“There’s No Prescription”: Christopher Nolan and Bennett Miller on Influences, Fatherhood, and the Ending of ‘Inception’

The question was bound to come up; what’s surprising, really, is that a half-dozen other questions were asked before it did. But the Q&A portion — and the hour itself — was nearly over for Monday’s Tribeca Film Festival “Tribeca Talk” between filmmakers Chris Nolan and Bennett Miller when a fan raised his hand, bounded to his feet, and said, “So at the end of Inception…” The audience roared in recognition and cheered; they were Nolan-ites, and here was one who was speaking the language. … Read More

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Every Christopher Nolan Movie, Ranked

This weekend, something like $50 million worth of sci-fi fans, celluloid fetishists, and McConnaissance true believers who don’t mind movies where their savior is wearing a shirt will take in Interstellar, the ninth film from indie-darling-turned-brand-name Christopher Nolan. Of course, a healthy fraction of that opening-weekend gross will be attributable to visits by the Nolanites, the rabid fans who devour all of his work with borderline-religious fervor. So, where does Interstellar fall among the oeuvre so far? My current power ranking follows; your mileage may (and, considering the subject, almost certainly will)… Read More

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Gorgeous Cult Movie Posters Spotlight Unforgettable Characters and Scenes

The collage-style movie poster can be a cliché, a Photoshop nightmare, or both, but Polish designer Grzegorz Domaradzki manages to make it beautiful and new again in a series of lovely illustrated posters. From Mulholland Drive to True Romance to Fargo, the images below (spotted via BOOOOOOOM!) are sure to remind you of your favorite characters and moments from cinema’s most beloved cult classics. … Read More

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Awesome Vine Trailers for Modern Classic Movies

As you may or may not have noticed, your Flavorwire didn’t bother covering this week’s maddening, seemingly frame-by-frame unveiling of the trailer for The Wolverine, a movie we’re not all that worked up over to begin with (seriously, didn’t we already do that once?). It was bad enough when we started getting 30-second teasers for movie trailers — an item that is, when you break it down, a commercial for a commercial. But Wolverine director James Mangold went a step further, first putting out a six-second Vine “tweaser” (yep, that’s what he called it), then the teaser, then the trailer, meaning that the Vine was a commercial for a commercial for a commercial and good God make it all stop please. But one good thing did come out of it: trailer editing house Tokyo got the nutty idea of recutting the trailers for eight modern classics into six-second form and posting them on Vine. The results are oddly captivating; check them out after the jump. … Read More

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Awesome Storyboards from 15 of Your Favorite Films

With storyboards on our mind lately thanks to their use in both the opening sequence and the climax of Argo, we decided to put together a gallery of our favorites from iconic… Read More

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Classic Movie Scenes Recreated Around the World

We’re officially obsessed with “movie mimicking,” an ongoing project by world traveler and film fanatic Allen Fuqua, which we first spotted over at My Modern Met. In the photo series, Fuqua goes to far-off countries and takes pictures of himself and his friends standing in for the actors in his favorite films, the shots recreated almost perfectly. The results are amazing — there’s something wonderful about realizing that some of the places inexorably connected to our favorite movies actually exist, and the juxtapositions tap into our subconscious memories in an incredibly satisfying way. Click through to see some of our favorites from Fuqua’s series, and then be sure to check out his website for even more from the project. … Read More

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The Best Pop-Culture 'Mad Men' Mash-Ups

Are you as excited for the return of AMC’s Mad Men as we are? Probably not, because we’re pretty pumped over here, so much so that we’re constantly tempted to insert Mad Men references in completely unrelated posts. Luckily, there are some fantastic crossovers out there to keep you entertained until the premiere on March 25th, and we’ve put together a list of the best ones for your perusal, featuring everything from Mad Libs to Muppets. If you can think of any we didn’t catch, let us know! … Read More

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Surreal Kaleidoscopic Photos of Urban Architecture

A documentary/sports photographer who creates dizzying experimental works, Simon Gardiner flips architecture upside down in striking, kaleidoscopic perspective. Initially inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Inception, the artist set out to bring the film’s dreamscapes to life in his photos. Gardiner essentially deconstructs buildings, bridges, and staircases to create surreal visions of towering heights and labyrinthine compositions. The photographer also looks to the Vortograph (abstract photography focused on repetitious arrangement) — particularly Kawahara Kazuhiko’s work — and Architectural Deconstructivist movements to inform his distorted, alternate realities. Click through to see Gardiner’s striking photos, many of which were taken in Paris. Visit his website for the full story behind each image. … Read More

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10 of Cinema’s Most Dazzling Dream Sequences

As we recently reported, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have brought the work of sci-fi scribes like Philip K. Dick to life with the invention of cutting-edge technology that allows scientists to peer through the keyhole at our internal visual landscape. They now have the ability to record our brain’s patterns by reconstructing the images our mind composes after exposure to visual stimuli (in this case, movie trailers). Eventually, researchers say they’ll be able to tune in to the secrets of our memories and dreams.

Filmmakers have long explored the vibrant dreamscapes of the human psyche. At its worst, cinema’s dream sequence is a lazy storytelling device. At its most compelling and complex, the hazy reverie of a character’s fantastical world draws you deeper into their narrative and offers a stunning palette for the senses. Inspired by science and cinema, here are several of film’s most visually intoxicating and riveting dream sequences. We can only hope that when scientists are finally able to tap into our mind’s eye, our dreams are as wild and gorgeous as these. What are your favorites? … Read More

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