Beautiful Vintage Map of Rivers and Mountains

Map nerds: prepare to be seduced. This beauty hails from The General Atlas of the World — an 1854 volume printed by A & C Black Publishing Company, the same folks who issued early editions of the Encyclopædia Britannica. The tome contained steel engravings from well-known cartographers like William Hughes and featured close to 70… Read More

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Awesome Infographic: The Film Noir Guide to Ominous Lighting

Humorously uncomplicated and sporting the iconic raincoat and fedora of the genre, the Film Noire Guide to Ominous Lighting infographic toys with the dramatically lit characters that classic movie cinephiles love, made famous by greats like The Big Sleep, Sunset Boulevard, and Double Indemnity. The melodramatic nature of the detective crime tales, along with the black-and-white visual and narrative sensibility of the stories, is made obvious in the infographic’s lighting scale. See what happens when things go from gloom to doom in three easy steps, after the jump. … Read More

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Awesome Infographic: The United States of Scary Things

Every day is Halloween according to amusing infographic, The United States of Scary Things. Between the devastating effects of Mother Nature, zombies, and serial killers, American citizens have a lot to worry about year-round. If the zombie apocalypse ever truly breaks out, it looks like the east coast is totally screwed. Meanwhile, falling rocks, tornadoes, and ghosts will plague the central portions of the state. We wonder if Wisconsin should share calamities with Ohio since Dahmer was born in the Buckeye state, but killed his victims almost entirely in Wisconsin. Hit the jump to check out the infograph in full, and debate your home state’s misfortune. … Read More

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Questionable Infographic: Sci-Fi Women vs. the Ladies of Prime Time

When the smart lady-geeks at The Mary Sue posted the Redditor-created infographic above comparing the women of science fiction to the female characters on prime-time TV (as though those two worlds are mutually exclusive), they encouraged us to “think of it as a discussion starter.” So, let’s talk about this obvious… Read More

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Incredibly Condescending “Gen Y Hipster” Infographic

The folks at Salty Waffle call the “Gen Y Hipster” Get Satisfaction infographic below, which claims to explain young people’s buying habits, “fun.” Us? As members of the elusive Gen Y, we find it more than a little condescending — and also potentially misleading. It pairs snarky, entirely non-factual observations (“Expensive accessory to legitimize claims of creativity,” “Skinny jeans necessitate external placement of jeans”) with dubious statistics that lack citation (30 percent of Gen Y is apparently made up of “Creators and Trend Setters,” while 57 and 54 percent are “Joiners” and “Spectators,” respectively). Meanwhile, what’s the deal with the “knit cap hides rising hairline under guise of youthful fashion” crack? First of all, 1993 called, and it wants its winter-hats-all-year trend back. Also, if we’re supposed to be talking about people under 30, are receding hairlines really a defining concern? Witness the mess after the jump. … Read More

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It Costs Over $1 Million to Make a Hit Pop Song

We’re fascinated (and also somewhat taken aback by) a new post on NPR’s Planet Money that breaks down the cost of creating a hit song. As Zoe Chace explains, the process begins with a writing camp, where a label gathers top songwriters and producers to put together the tracks for a star’s upcoming album, renting out around ten studios for around two weeks and dropping approximately $25,000 a day. For Rihanna’s Loud, the example Chace follows throughout the piece, that comes out to $18,000 per song. Of course, the entire cost of writing, recording, producing, and finishing a pop hit pale in comparison with the promotional budget. See an infographic with the full expense breakdown after the jump, and be sure to read the Planet Money piece for all the industry-insider details. … Read More

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Jose Duarte’s Handmade, Lo-Fi Infographics

As computer-aided design continues to advance, high-quality infographics have sprung up all over the internet. Photographer Jose Duarte is doing something different. His “handmade visualizations” incorporate balloons, string, tape, sidewalk chalk, and — most remarkably — his plant-filled surroundings, both indoors and outside. A series on the state of the internet in 2010 compares Lady Gaga’s number of Twitter followers to Al Gore’s, reveals that 90 percent of all email is spam, and more. Click through a gallery of Duarte’s images after the jump, and if you’re interested in making your own lo-fi infographic, you can write to the artist for a free tool-kit. … Read More

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Awesome Infographic: How To Make A Short Film

Feel the need to make a movie but have no idea where to start? French television channel and film production company Canal+ is here to help with these flowcharts slash advertisements made by Euro RSCG. For an even bigger version click here. You can also figure out how to make… Read More

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A Rock ‘n Roll Map of Manhattan

If you’re sick of hearing Frank Sinatra tell you that he wants to be a part of it, or Alicia Keys gushing about how these streets will make you feel brand new, then rejoice – here’s an alternative musical history of the Big Apple. Ladies and gentlemen, get your walking shoes on for a journey through Flavorpill’s essential Manhattan lyrical topography. Click here for a larger version of our rock ‘n roll map of the borough and take our guided tour after the jump. … Read More

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