Jimmy Fallon

Paul Reubens Confirms Pee-wee Movie, Provides Voiceover for the New ‘Avengers’ Trailer

Paul Reubens is a man who has a weird, prickly relationship with the public ever since he was allegedly found… Read More

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Watch Sting Sing “Stingtones,” Record Voicemail Parody of ‘Message in a Bottle’

Last night, in an effort to promote his very serious, very bleak Broadway play The Last Ship, Sting appeared on… Read More

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Nick Offerman Offers Some Unexpected Advice About Dealing With Your Freshman Roommate’s Pubes

Freshman year can be hard – I, personally, recall feeling alienated, homesick, and exhausted. All of that probably could… Read More

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Watch: Taylor Swift Plays 13-Year-Old in Jimmy Fallon’s “EW”

Taylor Swift made a guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon last night, however incognito: she appeared as Natalie, a 13-year-old victim of… Read More

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