Jason Statham

Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy’s ‘Spy’ Is So Much More Than a Slapstick Spoof


The key joke in Paul Feig’s Spy shows up in the trailer, and no, it’s not Melissa McCarthy falling over on a scooter. Instead, we find her standing curbside at the Rome airport, decked out in the ugly garb and unflattering wig of a bland cat lady on vacation. An open-roofed sports car rolls by, its inhabitants catcalling the models next to her, but as they pass McCarthy, they clam up, staring at her in silence. And then they proceed to “bella!” the rest of the women on the curb. “That’s a real confidence-builder,” McCarthy muses, and it gets a laugh — as most of the jokes in this very funny comedy do — but it also underlines what the movie is about. At its core, this action-packed, globe-trotting, gender-switched Bond spoof is about lookism.
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