Jeff Buckley

50 Cultural Icons on Their Favorite Books


Everybody loves a good book. Yes, everybody — even the rich, famous and culturally relevant. And since there’s nothing better than a book recommendation from someone you already idolize, why not check out which ones they count as their favorites? Maybe you’ll wind up finding out that you have even more in common with Lady Gaga than you thought. Click through to find out which books your favorite cultural icons, from Bill Murray to Joan Didion to Nas, love best — and get to padding that reading …Read More

The 50 Best Album Closing Tracks in History


A few weeks back, we surveyed the art of the album opening track, putting together a pretty exhaustive list of our 50 favorites and generally opining on what makes for an effective introductory song. The flipside to this, quite literally, is the closing track, and so we’ve put together a similarly epic list of songs that demonstrate how to finish an album in style. There are several distinct genres here — the epic flare-out, the unexpected left turn, the reflective ballad — but they all share one characteristic: making you want to hit “play” again immediately. …Read More

The Problem With ‘Greetings From Tim Buckley’ (Hint: It Isn’t Penn Badgley)


When you think about it, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long to make a film about the Buckley family. The subject matter is cinematic gold: two doomed (and decidedly photogenic) singers, both possessed of angelic voices, devoted fan bases and plenty of tortured-artist mythology. Daniel Algrant’s Greetings From Tim Buckley goes for broke as far milking the Buckley story goes — it’s a semi-fictionalized biopic that manages to cram both father and son into one film, tying them together with the story of Jeff’s performance at a tribute concert for Tim, a moment when past and present meet in a cathartic performance that catapults Jeff to fame. It sound like it should work, but it doesn’t.
…Read More