Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jimmy Kimmel Toast the Irish, Do Shots on Television

“What have you here?” asked late night funnyman Jimmy Kimmel, gesturing at a bottle and two shot glasses during a… Read More

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Robert Durst Charged with First Degree Murder

Robert Durst — the eccentric real-estate mogul, focus of the six-part HBO series The Jinx, and seeming murderer — was charged… Read More

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‘The Jinx’ Finale: How a Bathroom Confession and a Pair of Envelopes Redeemed a Tabloid Premise

When this weekend’s headlines announced the shocking news of Robert Durst’s arrest on murder charges, it was hard not to think that real life was offering up perfect publicity for Sunday’s finale of HBO’s The Jinx. The six-part HBO documentary series offered a chance for Durst, the eldest son of a wealthy New York real estate family, to tell his side of the story — namely, to explain why people keep dying around him. His first wife disappeared; his friend, journalist Susan Berman, was shot in the head execution-style in Los Angeles; and he killed and dismembered his neighbor in Texas, ostensibly in an act of self-defense. … Read More

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Robert Durst Arrested After Making Highly Incriminating Statement on HBO’s ‘The Jinx’

Robert Durst, focus of the HBO documentary miniseries series The Jinx (its rarely used full title is, after all, The Jinx:… Read More

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‘Girls’ Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: “Daddy Issues”

Every once in a long, long while, Girls likes to put its characters in perspective. The show, and its viewership, is well aware how Hannah Horvath would fare in the real world, but her narcissism—and her friends’—is exceptional even by the standards of Girls’ exaggerated Brooklyn. Reminders of this usually come in the context of Hannah’s workplace, where she has no choice but to a) submit to somebody else’s rules or face the consequences and b) interact with other, much better-socialized human beings. See her disastrous Mike Birbiglia interview, or her ill-fated tenure at GQ‘s sponsored content wing. St. Justine’s, it turns out, is no exception. … Read More

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Will Ferrell to Play All Nine Baseball Positions in a New Special for HBO

If you’re not already excited for baseball season (especially because it means spring is finally here!), Will Ferrell is here to… Read More

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HBO Announces Launch of Standalone Streaming Service in April, Shares ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Trailer

HBO announced in a press release that they will officially launch a standalone premium streaming service this April — just… Read More

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HBO’s True Crime Series ‘The Jinx’ May Solve a Murder Case

The gruesome, execution-style murder of writer Susan Berman in December 2000 has remained unsolved. But this week, as the New York Times reports, the case has been reopened — and the fascinating thing is that this may well be because of HBO’s true crime series The… Read More

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‘Girls’ Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: “Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz”

Something’s up with Tad Horvath, and for most of this season, recappers’ money was on illness. Why was he so upset about Hannah being reluctant to leave Iowa? Why was he so insisting on his daughter doing whatever made her happiest? Why did he kinda-sweetly, kinda-creepily propose to run away with her? It was obvious Tad was projecting—there was something he wanted to run away from, too, some reason why he was so preoccupied with Hannah taking care of herself, no matter what her peers might think. This week, we found out why. Spoiler: it’s not cancer. … Read More

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