer Brandon Michael Gray‘s resulting shoot goes beyond clever tribute to Friday the 13th — these are some unmistakably gorgeous, well-thought-out photos, and you can see a gradual change in the lighting after Jason arrives. Lawson and Morden clearly love horror as much as we do (Lawson painted the Crystal Lake sign herself), and they’re definitely the kind of couple we want to hang out with on Halloween. … Read More

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Against the Couples Halloween Costume

The contemporary signifiers of monogamy are many and strange. While our ancestors were content to commemorate each new level of commitment with some kind of pin or ring, we now have Facebook relationship updates and elaborate proposal videos and the all-important deactivation of the OkCupid profile. As if all that weren’t enough, the flaunting of romance also takes a variety of seasonal forms. Some see taking a significant other home to meet the family on Thanksgiving or Christmas as an important step, and it can be. But far more public — and infinitely more irritating — is a tradition we’re about to see a whole lot of tomorrow night: the couples Halloween costume. … Read More

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Stereotyping You by Your Favorite Halloween Song

It’s Halloween on Thursday, and if you’re not having costume anxiety, then you’re probably having playlist anxiety. We can definitely help with the former, and as for the latter… well, there are always going to be debates. The best we can do is let you know exactly what you’re up against — so here we go with our patented Flavorwire Stereotyping Technique™, which is scientifically proven to let you know exactly what people’s favorite Halloweens songs say about them. As ever, our obligatory disclaimer: this is all in fun, so don’t get upset, and yes, our stereotype is there too. See if you can guess which one it is. … Read More

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The Particular Irony of an ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Blackface Halloween Costume

The Internet recently went alight with the news that the media personality Julianne Hough went to a Halloween party in blackface this weekend. Ostensibly, she was dressed up as the character “Crazy Eyes,” from Orange Is the New Black. In reality, she simply put what appears to be a shipping container’s worth of bronzer on her face. There were some hair stylings best left undiscussed. It was unquestionably, unqualifiedly racist, as many of my favorite writers — I’ll point you to Roxane Gay and Rembert Browne, for starters — have explained. Not that people will listen. … Read More

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Why the Slasher Movie Was the Quintessential ’80s Horror Subgenre

Horror films channel the fears and fervor of modernity, acting as reflectors turned against their viewers. They’re the most epochal form of escapism of the last century. Take, for example, James Whale’s Bride of Frankenstein, which uses monsters and madmen to depict the internal torment of repressed sexual orientation at a time when homophobia was the norm, or Psycho and Peeping Tom, which explore the identity suppression and psycho-sexual struggle of the McCarthy era (to which The Wicker Man would provide a gleefully perverse epilogue in 1973). John Carpenter’s Halloween presents suburban banality and parental tyranny — no pot, no premarital sex, be home by nine — personified as a living urban legend in Michael Meyers. David Cronenberg’s skin-tighteningly creepy Shivers, and later his remake of The Fly, capture the fear of disease and bodily disintegration. The fear of communism permeates Invasion of the Body Snatchers (both of them), while Carpenter, always happy to usurp the conservative norm, portrays the fear and paranoia of communism, rather than communism itself, sinisterly in The Thing. … Read More

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