Joan Crawford

25 of the Bitchiest Joan Crawford Quotes

Joan Crawford had caustic relationships with her children, film studios, and fellow stars (ahem), earning a reputation as a hard-nosed bitch who prized her career above all else. She was a relentless self-promoter, difficult, and was dubbed box office poison as quickly as she was “Queen of the Movies.” But Crawford was known for playing the determined working girl in cinema — women who had a rough start, but eventually found love, respect, and success. These big-picture images were inspirational to female audiences, and Crawford became one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood during Tinseltown’s male-dominated reign. By her own admission, Crawford loved playing bitches on film. In honor of the Queen B’s deathiversary this month, we gathered some of Crawford’s bitchiest quotes. … Read More

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20 of the Bitchiest Bette Davis Quotes

She had a gift for playing unlikable characters and a reputation for being tough off-screen. Bette Davis, the “First Lady of the American Screen,” wasn’t afraid to behave badly and often relished the notion that others thought she was an A-class bitch. In an era when women who spoke their minds were dismissed as difficult — a stereotype we still struggle against — Davis was a beacon. Interviews with the silver screen’s grande dame reveal the actress was a pro when it came to throwing shade — and nobody was off-limits, including rival Joan Crawford. We’ve gathered some of Bette’s bitchiest quotes in good fun to celebrate her birthday. … Read More

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The 30 Harshest Actor-on-Actor Insults in History

In the current ultra-managed, publicist-controlled, sound-byte-driven media atmosphere, you don’t get to hear stars really speaking their minds anymore — at least, not about anything fun, like how they really feel about their fellow stars. But occasionally a little something sneaks through the PR wall, both now and back in Hollywood’s golden age, sometimes as whispers, sometimes as gossip, sometimes long after the fact. And thus, we present another, long-overdue installment of our ongoing series (following authors, filmmakers, and musicians) of really famous people really cutting each other… Read More

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‘Starstruck’ Author Rachel Shukert’s Favorite Legends of Old Hollywood

Rachel Shukert has always been obsessed with the fascinating lives of Old Hollywood icons — people like Judy Garland, Joan Crawford, Fred Astaire, Loretta Young, and Clark Gable. Her deep knowledge of the goings-on of Hollywood’s golden years is on display in her young-adult novel series, Starstruck, which follows three young starlets — Margo, Amanda, and Gabby — as they try to make it in the pictures. Based heavily on the lives of real Hollywood stars, the books are like Valley of the Dolls for a new generation, set in an era when fierce talent and playing the part were vital to survival on and off camera. Love Me, the second book in the series, comes out today, and to celebrate I asked Shukert to talk with me about some of her favorite tales of classic Hollywood scandal, heartbreak, and desperation. Here are the stories she told. … Read More

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The Bizarre Late-Career Roles of Fading Starlets

There comes a time in every actress’s life when her star fades. And if, like The Canyons star Lindsay Lohan, she has not properly invested her money and/or co-branded a K-mart clothing line or perfume, she may find herself having to choose less-than-ideal projects. The late-career odd role can be a valuable way station, saving lives and mortgages alike. Or, worst-case scenario, they add colorful footnotes to a distinguished career. Here follow some… Read More

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The Jazz Age on Film

You have until May 10 to practice your Charleston. Baz Luhrmann’s raucous adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel, The Great Gatsby, is bound to be a whirlwind, and volumes have already been written about the highly anticipated soundtrack featuring Beyoncé, Lana Del Rey, and more. To prepare for the decadent depiction of lavish parties and millionaire love triangles, we’re going straight to the source. Luhrmann is renowned for adding a contemporary twist to period stories, but the Moulin Rouge director strives for authenticity in his sets, costuming, and other details. That’s why we wanted to take a look at several films that actually premiered during the Jazz Age, to gain an authentic feel for the epoch. Get in the mood for Gatsby by adding these films to your playlist, and see how Hollywood first embodied the carefree spirit of the 1920s. … Read More

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Thirteen Terrifying Movies I Saw Before I Was Old Enough And So Am Now Permanently Scarred, by Lemony Snicket

Ready your nightlights — today marks the release of The Dark, a wonderful children’s book written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Jon Klassen. Irreverent and gorgeous, this book might just be a way for your little one (or you) to conquer an elemental fear. To celebrate the book’s release, we asked Lemony Snicket about some of the things that have scared him, and he sent us this list of the movies that terrified him the most — as a little kid and as a larger kid. Check them out after the jump, and let us know what scares you in the comments. … Read More

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The Scariest Psycho Biddies in Cinema

In 1962, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford — during the twilight of their careers — ushered in a new subgenre in film: psycho biddy cinema. Robert Aldrich’s Academy-Award-winning What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? found the grande dames isolated in a decaying Hollywood mansion, where their minds had deteriorated in kind. The gothic melodrama arrived on Blu-ray today, and we wanted to celebrate the occasion by taking a look back at other over-the-top films that featured unhinged, older women haunted by their past. Since the ‘60s, the subgenre has evolved and inspired some creepy aging idols in horror cinema, too. Since we don’t discriminate when it comes to demented elderly characters, we had to include them as well. See more psychotic, gray-haired grotesquerie after the jump. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we read about this digital copyright infringement nightmare. We learned why the details of the health care ruling could be lost on the public. We wished Atari a happy 40th. We remembered a few teen movie bedrooms. We watched a supercut of every movie ever screened… Read More

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The Most Notorious Co-Star Feuds in Movie History

Everyone loves celebrity conflict, which is why we’re assuming our post a couple of weeks back on actor/filmmaker feuds generated such a huge response. It’s humanizing to see that cultural icons squabble about the same petty stuff that we do in the workplace. Performers and auteurs aren’t the only source of on-set friction however; the Hollywood history books are filled with cases of co-stars going after each other with everything they’ve got. After the jump, you’ll find a few of the most famed examples. … Read More

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