James Brolin

‘Community’ Season 4, Episode 5 Recap: The Darkest Timeline Update

After creator Dan Harmon was unceremoniously dismissed from his role as showrunner at the end of Season 3, Community‘s loyal fans feared its departure would plunge the show into what Abed Nadir would surely call “the darkest timeline.” But despite our concerns, we hold out hope that the new showrunners and their stable of writers are able to make the best of this worst possible role of the dice. This week’s episode, “Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations,” finds the gang dealing with family discomfort, holiday-style. … Read More

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And Jeff Winger’s Dad on ‘Community’ Is…

James Brolin! TVLine reports that multiple sources have confirmed the decision to cast the 72-year-old actor as Jeff Winger’s long-lost father. In a photo Joel McHale shared on Twitter, he and Mr. Barbara Streisand looked like they were having a grand old time together — and Brolin is 6’4″, which would… Read More

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