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The Identity of ‘Hipster Runoff’s’ Carles Is Revealed: Links You Need to See

For certain hip twenty-somethings, and perhaps their hip teenage siblings, Hipster Runoff and its founder/writer/personality Carles were integral to a daily Internet routine. (It’s also responsible for launching the modeling career of Bebe Zeva, whom you see above.) We/they were addicted to his web brand: “Who will Carles all-cap next? Which words will he put ‘scare quotes’ around?” Anyway, Carles and HRO were a thing of an era, and now that Carles has sold that thing and the era is over, I guess Carles — who had been anonymous — no longer needs to hide. This article over at Vice is essentially a long history of HRO framed around a day-long Gchat session between the author and Carles, who reveals himself to be Carlos Perez. … Read More

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The Last Days of Carles: A ‘Postscript’ to Hipster Runoff’s ‘Era’ of ‘Cynicism’

Who’d have guessed it? Carles, the shadowy creator of Hipster Runoff, the most ‘relevant’ alt of 2007 and the Internet’s foremost exponent of scare quotes, was an idealist all along. Our antihero has been in the news of late because he’s selling Hipster Runoff and its associated revenue streams — exactly the sort of cynical prank that you’d expect from him — and now he’s surfaced to publish a blog post entitled “Why I H8 Online Media.” (It’s the prelude to, god help us, an entire ebook, which is called Nothing Matters.) The site on which it’s published, carles.buzz, is supposedly the last we’ll ever hear from him, what he calls a “terminal pop-up art website blog where I will document my final days on the internet.” Of course, Carles being Carles, it’s hard to know how much of this is sincere and how much is ‘sincere’ — which has always been one of the most obnoxious things about reading him. But taken at face value, it’s an interesting, if profoundly depressing, insight into the bleak cynicism of HRO and its creator. … Read More

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Casually Nihilistic Internet Finds Sky Ferreira and Zachary Cole Smith’s Heroin Problem Hilarious

To restate the obvious, the Internet is a pretty awful place at times. The observation that the online medium makes people callous is most often discussed in the context of anonymous comment sections and message boards, but let’s not forget how common it also is in that blurry Venn diagram of journalism and blogging, where a similar spirit of nihilism and comedic contempt characterizes the way in which reporting is carried out. So it went yesterday with the news that pop singer Sky Ferreira and DIIV’s Zachary Cole Smith were busted in upstate New York in possession of a car with stolen license plates, a bunch of MDMA, and a whole lot of heroin. … Read More

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Some Famous Hipsters We Wouldn’t Mind Punching

In case you haven’t heard, today is National Punch a Hipster Day. According to Facebook, almost 10,000 people attending — which sounds like bad news for 20-somethings on bikes wearing feather headdresses. Since we don’t condone violence and hope to dissuade you from wandering through Williamsburg or Silver Lake brandishing brass knuckles, we thought we’d draw your attention to ten famous hipsters who might make better targets. You know, if you have to punch anyone. Which you don’t. OK? … Read More

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Proper Nouns in Hipster Runoff’s Tao Lin Novel Excerpt: A List

For those of you who may have managed to miss the piles recent of articles about him, Tao Lin has just released a new novel called Richard Yates and starring characters named Dakota Fanning and Haley Joel Osment. Today, Hipster Runoff (a.k.a. the site many suspect Lin actually runs) has excerpted a passage that contains the sentence, “I just want to walk around with you at night and sometimes ass and crotch rape you.” If that doesn’t sell you, seeing as Tao Lin is all about the knowing cultural references (see also: the novel’s title), we thought this list of proper nouns in the except might help you decide whether you’d like to purchase Richard Yates. We’ve also included a handy word cloud for visual learners. … Read More

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Kanye West and Amber Rose’s Photo Shoot with Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson, the popular photographer of the celebrities of our world such as esteemed gentleman Pauly D, recently posted some pictures of his photoshoot with Kanye West and his possible girlfriend, Amber Rose. Although the HipsterRunoff recently speculated that Kanye and Amber were no longer together, Richardson’s photoshoot shows the two in a pretty intimate manner, kissing and licking each other for the camera. Click through to preview a few of the shots from the… Read More

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Who Will Save American Apparel?

With the announcement yesterday that American Apparel lost $17.6 million in the first quarter of 2010, we became worried about the store’s future. (OK, not really. It kind of made us giggle.) Although we realized that we have little power to help the hipster haven, we figured that a few celebrities out there might be able to pull the support needed to save the best place in America for golden tights, striped tube socks, and highlighter yellow V-necks. … Read More

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Pitchfork and Hipster Runoff: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Today is the day the hipster universe imploded, like a jumped shark biting its own tale. All well-educated, urban, white 20-somethings who have ever worn a feathered headband or sported a statement mustache must hereby pick a side. Because when you see Hipster Runoff’s Alt Report run a headline like, “Pitchfork writes article about brilliance/shittiness of HIPSTER RUNOFF,” complete with a “Pitchfork vs. Hipster Runoffs Blog Wars” graphic, you know it’s on.

The blog’s response to Nitsuh Abebe’s essay “A Brief History of Knowingness and Irony” is classic HRO, featuring feigned confusion, many unanswerable questions, and this money quote: “Not even sure what the message of the article is about, just feeling ‘incredibly culturally relevant’ after reading the HRO blog name in Pitchfork. Feel like a bro in the 1970s who got blurbed about in Rolling Stone Magazine.” But after we stopped laughing and started thinking, we couldn’t help but wonder: Aren’t Pitchfork and HRO just two occasionally depressing extremes of hipster culture (a.k.a. the culture of “knowingness”) in 2010? … Read More

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Trend Watch: Writers Who Sing; Singers Who Write

It’s not enough to just be awesome at one thing anymore. More and more artists are multitasking, and we’re seeing a particular amount of crossover between the somewhat unlikely genres of music and literature. But wait — aren’t musicians supposed to be outgoing egomaniacs and aren’t writers supposed to be tweedy shut-ins? Well, the writer/musician isn’t exactly a new trend — remember Tarantula, Dylan’s stream-of-consciousness book of prose-poetry? And don’t forget that Leonard Cohen was actually a writer first. So maybe there’s something to this whole writer turned rockstar thing. Here are some multitaskers who make us feel bad about ourselves when we lie around the house all… Read More

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