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Like It Or Not, ‘The Interview’ Is a Battle Worth Fighting

It was a no-win situation, which was probably why the hackers made the play they did. When the “Guardians of Peace,” drunk with the power of infiltrating and publicly humiliating one of the biggest entertainment conglomerates on the planet, fired off their comically villainous missive Tuesday (I mean, seriously, “how bitter fate those who seek fun in terror should be doomed to”?) threatening 9/11-style attacks on theaters showing Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Kim Jong-un assassination comedy The Interview, it put Sony Pictures in a helluva spot. If they kept the release date and (contrary to all available intelligence) an attack did occur, then moviegoers and theater employees could be hurt or killed, and the narrative would be, “Greedy Sony is responsible for this, because of their greed.” If they pulled the movie from release, it would mean that any hackers worth their salt — and, as is probably the case here, the totalitarian government behind them — could dictate what we see. It would be a loss of backbone and credibility and “face,” but that’s not the kind of thing that results in liabilities and lawsuits, so it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sony made the call they did. Corporations gonna corporate, after all, and there’s really nothing we can do about that. But what we can control is what our takeaway will be from this whole affair — how to deal with it, and what we’ve learned from it. … Read More

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Premiere, Bookings, Promo Appearances Cancelled for ‘The Interview’ Following Threat from Hackers

Things are getting a good deal hairier w/r/t The Interview, the goofy Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy about… Read More

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‘The Interview': Not Serious, Yet Suddenly Important

You wouldn’t think that a movie whose plot hinges on a “sharting” incident would become one of the year’s most controversial and incendiary pictures, but what can I tell you, it’s an odd cultural moment. The film in question is The Interview, a broad, dumb, (mostly) funny comedy about dopey American buddies getting into hot water abroad — Road to North Korea, if you will. But because the objective of their mission is the assassination of a dictator not exactly known for his good-sport sense of humor, The Interview has become a cause célèbre, resulting in one of the most thorough, invasive, and scary data breaches in history. In the midst of a flood of private emails, salary spreadsheets, and outright threats, there’s an undeniable feeling of “All that over this?” while watching Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s comedy. But like it or not, logically or not, The Interview is now deeply, surprisingly important. … Read More

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The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with James Franco

It’s been about five years since James Franco hosted SNL — and a few long months since we saw him in one of the show’s best sketches, “Monster Pals.” He shared the stage last night with a performer who easily stole the spotlight, Nicki Minaj. We’re ready to sign the petition that gets her back as host after a fun appearance in several sketches throughout the evening. Franco’s acting prowess and ability to swing from serious to dick and fart humor makes him perfect for the show (we hope he finds a happy place somewhere in the middle, though). The former Freaks and Geeks star just completed filming that SNL documentary, which we were lukewarm about — but we all know he’s a better actor than filmmaker, probably. See how he made out last night, below. … Read More

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James Franco Stars As Another Poet In ‘The Color of Time’ Trailer

The world, apparently, has not yet gotten its fill of James Franco. The actor/artist/short story writer is starring in the… Read More

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