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‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 7 Episodes 8 and 9 Recap: ‘Mrs. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington’ and ‘Pie-Mary’

A rather treacly episode featuring April and Leslie in Washington, DC, was followed up by a truly sublime exploration of gender politics in last night’s doubleheader of Parks and Recreation, “Mrs. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington” and “Pie-Mary.” When Parks and Rec gets topical, it can be so perfect, which is why we’ll miss it so dearly in the years to come. … Read More

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How Did John Oliver’s First Week Hosting ‘The Daily Show’ Go?

“I am John Oliver, and let’s just all acknowledge for a moment that this is weird.” And so began John Oliver’s eight-week stint of guest-hosting The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, as the eponymous host takes the summer off to make his feature directorial debut. Last night’s guest Fareed Zakaria congratulated him for pulling off “a brilliant slow-motion coup” — a notion that Oliver dismissed, while granting that “as an Indian, you know how suspicious British people are when they say ‘We’ll just be here for a bit!’” … Read More

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Is John McCain’s Cable à la Carte Bill Secretly Terrible?

Talk about hitting on a winning strategy five years too late. Forget the Alaska Governor Who Must Not Be Named — if John McCain was looking for a game-changer back in 2008, he should’ve floated the Television Consumer Freedom Act. The new legislation, which McCain introduced Thursday, aims to let cable customers select their lineups à la carte, getting only the channels they want, and eschewing the expensive ones they never watch. It would change the way the television business operates, and it could be a boon for the viewer. Maybe. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we felt kind of depressed after watching the cast of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory reunite on the Today Show, 40 years later. We thought that Ed Harris made a pretty decent John McCain in this still from HBO’s upcoming film Game Change. We were impressed by… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Cultural Stories

1. It’s D-Day. As in Digital TV transition. The Live Feed will be tracking the mayhem here, but let it be known that my sister is watching the Today Show as I type this using her old rabbit ears.

2. For some reason John McCain feels like he needs to defend Sarah Palin from… Read More

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A Brief Timeline of “Over-the-Line” Palin Outbursts

Never mind that McCain once said, “”Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.” Republicans have decided that jokes about their kids aren’t OK (to be fair, Obama agrees). As such, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s recent response to a Letterman quip about her daughter was barbed and undeniably inflamed (despite not knowing the difference between being “knocked up” and sexually assaulted). While the nature of the joke itself is up for debate depending of which daughter you decide it was referring to, one can’t help but wonder: after months upon months as a figure of constant public ridicule, shouldn’t Palin have developed a thicker skin? After the jump, a selected timeline of other Palin-related incidents that have begged apologies from public figures. … Read More

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You Are Now Following John McCain on Twitter

He’s only about a year late, but Senator John McCain is finally where all the cool kids are. Twitter, of course. To our surprise, his updates have been surprisingly interesting to read — almost too entertaining, his “Happy Birthday Joe Lieberman” and “80,000 strong…!!” tweets sounding too good to not be by a twitter impostor. But it seems that it’s really him, and he’s all up in his lingo, using “ICYMI” and letting us know he’s figured out how to update from his BlackBerry.

His latest venture, a Top 10 list of the “TOP TEN PORKIEST PROJECTS in the Omnibus Spending bill the Congress is about to pass” is showing us he’s gotten the point of this whole Twitter thing better than most of our friends. Just when we were about to give up on Twitter, it seems like the voyeurism makes a lot more sense when it’s letting us connect with people we never thought we’d actually want to know about five times a day (Srsly). After the jump, our favorites.

… Read More

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Big Brother Book Club: From Victor Hugo to David Sedaris

Occasionally when we’re on the 1 scoping out all of your reads, there’s a title that we just can’t see no matter how much we squint or how long we wait for a page turn, or train lurch that shifts the book ever so slightly. We’re intrigued and we cra buy generic viagra

ne our necks (as inconspicuously as possible) in hopes of seeing it. We wonder if people are starting to notice.

This morning, there was a particularly frustrating lady sitting diagonally from us with a behemoth of a library book between her hands. There was a dead white guy on the cover. MARK TWAIN? No. EDGAR ALLAN POE? No. Blast! We didn’t recognize the face, and wow was the protective, plastic covering reflective, making it even harder to make out what the tiny black font said.

As the train screeched to a stop at 18th Street, and the lady closed the book and stood up to take her leave, we managed to catch the fine print as she walked past and waited for the door to open. VICTOR HUGO! Mystery solved. A quick Amazon search confirmed that the cover was in fact that of Modern Library’s LES MISERABLES. We hope you appreciate our dedicated detective work. … Read More

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Creative People Say The Darndest Things: Paul Rudd, M.I.A., Elisabeth Moss, David Lang and Doug Wheeler

“…they asked me if I would want to write it. I was shocked. I’m sure they were confusing me with PAUL RUDNICK, someone who’s actually written something. Or PAUL RODRIGUEZ. I kind of have a MILLION TO JUAN feeling about me.” PAUL RUDD on becoming involved with the writing on ROLE MODELS [The Onion]

“Me and Blaqstarr found the image at the end from a JOY DIVISION video and thought about the election and thats how people want you to see the world , black/ white , good/ evil, jesus/devil for you the words are Obama vs McCain for me its terror vs genocide simple maths so we put it on at the end to show how far we’ve gone and how far we’ve come, i have to start staying at home more because i dont think i can fit through my front door anymore but i want this to do the traveling for me.” – a blog post from a very pregnant M.I.A. on the video for “S.U.S. (Save UR Soul)” [Boing Boing] … Read More

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Our “Who Will Mock Barack?” Question Answered Much Faster Than We Anticipated

Whe we asked we weren’t expecting such a quick response.

Leave it to a proven Republican favorite like SOUTH PARK to step up to the plate while most of the country was still nursing their celebratory hangovers — TREY PARKER and MATT STONE must have pulled an all-nighter as the… Read More

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