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Flavorwire’s Complete Guide to Summer 2015 TV

The 2014-15 season just ended, but we won’t even get a chance to catch our breath before the summer TV season kicks into high gear. We’ve already had plenty of highs and lows in May, and the next three months are going to keep it up with nonstop programming. From the much-anticipated return of addictive series like Orange Is the New BlackPretty Little Liars, Hannibal, and BoJack Horseman to a variety of new series — science-fiction dramas, reality shows, and fun comedies — there is no shortage of television to keep you indoors during those too-hot days. Here is Flavorwire’s rundown of the most notable series to mark down on your calendar. … Read More

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How 10 of the Best Stand-Up Comedians Handle Hecklers

If we learned anything about stand-up comedy last fall, it’s that when a Hannibal Buress video goes viral, you should probably watch it. This time, his YouTube hit isn’t going to end an icon’s career; it’s just an enormously entertaining three-minute destruction of a boorish heckler. Said hecklers have been the bane of many a comedian’s existence — drunken assholes, bachelorette party morons, and would-be comics have been mistaking stand-up for interactivity since the form began. So on this April Fools’ Day, we thought we’d take a look at how Buress and a few other comic greats handled these particular fools. … Read More

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‘Broad City’ Costume Designer Staci Greenbaum on Season 2’s Best Outfits and Where to Buy Ilana’s Bras

The morning after each Broad City episode airs is a busy time for the Internet, gathering around a metaphorical water cooler to rehash everything that happened in the episode — and every outfit featured on screen. Ilana and Abbi are unique style heroines, two women who represent not the expensively boring fashion of Manhattan but instead the realistic, effortlessly cool fashion of the outer boroughs. Costume Designer Staci Greenbaum talked with Flavorwire about the characters’ distinct style, walked us through some of Season 2’s best outfits — and, of course, shared where to get Ilana’s bras.  … Read More

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Hannibal Buress Gets His Own Comedy Central Show

Hannibal Buress has brought a needed sense of puzzled calm to Broad City as Lincoln, the dentist who’s been in an undeclared… Read More

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Will Ferrell Chucked a Basketball at a Cheerleader’s Head (During a Film Shoot, Relax)

Will Ferrell threw a basketball at a cheerleader’s head. For art, of course, or for whatever noun you would like… Read More

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‘Broad City’ Starts Season 2 With a Burst of Delightfully Familiar Flatulence

Broad City‘s second season begins by plunging viewers into the guts of its funhouse-mirrored New York City: the subway. As Ilana (Glazer) and Abbi (Jacobson) try to make their way toward the nearest door to their stop’s exit, each car reveals an exaggeratedly hellish version of an experience with which any New York commuter can empathize. The scene is also relevant to non-New Yorkers, as each car seems to introduce the themes of the upcoming season. Thankfully, they don’t diverge — at all — from those of the first. Said themes are: stuff that comes from butts, stuff that comes from whatever other places on the body might produce comedic “stuff,” stuff that comes from New York’s own grotesque body, and stuff that happens when your life doesn’t seem to have a schedule, when you give few enough shits to make a life out of simply doing random “stuff” with your BFF. … Read More

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Why the Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Won’t Go Away This Time

Sexual assault allegations against publicly beloved sitcom star and comedian Bill Cosby have come up many times in the past decade, only to disappear again and fade from cultural consciousness. But now they may be here to stay. … Read More

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Hannibal Buress Announces National Stand-Up Tour

Hannibal Buress, Flavorwire favorite, recently announced his national stand-up tour Comedy Camisado. The tour caps off a great year for Buress:… Read More

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