Harry Potter

‘Harry Potter”s Villainous Professor Umbridge Will Get Her Own Little Backstory This Halloween

If Harry Potter‘s Voldemort represented the degeneration of the human spirit into the typical, ruthless villainy seen in most… Read More

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J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. Plan on Releasing at Least Three ‘Fantastic Beasts’

Harry Potter fans needn’t fear–the Harry Potter universe won’t come to an end anytime soon. In a statement made… Read More

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Uncovering the Mysteries of Sweaters and Broomsticks: Links You Need to See

Makeup news doesn’t get talked about very often, which is a shame, because it’s super-fun and because why the hell not? It washes off. So: in probably the most exciting makeup news of the year, best beauty blog Into The Gloss and founder/editorial director Emily Weiss released Glossier, their back-to-basics makeup line. Which focuses on skincare. I know, right? It’s a combination of the most beautiful things on the internet and IRL and everything ends happily ever after. Refinery29 has the full scoop, so head over there for more details. … Read More

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It’s OK to Start Out Reading ‘Harry Potter’ — But Not Because It’s a Gateway Book

In a recent essay at the New York Review of Books, Tim Parks argues against the prevailing notion that it is A-OK for people, particularly young people, to read lowbrow/genre novels because “so long as they are reading something there’s at least a chance that one day they’ll move on to something better.” He essentially argues that that never happens, and moreover that, “If anything, genre fiction prevents engagement with literary fiction, rather than vice versa, partly because of the time it occupies, but more subtly because while the latter is of its nature exploratory and potentially unsettling the former encourages the reader to stay in a comfort zone.” … Read More

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That Is NOT a Mouse: Links You Need to See

Today’s links all seem unified by unfathomable realities: how is it that we accepted the hokeyness of ’90s Batman movies? Why are scientists creating mice that look like used condoms? Why do people travel to the middle of the desert to see oversize vulvae? And how is it that, lacking the power to fly, we Muggles are still chasing after Quaffles and Snitches? … Read More

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J.K. Rowling’s Newest Story Caters to a Harry Potter Audience That’s All Grown Up

No shade to The Hunger Games or John Green, but no YA phenomenon is ever likely to recapture the sheer scope of the mid-aughts Harry Potter craze. With seven core books, multiple spin-offs, eight movies, an amusement park, and at least one more film written by J.K. Rowling herself, the Potter franchise is almost as impressive for its longevity as for its initial popularity. Part of the Harry Potter books’ long shelf life is thanks to Rowling’s impressive willingness to keep fans supplied with new information via the gradual rollout of fan site Pottermore. The updates are mostly tidbits of wizard history in the form of world-building details or character bios, but today Pottermore unveiled the mother lode: a 1,500-word update on Harry’s life, in the form of a delightfully passive-aggressive dispatch from gossip reporter and occasional beetle Rita Skeeter.  … Read More

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The 10 Greatest Fictional School Principals

This week marks the premiere of Girls Meets World, the sequel of sorts to beloved TGIF staple Boy Meets World. While most of Boy Meets World‘s original fans won’t translate to the Disney Channel redux — featuring Cory, Topanga, and their tween daughter Riley in the lead role — the mere creation of Girl Meets World has sparked a renewed interest in its predecessor, 14 years after its ending. … Read More

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