Dear Pixies, Stop Milking It

As far as ads go, the new iPhone ad featuring a cover of the Pixies’ “Gigantic” is pretty charming. The laundry list of all the things featured in the commercial could rival a Stefon skit, and among them is a band of “alternative” teenagers trepidatiously tackling “Gigantic” as “alternative” teenagers have done for the last 20-odd years. The purpose is to sell $300 phones to “creatives,” but it’s not a half-bad representation of what the Pixies have come to mean in the 23 years since their last album: a badge of honor that reads, “I’m ‘alternative’ in a kinda obvious way, but at least the music is really fucking good.” It’s slightly less cool than liking The Replacements, slightly more cool than liking the ’90s bands who ripped off the Pixies in one way or another (Nirvana, Weezer, Radiohead). … Read More

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What the Hell Just Happened to My iPhone?

Yesterday evening, I shut myself off from the world for about an hour while I downloaded iOS7. When my phone was updating, I sat around without much to do — no one to text, no way to tweet, no Siri to consult — and waited patiently. I had avoided all of the spoilers yesterday about what the update would look like (this is sort of like my personal Breaking Bad), and was anticipating the major changes my phone would bring. Finally, the slow update process finished, and I started swiping my screen. And I didn’t recognize anything at all. … Read More

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How We Evolved Past Our Digital Cameras

There were certain things that I ignored for a long time that became important once I had my diploma in hand, or rather, in whatever box it’s sitting in now. (Fact of life: you spend a lot of time working for a piece of paper that you’ll eventually stuff into a box that says COLLEGE in Sharpie on the outside.) It suddenly became paramount that I go through everything I own and rid myself of the excess accumulated over a lifetime. As the trash bags began to bulge and rip, I realized I hadn’t thrown away a single electronic device I’d ever had. I still owned every cell phone, every gaming device, every iteration of electronic thing that sat in front of the Wonkavision TV Camera and became progressively smaller. The most tombstones in my digital graveyard belong to compact digital cameras. … Read More

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The 10 Ugliest Apple Products of All Time

Yesterday was Apple Product Announcement Day (did you get me anything?), with the unveiling of two new iPhone upgrades. The iPhone 5S has a faster processor and a Mission: Impossible-ish fingerprint sensor on its home button (at last, a use for all of those fingerprint-lifting tools I’ve been hoarding); the iPhone 5C is cheaper, made of plastic, and… well, there’s no nice way to say this. It’s wicked ugly. Available in a variety of eyesore colors (the grapefruit pink and lime green are the grossest, for my money — your mileage may vary), the 5C serves as a potent reminder that, despite the company’s reputation of incomparable aesthetics and the undeniable sleekness of many of its products, Apple is capable of laying the occasional very ugly egg. Here’s a few earlier examples: … Read More

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10 New Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

At last week’s Consumer Electronics Show, consumers were introduced to an assortment of new and exciting products, ranging from Razer Edge, the PC-gaming tablet and Best of Show winner, to Fitbit Flex, a cute, comfortable rubber bracelet that helps you track your fitness goals. But, while these are all great, there are a lot of new gadgets that seem more like necessities than, well, gadgets. Here are our top ten technological tools that we have no idea how we’ve lived without before now. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we found out what Pizza Hut’s Crown Crust pizza says about global fast food marketing. We saw dollar signs reading about Edvard Munch’s The Scream at auction. We brushed up on factoids about children’s books with Mental Floss. We wondered how LA will feel about hosting… Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we got blinded by the bling on these wrists. We discovered DogTV. We watched a bizarre crustacean-meets-tampon Earth Day moment. We remembered Dick Clark. We met nine movie characters we suspected were stoners. We found out how to turn a rubber band into… Read More

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Funny or Die Fixes Infuriating iPhone “Rock God” Ad

If you’ve turned on the TV in the past few months, chances are you’ve seen the worst iPhone commercial of all time. You know, the one where a cocky teenage wannabe realizes his garage-rocker dreams, all thanks to the solicitous assistance of Siri. At the end, he instructs the phone to call him “Rock God,” and she obliges. The whole thing is so awkward and sad that it’s actually kind of difficult to explain what’s infuriating about it (although it probably has something to do with an entitled 15-year-old boy having access to a female voice that will do whatever he wants).

Thankfully, the smart folks at Funny or Die have “fixed” the ad — subbing in the kind of responses the kid deserves to get. “I gotta get a guitar,” he tells Siri. “I’m sorry. Did you mean ‘a haircut’?” she replies. Watch the most urgently necessary ad parody you’ll see all year after the jump. … Read More

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A New iPhone App Lets You Control Your Dreams

We’ve all wished at one time or another that we could control our dreams, and maybe even tried — either The Sweetest Fig-style or by some serious lucid dreaming practice. But don’t worry, no more mental fatigue is required, because like everything else that requires brainpower, now you can get your phone to do it… Read More

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