Alec Baldwin Will Be the Next NYC Mayor… on HBO

Alec Baldwin’s first role since he parted ways with the oddly endearing ultra-conservative capitalist Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock doesn’t seem… Read More

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HBO Might Team with Apple to Drop Standalone Internet Service in April

Like Lord Varys, but without the scheming, the media has its little birds all over this: HBO will potentially be launching their… Read More

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Submissions for HBO’s Diverse Writers Fellowship Are Already Closed After Site Crashes for Hours

If there was any doubt that women and people of color are desperate to get their voices heard on television… Read More

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10 TV Events to Look Out For in March

The good thing about March is that the snow on the ground is finally thawing and the temperatures are rising (slightly). The bad thing about March is that there’s still lousy Smarch weather and the outside is mostly just gross, gray slush. Fortunately, television continues to give us plenty of reasons to stay indoors and under a blanket. From a cyber-centric spinoff of a popular franchise to crime-solving zombies to an insider look at Scientology, here are the ten TV events to watch in March. … Read More

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‘Girls’ Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: “Ask Me My Name”

Confession: I found this episode very difficult to watch. In Girls-land, a Hannah Horvath meet cute is the equivalent of the Jaws theme, a surefire sign that things are about to get (emotionally) gory and fast. So from the moment Fran the “17th century notions of utopia” teacher, played with familiar sweetness by Obvious Child leading man Jake Lacy, asks Hannah out in the faculty lounge of their fancy schmancy Brooklyn private school, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. And drop it sure as hell did. … Read More

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Marisa Tomei to Play Gloria Steinem for HBO

Back in 2011, HBO won critical acclaim and an Emmy nomination for Gloria: In Her Own Words, a documentary… Read More

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‘Girls’ Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: “Close Up”

It’s rare that seasons of Girls divide so neatly in half, but so much has come to an end or started anew in its tiny Brooklyn universe of late that “Close Up” feels more like a reset button than a follow-up. As the dust settles in the aftermath of “Sit-In,” Hannah and Adam are definitively no more, Mimi-Rose and Adam are now a couple for the show to explore independent of their effect on Hannah, and Desi and Marnie are now well past the honeymoon phase of cheating and homewrecking, respectively. That’s a lot of new ground to cover, and “Close Up” is a great start, albeit one that’s designed to be less memorable than last week’s showpiece. … Read More

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