Rob Ford’s Gift: Reminding Us That Everywhere You Go, Someone Could Be Filming You

Yesterday, Toronto mayor Rob Ford once again made headlines as the subject of a viral video. This new one sees him standing in some kind of fast food establishment. He is ranting incoherently, in some kind of accent, possibly Jamaican, and gesticulating wildly with his hands. It is amusing in a tragic sort of way, or maybe I should say, in a Rob Ford sort of way: … Read More

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No, Selfies at Funerals Doesn’t Prove Teenage Millennials Are Any More Narcissistic Than Adults

Teens! Teens are the worst. I say that as someone who was once a teenager, even if I was more of the sullen, awkward variety than one who was blessed with early puberty and athletic abilities. And I thank the Internet gods every day that I didn’t have Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and — oof, can you imagine? — YouTube back in the late ’90s and early ’00s. My online self-expression then was limited to an Angelfire account and an anonymous Diaryland blog. If I were a teen nowadays, I can certainly see myself posting even more about myself than I do now. So when the newest one-joke Tumblr, Selfies at Funerals, made the rounds on Twitter yesterday, I couldn’t help but feel a little bad for those whose pictures were screencapped from their Instagram feeds so that adults could laugh at them. … Read More

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Pics or It Didn’t Happen: Instagram’s Biggest Clichés

It’s apparent to anyone with an Internet connection that this generation is obsessed with documenting itself. Thanks to the rise of social media like Instagram, so many of us can’t seem to go through our day without sharing pictures of it. Why we continue to do it is a great question, but that’s not what Slate’s Katy Waldman asks in an article about the social photography site. “The Tragedy of the Sunset Photo” laments our inability to effectively photograph a sunset, contemplates their appeal, and offers suggestions for taking better pictures of them. But these aren’t the thoughts that linger after looking an Instagram photo of a sunset. The real “Tragedy of the Sunset Photo” is not that we can’t capture the beauty of a sunset — it’s that we can’t seem to put down our phones and just enjoy it. Below, we look into some of Instagram’s most unavoidable, revealing clichés. … Read More

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20 Instagram Photos of Fireworks That Don’t Suck

Perhaps between the hours of nine and ten last evening you were browsing Instagram, thinking, “Thank God for this app! How else would I know what fireworks look like?!” Yes, the Fourth of July is a big day for amateur photographers who don’t realize that their cell phones do not offer the best technology for nighttime photography. In my own personal feed were lots of blurry and grainy photos featuring trickles of light resembling bright weeping willows. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of Instagram users who know how to use the photo app pretty well (or, more likely, got very lucky). Here’s a collection Instagram photos of fireworks that are actually worth a “like.” … Read More

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Clever Instagram User Photoshops Himself Into Celebrity Snapshots

People have been photoshopping themselves into celebrity photos ever since it was possible, but let’s be real: not many of us are good at it. This is probably why sites like The Daily Dot and Gizmodo are so taken with Instagram user Peeje T, who photoshops himself into celebrity photos with nary a stray pixel. His creations range from straightforward to completely absurd, and you can almost believe he’s sitting with Rihanna at a basketball game until you see him give her a piggyback ride at the Kentucky Derby. He always tags his culprits in his posts, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see one of them call him up to capitalize on his growing buzz. If they do, it would be virtually impossible to tell the resulting Instagrams apart from Peeje T’s doctored images. Click through to see a selection of his best work. … Read More

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Perfect Food Combinations Reinvented As Pantone Chips

Most people use Instagram for selfies and architecture porn, but David Schwen isn’t most people. The Minneapolis-based art director, illustrator, and graphic designer has been using the app over the past two weeks to share a series of images that feature classic food combinations juxtaposed as Pantone paint chips. Dubbing the project #PantonePairings, Schwen creates a tongue-in-cheek version of the company’s classic color samples. The images, which we discovered via Designboom, are from an upcoming print series, which we imagine would make a great addition to any well-designed kitchen wall. From peanut butter and jelly to ketchup and mustard, click through for the best of Schwen’s food art series, and visit his website too see more of his work. … Read More

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Geffen Refaeli’s Surreal Instagram Illustrations

Israeli illustrator Geffen Refaeli draws strange, surreal and often highly adorable illustrations, each one inspired by other people’s Instagram photos. Fittingly, she publishes a cheeky drawing every few days as dailydoodlegram, and has racked up thousands of followers in the process. As she told Haaretz, “I almost always look for pictures with objects rather than landscapes, something with a focus rather than a panorama. Usually I choose pictures of an object or animal or a figure that can be removed from its context.” It’s the removal from context that turns these irreverent sketches into art — the way Refaeli can see possibility, magic and weirdness in even the most mundane snapshots. After the jump, check out a few of our favorites from her ongoing project, and then be sure to head over to dailydoodlegram to see many more. … Read More

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The Morning's Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Call it the John McCain bump: Even though it opened in extremely limited release yesterday, Zero Dark Thirty is already breaking box office records. [via Deadline]

2. This photo from the set of 30 Rock is giving us mixed emotions. On one hand, we’re devastated that the show is really ending. On the other: 30 Rock wine?! … Read More

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Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Instagram Addicts

Thanksgiving was a time for feasting and family, but for those living in the Insta-universe, there was another reason to celebrate. According to social photo-sharing company Instagram, the service saw more photo uploads in a single day on November 22 than ever before. Users uploaded over 10 million photos on Thanksgiving, which means 226 filter-happy images were being shared per second. The Facebook-owned company’s popularity hasn’t waned since it first appeared in 2010, proving that those living in a vintage-tinged haze of coffee cup, cat, and sunset photos are truly addicted. We rounded up a gift guide for Instagram lovers everywhere. Go forth to our sepia and rainbow-colored gallery of bits and baubles after the break. Let us know what you’ll be buying for the holidays. … Read More

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How Not to Suck So Bad on Instagram

New York City filmmaker Casey Neistat loves Instagram — after all, as he so astutely points out, “if Facebook is Lucky Charms, Instagram is just the marshmallows.” But he wants to keep it great. And since any social media network is only as good as its users, he’s created a handy guide to not making it suck for everyone, including real-life examples (doing it right: Rick Ross; doing it wrong: J-Biebs), and important guidelines to live by (pay close attention to the “post one picture, then chill” rule). Click through to get a little better at everyone’s favorite social media network de jour — we all know you probably need it. … Read More

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