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10 Great Movies With Minimal Dialogue

When Ryan Gosling appeared in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive as the brooding, laconic getaway driver and cold-blooded killer in a satin scorpion jacket, cineastes got the Danish director’s reference immediately: Walter Hill’s 1978 film, The Driver. Both movies share multiple narrative similarities and morally ambiguous protagonists known simply as “the driver.” The films also feature minimal dialogue and rely on style, thrills, and the uniqueness of their characters instead of a dense script. The Driver is expected to arrive on Blu-ray July 23. In anticipation of sulking, silent antiheroes, here are ten other movies that ditch their dialogue with impressive results. … Read More

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Staff Picks: Flavorwire’s Favorite Cultural Things This Week

We once again have your back here at Flavorwire if you’re in need of some nourishment to satiate your appetite for all things cultural. This week’s round of staff recommendations offers a diverse sampling of art, literature, and sport to keep your brows high and your mind engaged throughout the rest of the week. … Read More

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10 Creepy Pop Culture Bunnies

Whether you’re celebrating Easter as a religious holiday or a Hallmark holiday — and an excuse to eat yourself into a chocolate-induced coma — spring has sprung. We’d like to believe that bunnies lay jellybean eggs and cluck like chickens on occasion, but pop culture has shown us that the cute and fuzzy creatures can actually be quite creepy. While you’re scouring the Internet for photos of children being terrorized by people in bunny costumes this morning, take a look back at these TV shows and movies that featured frightening rabbits. … Read More

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10 Must-See Stop-Motion Shorts

The Brothers Quay are pretty strange, even for identical twins who finish each other’s sentences. They’re Philly-bred, London-based, and rooted deep in old and avant-garde Eastern European creative influences. They make dark, stunning stop-motion shorts, features, and music videos from doll parts, screws, and mechanical animals, among other things. With a MoMA retrospective opening this Sunday and running through January 7th, we felt inspired to round up a collection of varied and beautiful stop-motion films, the field that the brothers have had such tremendous influence over through the past 30 years. Enjoy, and try not to think about the meticulous production methods involved with said stop-motion. It will make your head spin and your fingers ache. We just want to hurt your heart. … Read More

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10 ‘Alice in Wonderland’-Inspired Tales on Film

With Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll’s birthday on the horizon, we wanted to follow a few films down the rabbit hole and explore some of the fantasy worlds portrayed in the Victorian-era novel. Ignoring the recent blockbuster monstrosity that is Tim Burton’s movie, we ventured into the pool of tears, got advice from a caterpillar, and attended a mad tea party to find out what movies explore the same kinds of themes that the English author made synonymous with phantasmagorical adventures and self-discovery. Check out our gallery of Alice-inspired cinema past the break, and tell us your picks in the comments below. … Read More

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The Many Faces of Alice in Wonderland

When we came across Boing Boing’s sampling of images from the latest edition of Alice in Wonderland, illustrated by Robert Ingpen, we found ourselves captivated by the new Alice. Although Ingpen hasn’t touched our heroine’s signature blue dress and white pinafore, he has transformed her from beaming blonde tween to romantic, red-headed waif. If John William Waterhouse had painted Alice’s portrait, this is how it might have looked.

Ingpen’s dreamy, new rendering also got us thinking about the many forms Alice has taken since her first appearance in 1865. After the jump, follow us down the rabbit hole to see how artists and filmmakers have portrayed Lewis Carroll’s muse over the… Read More

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