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Watch: Taylor Swift Plays 13-Year-Old in Jimmy Fallon’s “EW”

Taylor Swift made a guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon last night, however incognito: she appeared as Natalie, a 13-year-old victim of… Read More

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Jon Hamm Spits Food at Jimmy Fallon in Only Existing Video That Won’t Make You Want to Kiss Him

In not one, but two clips from The Tonight Show Friday, Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm took their relationship to the next level, starring in… Read More

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Watch Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon’s “Lost” ’80s TV Show ‘Palisades Park Pet Patrol’

Is it possible that Jon Hamm is even more alluring in a park ranger uniform, with a mouth full… Read More

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Watch Jennifer Lawrence Lie to Jimmy Fallon

On last night’s Tonight Show, Jimmy busted out his “Box of Lies” game for a rousing round with Jennifer… Read More

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What’s Up with Jimmy Fallon Making Fun of Teen Girls?

Even before he made the jump toTonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon had been doing a sketch called “Ew!” every couple of months. The basic concept of the sketch is this: Fallon plays an annoying girl on the younger side of teenaged — Sara spelled without an ‘h’ — who has her own talk show, Ew!. The show features her BFFs, typically played by male celebrities, stopping by and chatting incessantly about things they either like (Harry Styles, always some underrated old actor like Gary Oldman) or dislike (little brothers, tomatoes). Sara’s stepdad, who just doesn’t get it, shows up somewhere in the latter half of each sketch, squaring it up in his New Balance and his Dockers and walking the fine line between nosy and creepy. Everyone laughs like, “What’s the deal with teenagers, amirite?” … Read More

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