Janis Joplin

Boomer Audit: D.A. Pennebaker Invents the Music Festival in ‘Monterey Pop’

When the “Boomer Audit” was scheduled as a theme week — absolutely fair as we’re hitting the 45th anniversary of Woodstock — I felt relatively skeptical about it, as I have been lucky enough to live a life devoid of boomer values infecting my everyday existence, at least when it comes to my immediate family. My parents were the Silent Generation, born between the World Wars. As a result, while my peers had parents who were ex-hippies, with books like How to Tell Your Kids No When You Said Yes on their bookshelves, well, my parents, slightly older than the other parents, had missed out on that culture as they were too busy raising children and surviving. … Read More

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10 Historic Live Musical Performances You Can Watch on YouTube

Last week, some footage of what would prove to be Nirvana’s final show in Los Angeles, at the Great Western Forum in December 1993, surfaced on the web. One of the great joys of the internet is that it’s way, way easier than it used to be to get hold of (and watch!) bootlegs, live performances and other records of shows that might otherwise have never seen the light of day. YouTube, in particular, is a rich resource for this stuff — so here’s a selection of Flavorwire’s favorite performances, encompassing both some famous shows and some lesser-known events. … Read More

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Rock ‘n’ Roll’s “27 Club” Myth Needs to Die

The notion that 27 is some sort of mystical age is one that gets wheeled out every time a rock star dies young — everyone starts whispering solemnly about how someone new has joined the 27 Club, and how dramatic it all is. Blogs put together listicles of “10 Famous Musicians Who Died at 27.” Every so often, someone writes a book about the “tragic history of the 27 Club” or somesuch. And it needs to stop. … Read More

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Broadway’s Janis Joplin Musical Proves That the Great White Way Can’t Rock ‘n’ Roll

I’ve got a long-standing rule when it comes to theatre: I try not to see jukebox musicals. First of all, I think they’re lazy: it’s like watching musical theatre karaoke, or perhaps more like a concert for people who are too old to go to concerts anymore. (Sorry for the ageist joke, but there’s a reason why, with the exception of Green Day’s American Idiot, most jukebox musicals appeal to the baby boomers.) The other reason is that when you randomly stuff popular songs into a narrative, the result is rarely strong, whether the songs form a biographical tale or, in the case of Mamma Mia!, a nonsensical musical backdrop for the insane goings-on depicted on stage. A new musical, which opened last week, suffers from the same failings, although A Night With Janis Joplin is more than just a bad jukebox musical: it’s an uncomfortably irrelevant celebration of the titular blues singer. … Read More

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Scarlett Johansson is the New Keanu; Sam Smith Releases a New Video: Links You Need to See

Although, so far this week the internet has been kind of awful this Scarlett Johansson meme is so brilliant, you can almost forgive all the rest of what’s out there. Now, if you, like Scarlett Johansson, have found New York to be a difficult place to navigate this list of books will make… Read More

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Peek Inside the Homes of 10 Counterculture Icons

If you’ve ever wanted to be Steve McQueen, you might just be a little closer to that goal — or at least, you can now be yourself in his old home. Recently, HiConsumption posted photos of McQueen’s “Pioneer Moon Ranch,” which is now up for sale — but more importantly, this glimpse into the homestead of “The King of Cool” inspired your intrepid Flavorwire editors to get to snooping into a few more of the homes of some of our greatest counterculture… Read More

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Hilarious (And Often Adorable) Photos of Debauched Musicians With Cute Animals

A couple of weeks back, we amused ourselves (and hopefully you too) with a bunch of hilarious photos of debauched rock stars with cute kids. Ever since, we’ve been mulling over the natural follow-up — photos of debauched rock stars with cute animals. Click through for pictures of suitably party-loving musicians enjoying tender moments with dogs, cats, tortoises, three-toed sloths, and one terrified… Read More

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Janis Joplin Really Wanted to “Ball” Clive Davis, Says Clive Davis

This week’s release of Clive Davis’ memoir, The Soundtrack of My Life, has brought news of the record mogul’s tense relationship with Kelly Clarkson and his bisexuality. But we were particularly intrigued by what he wrote about his relationship with Janis Joplin — namely, that the ill-fated singer really, really wanted to sleep with him. … Read More

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10 Great Anti-Consumerist Anthems for Buy Nothing Day

As we noted on Wednesday when we discussed Black Friday and its associated Record Store Day releases, we’re not such big fans of the whole getting-up-early-to-battle-other-shoppers-for-discounted-flat-screen-TVs idea that comes with the day after Thanksgiving. In fact, we’re much more in favor of the inverse Buy Nothing Day concept, and not just because we loathe shopping at the best of times and thus buying nothing isn’t exactly a stretch for us. As such, we thought we’d get into the non-spirit of the day with some of our favorite anti-consumerist anthems. … Read More

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David Gahr’s Dramatic Black-and-White Photos of ’60s and ’70s Musicians

A few weeks back, we shared some great photos of musicians from the 1960s and ’70s. If you enjoyed those, you’ll also appreciate these shots of some of the era’s luminaries by the late New York photographer David Gahr. Gahr’s work appeared in Time and Rolling Stone, among others, and his career spanned five decades, from his earliest work in the late ’50s until his death in 2008. His photos are the subject of a new exhibition at Morrison Hotel in Soho from October 26 through November 11 (you can check the gallery website for opening hours if you’re in the city). Either way, check out some of the photos from the exhibition after the jump, along with archival commentary from the photographer himself. … Read More

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