10 Hilarious Videos About Grammar

Life in the age of the Internet can be a frustrating thing, especially when it comes to proper grammar. The guys of Lonely Island recently created a hashtag rap that honors the semicolon, which had our grammar Nazi senses tingling. You can watch it after the break, where we’ve rounded up other videos that poke fun at the world’s grammar mistakes. Feel free to vent your own grammatical frustrations in the comments and share a related video you love. … Read More

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Flirting With Fascism: The Design World’s Bizarre Romance With Totalitarian Imagery

Earlier this week, complaints regarding a J.C. Penney billboard in Culver City resulted in the removal of an expensive piece of signage. Apparently, it looked too much like an evil dictator; viewed from a certain angle, the ad for a Michael Graves-designed Bells and Whistles Stainless Steel Tea Kettle featured a handle that looked like a neatly parted mop of hair, a spout that resembled a saluting arm, and a lid knob that looked like Oliver Hardy’s adorable toothbrush mustache. … Read More

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This Is a Thing: 1990 Hitler Sitcom ‘Heil Honey, I’m Home!’

Welcome to “This Is a Thing,” a monthly feature that examines a piece of popular culture — a film, an album, a television special, whatever — that you won’t believe exists until you see it with your own eyes. This month: the quickly canceled British series Heil Honey, I’m Home!, which placed Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun into the world of a wacky ’50s-style sitcom. No, really. … Read More

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Scott Sheidly’s “Fabulous” Pink Tyrants

Have you ever thought that history’s most notorious figures could be improved if they were a little more, well, fabulous? In Scott Sheidly’s Portraits: a series of “fabulous” depictions of tyrants, dictators and popes, which is on view through May 20th at the ArtPadSF fine art fair in San Francisco, presented by the Spoke Art Gallery, he tarts up Stalin, Kim Jong-il, Hitler, and the Pope with hot pink accessories, flashy purple leopard print, and of course, unicorn bling. Because there’s a flashy teenage girl in all of us, and especially in these guys. Click through to see what Hitler looks like in a pink cape, and then be sure to head over to Sheidly’s website to check out even more of his work. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we wondered what Larry King will do during retirement after leaving his 27-year-long career with CNN. We learned about the link between fear and abstract art. We peeked at the script for the Oscar-nominated and BAFTA-winning The Artist starring Jean Dujardin. We celebrated Phil Collins Day. We took a… Read More

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Horses, Dogs, and Psychopaths: Maurizio Cattelan in Houston

Controversial Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan is infamous for his sculptural portrayals of Pope John Paul II being felled by a meteorite and a childlike Hitler kneeling and praying, as well as a performance piece at the Museum of Modern Art, where he had an actor don a giant Picasso head and engage visitors. Although it’s been seven years since the 50-year-old Pop-conceptualist has had a solo show in America, Cattelan has been busy in Europe, as witnessed by the survey show of recent works at the Menil Collection in Houston. Integrated by the artist into the museum’s collection of medieval and modernist works, the show presents a dialogue between the present and the past that ironically comments on religion, politics, and art history. … Read More

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Testing Out The Trustworthiness of Beards

While perusing the interwebs today, we learned that there is a World Beard and Moustache Championship– and yes, their website has pictures of award-winning facial hair. This site reminded us of our post about beards during No Shave November and we decided to pay homage to another form of facial hair–the mustache. Check out the most culturally relevant mustaches after the… Read More

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The RZA on Starting Out, Hitler, and The Tao of Wu

The RZA’s The Tao of Wu is part brilliant autobiography — an authentic account of growing up in the projects on Staten Island and setting his goals on nothing less than conquering hip-hop — and part collection of insights and lessons learned along the way, always tying back to seminal works and natural… Read More

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