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10 Historic Live Musical Performances You Can Watch on YouTube

Last week, some footage of what would prove to be Nirvana’s final show in Los Angeles, at the Great Western Forum in December 1993, surfaced on the web. One of the great joys of the internet is that it’s way, way easier than it used to be to get hold of (and watch!) bootlegs, live performances and other records of shows that might otherwise have never seen the light of day. YouTube, in particular, is a rich resource for this stuff — so here’s a selection of Flavorwire’s favorite performances, encompassing both some famous shows and some lesser-known events. … Read More

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The 50 Albums Everyone Needs to Own, 1963-2013

No one buys albums anymore, goes the music industry truism. And yet, for all that the format’s commercial viability may or may not be on the wane, sitting and listening to a great album from start to finish is one of the greatest pleasures that music can bring. Flavorwire recently got to thinking about how one might build a record collection if you really only did buy one record a year. So here’s the result of our thought exercise: 50 albums you really should own, one a year from 1963 until the present… Read More

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The Most Insanely Prolific Artists in Music

This week sees the release of Ocean Roar, the new record by Phil Elverum, aka Mount Eerie. Apart from being a rather lovely record in its own right, Ocean Roar is notable for being the second Mount Eerie record of the year, following May’s similarly excellent Clear Moon. This makes Elverum one of 2012′s more prolific musicians, although not necessarily the most prolific, because a couple of the music world’s most famously productive musicians have also had busy years. You’ll find a rundown of these super-busy types, along with some of music’s most prolific artists, past and present, after the jump — as ever, feel free to jump in with further suggestions in the comments section. … Read More

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25 Must-See Music Documentaries

Our favorite of this week’s several fine indie releases is Searching for Sugar Man, Swedish filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul’s investigative profile of Sixto Rodriguez, a singer/songwriter who should have been a giant star in the early 1970s and instead faded into obscurity (and then became a cult sensation in New Zealand, Australia, and apartheid-era South Africa). Bendjelloul’s warm, kind film is both a showcase for terrific music and a compelling human interest story; it deserves a place alongside the best music documentaries, and since it reminded us of them, we thought we’d compile a list of our favorite music docs. It’s a list that’s constantly in flux, so we’ve included some alternates (as well as where you can see them); we’d love to hear yours as well. Check it out after the jump. … Read More

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'Mad Men' Mixtape: 10 Great Songs from 1966

As you might have noticed if you’ve been reading Flavorwire this week, Mad Men is back Sunday, and the new season takes us to 1966, a year when — as baby boomer mythology has been reminding us mercilessly ever since — the acid was good, the love was free, and the counter-cultural revolution was kicking into full swing. (Not that we can imagine Don Draper donning a kaftan and heading down to Haight-Ashbury to wander around in circles pointing at trees, mind you.) But having heard the news that the producers had to can a song from the soundtrack (Dusty Springfield’s “The Look of Love”) for being from 1967, we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to put together a mixtape of some contemporary tunes that might well appear on the show in Season 5. And yes, we’ve even included Bob Dylan! Rejoice, denizens of the comments section. … Read More

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10 Highly Informative Celebrity How-To Videos

Recently, we discovered a wonderful collaboration between perennial tough-guy Vinnie Jones and The British Heart Foundation, which is airing TV advertisements starring the actor to raise awareness about proper CPR form. The move came after a study showed that nearly 50% of Brits are unsure about what to do if someone has a cardiac arrest, but we think everyone could use a little reminder (no kissing). Inspired by Jones’s video, we’ve collected a series of informative celebrity how-tos and informational videos, whether funny or serious, produced or off the cuff, on everything from dance moves to changing a tire to proper etiquette. Click through to take a look, and by all means, get ready to learn something. … Read More

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10 Seriously Strange Celebrity Talk Show Appearances

A post Jenny Craig (sorry, Jenny) Mariah Carey paid The Rosie Show a visit yesterday. The pop diva opened her talk show appearance by arriving on a giant, suspended disco-glittery moon. This is the same woman who played her own 1995 live performance of “Fantasy” during the birth of her new twins Moroccan and Monroe so they would be born to the sound of applause. (Yes, really.) The singer’s awkward lunar landing calls to mind many celebrity talk show appearances where the stars veered off topic — sometimes avoiding it completely — and humiliated themselves in front of the world with oddball behavior and confusing conversation. Click through to revisit some seriously weird celebrity talk show moments, and let us know who you’d add to the list below. … Read More

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Saucy and Beautiful Vintage Buttons For Proclaiming Your Proclivities

Christen Carter has been making buttons for bands, artists, and whoever else needs a good button since 1995. Her first customer, picked up while she was learning the trade abroad in England, was indie band Guided by Voices, and she’s just gotten bigger from there. Her company, Busy Beaver Button Company, now makes millions of buttons for clients like Missy Elliot, Bumble and Bumble, Threadless, Adidas, and Burger King. Not content with simply producing quality buttons, Carter has also become a serious collector of vintage buttons, and recently launched an online button museum to show off some of her amazing finds. Click through to see a few of our favorites — from the lovely to the saucy to the serious — and then check out Carter’s online museum for even more.

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