Jamie Lidell

The 10 Albums You Need to Hear in February

Right, so January is over and done with, and it’s time to get back into the usual music industry swing of things (at least until everyone goes to get wankered at SXSW, anyway.) There are plenty of decent records to be heard in February 2013, so without further ado, here is our regular monthly roundup of the albums we reckon are going to be worth hearing over the next four weeks, from brainy electronica to decidedly brainless sea shanties, with a whole bunch of other stuff in between. If there’s anything we missed, do feel free to take to the comments section and let us know! … Read More

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Chilly Gonzales on Orchestral Rap and Dueling John Mayer

Chilly Gonzales has been on an artistic rampage for well over a decade now. The Canadian-born, Paris-based artist once known as Jason Beck has collaborated with Peaches, Feist, and Jamie Lidell; released numerous albums of rap, pop, and instrumental piano music; wrote, starred in, and released his own feature film; and broken the world record for solo piano performance (after playing for over 27 hours straight).

His latest is The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales, an album that blends rap with orchestral music, arranged by his film composer brother, Christophe Beck. We caught up with Chilly at home in Paris for an interactive video interview, in which he reveals his love of Jewish humor, explains the connection between hip-hop and South Park, and challenges John Mayer to a duel. … Read More

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The 5 Best Music Videos of the Week

Ah, the golden age of music videos: when the “M” in MTV was still a dominant force and people like Axl Rose nonchalantly swam with dolphins in thematically insane three-part epics. Of course, there are still some awesome music videos being released, from lo-fi budget-minded productions to those with a glossy, high profile sheen (Hello, “Telephone”). This batch of the best music videos of the past week falls somewhere in between, from the fuzzy camera work documenting a clearly insane Jamie Lidell  and the modern dance routines of These New Puritans to the ambitious Wu-Massacre project. Trust us on this: it’s a good week for music videos when Raekwon the Chef is being framed for murder. After the jump, watch Flavorpill’s other choices for best videos of the week, and let us know which ones we left out. … Read More

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Four Must-Have Favorites From Warp Records

Over the last two decades, Warp Records has evolved from one of the best electronic-music labels in the world to one the best music labels in the world, period. Though its focus has widened to include indie rock, Britpop, noise rock, and other, less categorizable sounds, the quality has never dropped. This is likely because Warp privileges growth and exploration over repetition of past sounds and successes. The imprint’s long history feels more like a 20-year experiment — and today, that experiment remains as exciting as ever. … Read More

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A New Videogame Thingy We Can Wait in Line For

Will our Nintendo DSi come with pretty backup Dancers and pastel graphics? Or a golden microphone, like Jamie Lidell’s? If so, it’s funny our friends at Wired.com don’t mention it in their review of the system: “The $170 DSi supercharges the smash hit Nintendo DS platform by adding two cameras, an SD card slot, a Web browser, and the ability to download games over WiFi. But although the DSi clearly represents the downloadable future of handheld gaming, Nintendo says it’s not interested in leaping feet-first into iPhone territory. Plus, it won’t bring its catalog of cartridge-based games to digital either.” Maybe they just hate beatboxing. … Read More

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