Ingenious Homeless Shelters Made from Repurposed Materials

Homelessness is a complex and important issue that is still ignored in many urban areas. Chilly temperatures, health and safety concerns, and other devastating problems plague homeless populations, leaving them with little dignity. There are some designers who hope to help combat the problems in some small way by offering free, flexible, and yes, even stylish, shelters for people who require transitional living spaces. These ingenious designs are inspiring discussions about how city officials can better meet the needs of the homeless and restore pride to the disadvantaged. … Read More

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Revealing Portraits of the Homeless in Philadelphia

“I don’t need a preamble about the system,” Philadelphia-based poet and photographer Charlie O’Hay tells us. His project Everyone Has a Name began unintentionally when he picked up street photography and realized just how much his city had changed. He recognized some of the homeless people who he encountered. As a recovering alcoholic, O’Hay says that he had a bad time of it himself once; no stranger to pan-handling, he was saved from the shelter system by the good grace of his friends with extra couches and a few night jobs. After nearly two decades, he wants to do his part to humanize the homeless of his city, if only by passing along their names. Click through to meet a handful of his subjects. … Read More

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What's On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we found out the answers to 29 of fashion’s biggest mysteries. We visited the World Pizza Games/Pizza Expo, which we momentarily confused with The Hunger Games since it made us ravenous. Speaking of pizza … We wondered what possessed Urology Associates of Cape Cod to offer a free cheesy… Read More

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Photo Gallery: Dramatic Portraits of the Homeless

An account by day, Lee Jeffries started his stunning series of portraits of the homeless after a young girl, huddled under a sleeping bag in the streets of London, caught him snapping a candid shot. Instead of walking away, the photographer came over to talk to her. After hearing her story, he could no longer sneak shots at distance. These portraits of people from Europe and United States, spotted by Dangerous Minds, reveal incredible detail — graying ringlets of a long and tattered beard, an eye clouded with glaucoma, wind-blown strands of hair caked with cigarette ash, ridges of deep wrinkles and scrapes. They also reveal the real intimacy that needed to be established between the subject and the photographer in order to capture an image that feels authentic as opposed to exploitative. See some of these incredible faces in our gallery. … Read More

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Photo Gallery: Huts by the Homeless of Japan and Finland

These photographs of meticulously constructed shacks and huts were taken in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, and Helsinki by photographer Ari Saarto for his series IN SITU. The huts are built with walls, windows, furniture and amenities from refuse. Like homesteads, they stand on the sidewalks, under bridges, and in forests, expressing ingenuity and adaptation of their inhabitants. Surprisingly, these shelters look similar, despite being built on different continents.

The inhabitants are deliberately not pictured: Saarto set out to document “traces and evidence of human presence” with landscape style photography, lending to almost clinical but fascinating shots. See them in our gallery. … Read More

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Conversation Pieces: 5 New Articles Worth Discussing This Weekend

Welcome to Conversation Pieces, where Flavorpill curates five articles from the past week that you should read. Some are long, others are short. Some are from major publications, others aren’t. The only thing all these articles have in common is that they’re interesting. This week we examine the legacy of Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken, whether the internet reduces your ability to feel pleasure, the nervous history of public speaking, what you can learn from a spiteful homeless man, and more. After the jump, find something exciting to discuss this weekend in the home, at the bar, or on the street. … Read More

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