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Photo App Hipstamatic Goes Disposable

Before Instagram stole Hipstamatic’s thunder, the iPhone app was the preferred retro photo program. Now the company is trying to win back some of our love by creating a disposable camera — but one that actually won’t make you feel lonely while shoegazing at the one hour photo counter. The Hipstamatic D-Series will… Read More

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Preview PostSecret’s New iPhone App

Exciting news for fans of Frank Warren’s community mail art project turned global phenomenon PostSecret: Beginning next month, iPhone users will be able to anonymously upload their deepest, darkest secrets and react to the juicy tidbits that other users have posted. Think of it as free therapy.

“When I started PostSecret six years ago by passing out blank postcards to strangers and asking them write a secret and mail it to me, I never would have thought that it would turn my life upside-down, but it has,” Warren told us over email. “I no longer have the job I had, I now spend 50 – 60 hours a week on secrets and traveling to schools and sharing the funny and inspirational stories behind them. And even right now, it’s 5:42 AM and I am up because I cannot sleep. The new PostSecret App is being released in September and I am excited and worried about this new part of the project.”

Click through to watch a trailer for the project and to preview some of the first secrets made using the App — including one that’s from Warren himself! And, if you’re in New York, be sure to RSVP for our PostSecret App Launch and Thank You Party, August 29 at The Bell House. … Read More

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Check Out David Byrne’s Hilarious Fake iPhone Apps

Is it just us, or is that David Byrne always up to something clever? For his latest contribution to the cultural zeitgeist, the Talking Heads frontman dreamed up a group of absurd fake iPhone apps that totally made our morning — if only they were real! Click through to check out the screenshots, and if you live in New York, head over to The Pace Gallery beginning on September 16 to see Byrne’s work on display in a group show titled Social Media, which will also include pieces by Miranda July and Christopher Baker. … Read More

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First iPhone Game-Inspired Feature Film?

Sure, console video games and even Facebook apps have inspired movies before. But now an addictive iPhone app could be coming to a big screen near you. “Angry Birds” ($1 for the full version, lite version free, also available for iPad) has players use a slingshot to launch (willing, angry) birds in to fortresses built by pigs, apparently as revenge for having stolen their eggs. Since debuting in Finland in December, the game has sold more than 6.5 million copies for iPhone, and now Rovio, the company behind the game, wants to expand its winning brand. … Read More

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Is John Baldessari’s iPhone App the Future of Art?

From June 27 through September 12, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is exhibiting a retrospective for American conceptual artist and painter John Baldessari titled Pure Beauty. The show features more than 150 works from 1962 to the present day. While the exhibit highlights the past, there is also a focus on the future. Corresponding with the show, Baldessari has teamed up with a design team to create an app for both iPhones and iPads. Some are calling the app, In Still Life 2001-2010, the first ever to be created by a contemporary artist. The program allows users to interact, tamper with, and ultimately recreate Abraham van Beyeren’s Banquet Still Life from 1667 by rearranging 38 items however they please. … Read More

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iHobo: Can an iPhone App End Homelessness?

Depaul UK, a London-based charity that aids the homeless, together with Publicis London, have released the world’s first philanthropic iPhone app. It’s called iHobo, and it’s a destitute, virtual vagrant in your pocket — sort of like a Tamagotchi. For three days, it’s your job to attend to all of iHobo’s needs, whether it be food, shelter, or emotional comfort via the touch of the screen. If you neglect him, he’ll run the risk of succumbing to a life of crime, drug use, and mental illness. Like any video game where survival is the goal, you can monitor his health to adapt your strategy as new problems arise. … Read More

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Interesting iPhone App: Seduce a SuicideGirl

The alternative babes over at SuicideGirls have created another iPhone application. Fans of their earlier strip app might have wondered, how do you land a sexy SuicideGirl? Seduce a SuicideGirl might help. After the jump, we try it… Read More

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An iPhone App of Philippe Starck-Inspired Sounds

The latest reason we wish we had an iPhone? 24 Hours: The Starck Mix, a free iPhone app tied to Wallpaper magazine’s new Starck edition. The application provides a live stream of a 24-hour soundtrack, selected, arranged, composed and mixed by Soundwalk, a new media company know for their cutting-edge audio tours, for Starck.… Read More

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Daily Dose Pick: The Best Camera

Shutterbug Chase Jarvis has turned iPhone photography into an art, and he developed the Best Camera app, book, and website so you can too.

Using the award-winning photographer’s app, you can apply various filters to your own photos with the flick of a finger, transforming them before your eyes, then instantly posting them across the web. The Best Camera website serves as a repository for users’ top snaps, while the accompanying book presents Jarvis’ own work in the medium. … Read More

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Are You Offended By the Lucky Fortune iPhone App?

Ryan Tate at Gawker just tipped us off to Lucky Fortune, “a fortune cookie app built around what can only be described as a ‘ching-chong Chinaman’ theme.” The video is rather incriminating: In addition to a bad imitation of a Chinese accent (think Kathie Lee imitating Al Roker), Lucky Fortune also features gongs and that stereotypical strings arrangement that played every time Long Duk Dong came on screen in Sixteen Candles.

How long do you think before Apple wises up and this app… Read More

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