Hillary Clinton

The Mixed Message of Louis CK’s Apology to Sarah Palin

Louis CK slammed Sarah Palin with some particularly vulgar, obscene, anatomy-focused tweets back in 2010. They helped explode his Twitter popularity and resulted in Greta Van Susteren threatening to protest if he was named host of the Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner. … Read More

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Jon Stewart Hilariously Dissects Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Announcement

As everyone is probably aware, Hillary Clinton has declared her run for the Presidency, officially broadcasting commercials depicting herself… Read More

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The 9 Types of Hillary Clinton Reactions You’ll Find on Social Media

She’s in. With Hillary Clinton’s big announcement, a long campaign season looms before us, full of rancor and bitterness, gaffes, poll bounces, and predictions gone awry. Social media has meant that most lingering public caginess about debating politics has evaporated, and many amateur politicos proudly began waving a flag of affiliation and loyalty yesterday. This is particularly true vis-a-vis Hillary Clinton, who elicits lots of armchair punditry because she symbolizes so much to so many people. So to kick off a year and a half of Clinton campaigning, here’s Flavorwire’s guide to the universe of Hillary opinionators — not on TV, but in your own social media feeds. From the conspiracy-loving NRA member to the self-righteous radical, we’ve got all the types of Hillary lovers and haters covered in these nine archetypes. … Read More

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Is Monica Lewinsky a Feminist Icon?

Monica Lewinsky is a heroine, and not just as the fictional subject of a web video series. Instead, as she takes tentative steps back into the public eye, she may be emerging as an icon for a younger generation of feminists, at least according to a long profile by Jessica Bennett in the New York Times in conjunction with Lewinsky’s well-received TED Talk on cyber-bullying last week. … Read More

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How Kate McKinnon’s Bonkers ‘SNL’ Impression Could Actually Help Hillary Clinton

Move over, Amy Poehler. Kate McKinnon’s Saturday Night Live cold open as an extremely ambitious Hillary Clinton, a presidential wannabe making only a passing attempt to downplay her intentions, has got the chattering classes talking about how the impression might hurt her chances in 2016 — should she decide to run, of course. But an expert on gender, stereotyping, and political campaigns explains that McKinnon’s portrayal might actually help… Read More

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The Year’s Most Controversial Magazine Covers: 2014

What did we learn from the controversial magazine covers this year? It was an complicated and tumultuous year politically, although this year that didn’t leave us with boundary-pushing, banned-in-Boston covers like Rolling Stone‘s notorious Boston bomber selfie. We had a lot of conversations about famous women on magazine covers and what it all meant. The themes that keep cropping up, repeatedly, is that controversy comes when issues of class, race, and size are in the picture. Here are some of the covers we couldn’t stop talking about this year. … Read More

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Watch Possible Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Make ‘Hard Choices’ on ‘The Daily Show’

“No one cares, they just want to know if you’re running for President,” Jon Stewart quipped to Hillary Clinton… Read More

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‘Hard Choices': How Hillary Clinton Took Control of Her Narrative

It is, as The New Yorker‘s John Cassidy put it, “Hillary Week” across America, as the former Secretary of State, senator for New York, first lady, future grandma, and pantsuit poster child criss-crosses the country promoting her new tome, Hard Choices. … Read More

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