“Hot Dudes Reading” Instagram Reverses the Male Gaze and Makes Print Books Sexy

Scattered throughout the history of Western art, one finds dozens of portraits of girls reading. In this popular pose, the male (or female) artist’s gaze focuses on the female subject, while her own gaze rests modestly on her book, unaware of the watcher. Now, a self-described “group of tight-knit friends” has reversed that classic male gaze — along with the troubling trend that has people turning away from reading books on the train in favor of screens. … Read More

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‘Orphan Black’ Is Releasing Trailers for Its Upcoming Third Season All Week

Orphan Black gets its chills and thrills from the notion of fractured selves — the plethoric potentiality for utter divergence from fundamental… Read More

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Taylor Swift Emerges Victorious After Hacking

At this point, it’s never surprising when high-profile Twitter accounts get hacked (hell, the U.S. Military’s Twitter got hacked recently)… Read More

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“The Future” Is Mostly Annoying: Links You Need To See

Our new year is officially six days old. This means that at least half of the resolutions to lose weight this year have probably been dead for about three days, and in approximately three months your annoying friend or relative is going to make a biting comment about your unmet goals. But what if you could wear that annoying friend or relative around your waist? This man has developed a belt that can “offer suggestions” about when it’s time to shed a few pounds by tracking your waistline, so now you and your friends and your belt can scold your disappointed reflection in the mirror. Of course, it’s hard to imagine any scenario involving these belts that doesn’t end with them being smashed with a hammer. … Read More

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The Celebrity Cats and Dogs of 2014

It’s no secret that cats and dogs dominate the Internet (though cats would take issue with that statement). Throughout the year, adorable photos and heartwarming stories about feline fuzzballs and canine companions distracted us from the daily grind. They became celebrities. With the end of the year in sight, we felt it was only proper to give the most popular pussycats and pups their due. Here are some of the greatest cats and dogs that ruled our hearts in 2014. There is an endless supply of adorbs in the animal department, so be sure to mention any personal favorites, below. … Read More

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Lovely, Disorienting Photos of Spiral Staircases

Common as they may be, great spiral staircases are always breathtaking. Perhaps it’s something about the way they juxtapose dramatic architectural beauty with a sense of danger — look down from the top of a really high one, and it’s impossible not to imagine falling right through the center of it (why yes, there are some Freudian implications to that fear). Munich-based photographer Michael Koller captures both the lovely and the disorienting aspects of spiral staircases in a series of images collected on his Instagram. As Koller told the Instagram blog, it’s the “different shapes and hypnotic depth” of each staircase that makes the photos so striking. … Read More

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Pop Culture-Inspired Photos of an Adorable Dog in Illustrated Scenes

Adorable, Budweiser-loving bull terrier Spuds MacKenzie was the most famous dog of the 1980s, but the most popular bull terrier of 2014 is a pup named Jimmy Choo. The photogenic pooch, who we learned of on Photojojo resides with his human Rafael Mantesso—a Brazilian restaurateur and marketing exec. Mantesso also happens to be a talented artist. His illustrations adorn the backgrounds of his fun photos of Jimmy. We’re especially fond of the pop culture-inspired pics, including an homage to performance artist Marina Abramović (in this case, “Marina Abramobull”), Disney’s Lady and the Tramp, and Game of Thrones. Get to know darling dog Jimmy Choo in our gallery. … Read More

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Today’s Internet Infinite Regress: Profiling the ‘NYT’ Profile of The Fat Jew

Slowly, The Fat Jew seems to be engulfing the media. While it may sound quite loaded, that statement is neither an antisemitic nor a fat-phobic remark generalizing on the prevalence of Jews in media who avoid the gym (such as myself.) Rather, it’s an introduction to web-(semi)-celeb comedian Josh Ostrovsky, AKA Fabrizio Goldstein, AKA @thefatjewish, AKA Fat Jew, who, as tells the New York Times in their just-published profile, “would prefer that you not call him a fat Jew… but hope[s] millions more people will soon come to know him as ‘The Fat Jew.'” The emphasis on “The” indicates that this is a man – who, like most rising, er, artistes – wants to be notorious. … Read More

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The Crisis in Ferguson and Why a “Free” Press Needs Social Media

Watching live streams of what’s been happening in Ferguson, Missouri, this week might make you question the worth of pretty much everything — not least writing about art and culture. Seeing a town of 20,000 people devolve into something that looks like a war zone is terrifying, as are the visions of the city’s police force pointing weapons at unarmed men and harassing journalists. Meanwhile, the rest of the country is dumping ice water on its head and playing the Kim Kardashian game. But if there’s anything remotely positive to come out of Ferguson, it’s this: the ubiquity of social media, and of cameras in the hands of citizens, means that events like this can no longer happen in a void. … Read More

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