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10 Free Comic-Con Events You Don’t Need a Badge to Attend


If you’re reluctant to pay money for three-and-a-half days’ worth of claustrophobia inside the San Diego Convention Center, it’s completely understandable. But you really don’t need a badge to officially attend Comic-Con anyway, because there are a number of offsite Comic-Con events that are ancillary to what’s happening inside the halls, which therefore renders them official — at least in our opinion. Not only are these events open to the public, they’re free, and when there is money involved, it’s because you’re at a pop-up shop or merch booth. Some panels cost a few bucks, but that’s just one more reason to stick to events happening outside the confines of the Comic-Con badge zone. Here, it looks like most of your money goes to a good cause and not just a stranger’s wallet. 
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