Understanding The Enigma That Is FKA twigs: A Pie Chart

FKA twigs is either a Big Deal or an unknown, depending on who you talk to. Among tastemaking music circles, the 26-year-old British R&B-pop singer/producer is one of the most exciting young artists of 2014, one who mounts a proverbial throne this week with the release of her debut album, LP1. To casual consumers of culture, twigs (real name: Tahliah Barnett) may be a mystery — the sort of name-checked singer they’ve been meaning to check out but aren’t quite sure “what her deal is.” There is one similarity between these two groups: they don’t necessarily understand FKA twigs. … Read More

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Exclusive Infographics: Fictional Character Birthday Calendars

[Editor’s note: In celebration of the holidays, we’re counting down the top 12 Flavorwire features of 2012. This post, at #6, was originally published April 11.] Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for a good, old-fashioned SAT-style analogy. Ready? Creed from The Office is to Hello Kitty as Don Draper is to ________? If you answered “Oscar the Grouch,” you win! Confused? Don’t fret — it’s easy to assume that these fictional folks are unrelated when, in actuality, they celebrate their birthdays on the same day. Fun fact, eh? On that note, so do Rocky Balboa and Seth Cohen, the Weasley twins and Bart Simpson, and Superman and Jerry from Parks and Recreation — and we’re just getting started! After the jump, we’ve made a series of monthly timelines charting hundreds of fictional birthdays from TV, film, literature, video games, and beyond. Of course, not every day can be Liz Lemon’s or Rambo’s birthday, so a few of us might find that our character birthday soul mate is an obscure anime character or a toddler on a soap opera, but hey, that ain’t so bad. Click through for upwards of 365 character birthdays, then hit the comments to announce your newfound birthday twin. … Read More

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Exclusive Infographic: Which Wes Anderson Character Are You?

Have you been suffering from a Wes Anderson character identity crisis? Do you have the sensitivity of Richie Tenenbaum, but the zest for revenge of Steve Zissou? The determination of Max, but the cigarette addiction of Margot? If you’re lost and confused and looking for some Anderson answers, we’re here to help. After the jump, we’ve thrown together an illustrated infographic to help you answer the age-old question: Which Wes Anderson character are you? (Read that last bit with the inflection of a lonely Khaki Scout addressing his feathered future wife.) … Read More

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Awesome Infographic: The Reading Habits of Romney Supporters vs. Obama Supporters

We’ve all heard that we are what we eat, but could the same thing be said about the books we devour? Book recommendation site Goodreads polled their users about who they planned to vote for in the 2012 presidential election, and used that information to analyze reading habits across party lines. The result is this nifty infographic, which, let’s face it, pretty much confirms most of our suspicions about the reading preferences of both sides. And what about you, dear readers — do your tastes line up? … Read More

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Exclusive Infographic: The Greatest Books of All Time

What are the greatest books of all time? And who should be the judge? Recently, Brain Pickings pointed out an awesome book of lists wherein 125 famous authors — everyone from Norman Mailer to Claire Messud to Annie Proulx to Stephen King — choose their ten favorite books. The book, The Top Ten: Writers Pick Their Favorite Books, then handily synthesizes all that info (544 works total mentioned in 125 lists) into a few important master lists: namely, the greatest books and authors of all time. Each book is assigned a value based on its position in any given list — that is, “a first-place pick is worth ten points, and a tenth-place pick is worth one point” and so on — and those numbers are then added up to give each book a ranking. We’ve collected a few of the top rankings here in an easy to digest infographic. How many have you read? … Read More

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Exclusive Infographic: Which ’90s Nickelodeon Character Are You?

If we’ve learned anything from the Internet, it’s that a lot of us share a mutual longing for the beloved ’90s Nickelodeon of our childhood. They just don’t make kids’ TV shows like they used to, eh? Well, we already brought you illustrated flowcharts revealing your secret inner one-hit wonder and your summer 2012 superhero alter ego, and now it’s time to answer to another crucial question: Which ’90s Nickelodeon character are you? We know you’ve just been dying to figure it out for the past couple decades. Go ahead and discover your kids’ show doppelgänger after the jump, or else you’re in for an awful waffle. … Read More

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Exclusive Infographic: The Best-Selling Duets of All Time

Duets seem to be everywhere these days, folks. Partly because ABC recently debuted its reality singing competition, Duets, but mostly because we can’t walk ten feet without hearing Gotye’s and Kimbra’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.” After learning that the hit has already sold upwards of seven million copies worldwide and is pegged to be the best-selling single of the year, we decided to take a trip through time to check out other record-breaking singles featuring two vocalists. To our surprise, every song on our newly compiled top 10 list is from the past decade, except for the number one best-selling duet. (We’ll give you a hint: “Catalina Wine Mixer.”) After the jump, check out our illustrated infographic chronicling the top-selling duets of all time, and take note — since “Somebody That I Used to Know” doesn’t lend Kimbra equal billing, we also included songs that feature guest artists. Which means, unfortunately, that the songs on this awesome list of top duets were displaced. But, that doesn’t mean we won’t still send you here and make your day a little weirder. Enjoy! … Read More

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Exclusive Infographic: The Life and Times of Liz Lemon’s Hair

Here at Flavorpill, we love infographics almost as much as we love Liz Lemon. So, in honor of tonight’s 30 Rock finale and Tina Fey’s 42nd birthday tomorrow, we decided to take a trip through the show’s six seasons and make a special kind of infographic — one that chronicles the tumultuous history of Liz’s locks. How do you like your Liz Lemon? With Princess Leia buns? With old-lady Joker hair? Or with her 1980s Pete Rose cut? Check out all of the above and more after the jump, and hit the comments to let us know the Liz Lemon ‘do of your preference. … Read More

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Illuminating Infographic: Why You Got Unfriended on Facebook

Oh, sure, it’s easy to hit “unfollow” on Twitter, but for some reason, pulling the plug on Facebook friends is more difficult — perhaps because the terminology of “unfriending” actually forces you to admit that your relationship with that junior-high volleyball buddy is over. With that in mind, it’s illuminating to learn what drives people… Read More

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Awesome Infographic: The Insanely Great History of Apple

Mapping thirty years of Apple products ranging from 1983’s Apple IIe to this year’s iPhone 4S, Pop Chart Lab has released The Insanely Great History of Apple infographic print. Sorted according to type and graphing the connections between form and function, it’s clear to see that Apple has created some stellar — and dare we… Read More

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