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Every Steven Spielberg Movie, Ranked


Forty years ago this week, Universal Pictures released the film adaptation of a pulpy bestseller and watched as it became a hit beyond their wildest dreams — breaking box office records, changing the movie business forever, and turning its director from a promising young hotshot into one of the most bankable filmmakers in the business. The film, as you’ve probably guessed, was Jaws, and the director was Steven Spielberg, who used that film as a launching pad into one of the most lauded (and profitable) careers in movie history. So on this anniversary of Spielberg’s ascension into the stratosphere, we look back at that career, stacking up all of his feature films to …Read More

The “Force” Might Finally “Awaken” this Weekend : Links You Need to See


With our American palate becoming desensitized by all forms of devilishly good and taste-masking hot-sauces, it’s become hard to enjoy simple gastronomic pleasures without excessive amounts of added flavor. Any kind of sauce, really. It’s actually emotionally trying to not put a sauce on something. Therefore, I understand that it might be necessary to also accompany this post with a nice onion fig glaze. And who better to make your onion fig glaze, or at least to to teach you how to make your own onion fig glaze, than singer-turned-chef, Kelis? After all, her milkshake brought quite a few men to an outdoor space some years ago, so I’m hoping her onion fig glaze does something similar now.
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