Documentary Reveals “Fecal Matter,” “Drugs For Sale” and “Bliss” as Rejected Names for Nirvana

In anticipation of the May 4th premiere of the authorized documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, HBO has just… Read More

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If You Could Get an Audio Tattoo, What Would It Be?

Here’s a thoroughly silly hypothetical question that is nonetheless lots of fun to think about: If audio tattoos existed, what would yours be? … Read More

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25 Songs That Perfectly Capture the Female Experience

A few months back, with what we intended to be a wink, Flavorwire brought you a playlist of misandry anthems that explored some of the stronger reactions to the patriarchy through song. Of course, not every song written from the female perspective qualifies as such, or, indeed, factors in men at all. Some aim to explore what it means to be a woman in a relation to other women, be it our friends or mothers or children. Many take society’s expectations, beauty standards, and double standards to task. Through these 25 songs, we explore just a few facets of what it means to be a woman navigating the… Read More

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Courtney Love in the Continuum of Yoko Ono and Marina Abramović: An Excerpt From Anwen Crawford’s 33 1/3 on Hole’s ‘Live Through This’

It’s no surprise that among Flavorwire staffers, Hole’s masterpiece Live Through This remains an all-time favorite. Back in April, when the album turned 20, we tapped some of our favorite musicians and music writers to dissect the album track by track. Reading Australian music critic Anwen Crawford’s new 33 1/3 chapbook on Live Through This, however, I got a sense that there are endless words for art as complicated as this. … Read More

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’90s Alternative Song Lyrics Updated for 2014

The ’90s are back! Except they’re looking a bit worse for the wear, 20 years later, aren’t they? Specifically, the lyrics to some of our favorite alt-rock radio hits of the era have begun to sound painfully dated, with their references to phone booths and physical media, and their insistence on a gender binary even in songs that embrace sexual fluidity. So Flavorwire has done its loyal readers the favor of updating beloved tracks by Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Radiohead, and… Read More

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Did You Hear the One About How Courtney Love Can’t Sing or Play Guitar?

On the ninth day of September, in the year of our Lord 2014, we learned that Courtney Love is not a great singer. “But wait,” you might say, “Courtney Love has been famous for nearly a quarter-century now. We have known since the release of Hole’s debut album, Pretty on the Inside, in 1991, what her voice sounds like.” And yet, when a gentleman named J.M. Ladd — who says he was “hired through the venue to record this show” — uploaded an isolated recording of Love’s vocals and guitar from a 2010 Fashion Week gig, every music and pop culture publication on the Internet posted the clip, accompanied by some pointing, laughing commentary. “Courtney Love’s Isolated Vocal and Guitar Tracks Are Even Worse Than You’d Imagine,” Noisey sneered, in a headline that encapsulates the general response. … Read More

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Courtney Love Leaves a Gaping Hole in Our Hopes for a Hole Reunion

Between lonely glitter parties, controversial notes in wallets, an upcoming solo album, turning 50, and a possible Hole reunion, Courtney Love has… Read More

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Courtney Love’s 25 Best Songs

On this day in 1964, a child named Courtney Michelle Harrison was born to a pair of hippie parents in California. A few decades later, having changed her last name to “Love,” she would become one of the most famous — and divisive — musicians on the planet. Besides making the Gen-Xers (and even early millennials like your co-authors) out there feel ancient, Courtney Love’s 50th birthday is the perfect excuse for a few superfans to celebrate something that often gets lost amid all the tabloid headlines: her music. In our highly subjective opinion, these are the 25 best songs Love has ever recorded; tell us about your favorites in the comments. … Read More

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20 Years of Hole’s ‘Live Through This': 12 Musicians and Writers Dissect It Track by Track

Two decades after the release of Hole’s Live Through This, the level of critical praise and commercial success the album achieved is perhaps lost on those who didn’t witness it firsthand — largely because, Courtney Love has, unfairly, become one of rock’s biggest punchlines. A new generation that could really use the album identifies Love with her public outbursts, her legal battles, and worst of all, as just Kurt Cobain’s widow. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, we tapped some of our favorite feminist-leaning musicians and music writers (Flavorwire editors included) to dissect Live Through This front to… Read More

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