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‘The Boy Next Door’ Is the Rare Bad Movie That Never Stops Being Fun


There is a scene in Jennifer Lopez vehicle The Boy Next Door where a bully, who has cleverly nicknamed poor Tommy (Adam Hicks) “The Wiz” after an unfortunate allergy-attack incident, teases the boy by telling him that the film The Wiz was on television the night before. He pauses before explaining that The Wiz is the black version of The Wizard of Oz. Yes, a bully, in the middle of tormenting his victim, actually explains the pop culture reference behind his insult. It is one of the many, many laugh-out-loud, “what the hell?” moments in The Boy Next Door. The thriller is so utterly ridiculous, so over-the-top cheesy and trashy, so misinformed and poorly written that it is absolutely amazing. The Boy Next Door is not a good film, but it is the one of the best movies I have ever seen.
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The 15 Golden Globes 2015 Moments Everyone Will Be Talking About


The early theme of the 2015 Golden Globe Awards was one of diversity. Hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey set a tone of irreverent feminist fun. Of course there were exceptions and dud moments — this is a Hollywood awards show, after all. But with heartfelt shout-outs to gay AIDS victims, rape survivors, civil rights activists, trans people, authentic women characters, and stars’ romantic partners of all stripes punctuating the night, it felt like the notoriously boozy telecast had, at least in some respects, finally caught up with its diverse… Read More


124 Songs You Need to Hear Before 2014 Ends


Music is personal. It’s something that I’m never more aware of than I am at the end of every year, when best-of lists dominate the coverage at cultural publications, but the idea of “best” is one that I’ve never quite been comfortable with. It seems too objective to take into account personal taste, not to mention the reality that there’s too much music out there for even the most ambitious listener to have heard everything, or even close to everything. So let’s not use the word “best.” Instead, here are 124 songs released in 2014 that I would recommend to any music lover. Its goal is to highlight not only the year’s biggest hits, both commercially and critically, but also songs that commented on what happened in our world this year, and songs you may not have heard but that you’ll hopefully love as much as we… Read More

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The 25 Best Songs of 2014 So Far

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Last week we brought you the top 25 albums of 2014 so far, but we couldn’t let the midyear pass without taking a look at the best songs up until this point. This being a singles list, it’s heavy on your Iggys and your Charlis and your Sias, but you’ll also find choice album cuts from some of the year’s best rock LPs, like EMA, The War on Drugs, Against Me!, and more. And finally, we tossed in a few you may not have heard yet, hopefully inspiring you to check out the underrated tunes that haven’t been critical faves or Hot 100… Read More

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Does J.Lo’s “I Luh Ya Papi” Successfully Critique Objectification of Women?


Normally, I probably wouldn’t pay attention to a Jennifer Lopez music video. There are certain pop songs I know that I’ll have little desire to actively seek out, by virtue of hearing them being played on the radio over and over again. But when I saw the headline “Jennifer Lopez ‘Objectifies’ Men,” referring to her music video for “I Luh Ya Papi,” I knew I had to watch it. The video is a shot-for-shot parody of a stereotypical, male gaze-y hip hop or R&B video, only with the genders reversed. It is, for the most part, a refreshing inversion.
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20 Forgotten Movie Roles of Our Favorite ’00s Pop Stars


Thanks to Justin Timberlake’s prominent roles in Inside Llewyn Davis, Friends With Benefits, and The Social Network, we’ve grown used to seeing the once peroxide-blonde ‘N SYNC star acting with aplomb on the big screen. No one else from the Billboard charts of the 2000s has made it to Timberlake’s level of feature-film success. But even JT started somewhere — namely, with the made-for-TV prince-and-pauper redux Model Behavior (2000). As it turns out, tons of other pop stars tried to earn their own “/actor” crowns in movies you may (The Aviator) or may not (Carmen: A Hip Hopera) have seen. In celebration (and in memoriam) of these forgotten career detours, we bring you 20 films that — surprisingly — feature pop stars from the beginning of the… Read More


10 Great Performances by Terrible Actors


Forgive the perhaps unwarranted level of enthusiasm, but Joy Ride is out on Blu-ray today, and YIPEE. It’s a crackerjack little thriller from eternally underrated director John Dahl, co-written by a young J.J. Abrams, starring Steve Zahn, Leelee Sobieski, and, yes, Paul Walker. Though second-billed behind Zahn, this is indisputably a vehicle for the handsome and unaccountably dull future star of the Fast and Furious franchise — and believe it or not, he’s not distractingly terrible in it. Make whatever stopped-clock, blind-squirrel analogies you’d like, but occasionally even the worst of actors stumbles into a decent performance. Here’s a few… Read More