Jenn Rogien

The ‘Girls’ Guide to Appropriate Attire


In the lead-up to this Sunday’s Girls Season 2 premiere, much has been written on the fashion sense — or lack thereof — of the show’s characters, and by extension, that of its costume designer, Jenn Rogien. The Times, which emphasizes the show’s concern with veracity, has us believe that each character’s outfits in Girls are what they would wear in reality, with real-life budgets (in which case, we’re jealous of Marnie being able to afford DVF). And as Girls star and creator Lena Dunham tells the paper, the show’s producers are wary of outfits with a “TV-matchy-cutesy-ness” vibe, and of outfits that fit “a little too well.” Girls is, after all, about a group of young women making mistakes – the ones we’re told constantly that we’re meant to be making in our 20s, many of which will inevitably be fashion ones. Still, there’s plenty of inspiration to take from the show’s beautifully bashful wardrobes, which perfectly reflect that new Season 2 slogan we’re seeing everywhere, “Almost getting it kind of together.” Before a new season of controversial fashion dawns upon us, we’ve taken a moment to consider what we can learn from the first season’s most interesting outfits.
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