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The NFL is Crumbling: Links You Should See

So, a lot of terrible things are happening in the NFL right now. As this helpful piece from CNN breaks down, there are currently six players who have been punished for very recently doing awful things to their loved ones. … Read More

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Here’s the Trailer for Jon Stewart’s Directorial Debut, ‘Rosewater’

Jon Stewart’s directorial debut, Rosewater – while allegedly a straightforward adaptation of a memoir by Maziar Bahari (a journalist/human rights activist… Read More

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‘The Daily Show’, Fox News, and Ferguson: The Dangers of an Alternate News Reality

Unlike the regular news shows it began skewering and ended up, for many, supplanting, The Daily Show goes on vacation. They time these breaks carefully — over holidays, or during stretches of the summer (like, say, mid-August) when news usually isn’t happening. It didn’t time out that way this year. The Daily Show aired on August 7 and then went on a two-and-a-half week hiatus; on August 9, Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri. As that shock over that shooting gave way to protests, tear gas, police militarization and threats, looting, and general horror, those of us who increasingly look to Stewart and company for a bit of levity and/or indignation had to wait. Last night, Stewart returned, with a reminder that while alums Colbert and Oliver may give TDS a run for their money in the social/political satire department, Stewart’s program remains untouchable in the area of fierce, stinging media commentary. … Read More

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Watch Possible Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Make ‘Hard Choices’ on ‘The Daily Show’

“No one cares, they just want to know if you’re running for President,” Jon Stewart quipped to Hillary Clinton… Read More

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Gary Oldman, Political Correctness, and the “Internet Outrage Machine”

Let’s take a pop quiz. Please select the stupidest human being from the following three choices:

a) a famous actor who, when pulled over while intoxicated, goes off on a bizarre rant about Jewish people.

b) a famous actor who, when harassed by paparazzi, spews a homophobic slur.

c) a famous actor who, in the calm of an interview situation, looks into the eyes of a journalist, points his mouth in the direction of a tape recorder, and defends actors a) and b) as victims of “political correctness” and a culture where “no one can take a joke anymore.” … Read More

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How Will ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Break Through?

When John Oliver opened up last evening’s premiere episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver by welcoming viewers to “whatever this is,” he wasn’t totally off the mark. The latest show to feature Daily Show alumni as a host (a year, give or take, before its most famous former correspondent, Stephen Colbert, moves on to an even bigger gig) had a strong first showing, but definitely has a long way to go. In theory, it all looks pretty good for Oliver: he wrapped up a great run filling in for Stewart as host of The Daily Show, and is now free to curse as much as he wants on premium cable, right after television’s best political comedy series,Veep, wraps up for the night. It really isn’t such a bad spot to be in, yet Oliver has a pretty massive mountain ahead of him before the show truly defines “whatever this is.” … Read More

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Everything You Need to Know About New ‘Daily Show’ Correspondent Jordan Klepper

After John Oliver left to start his own HBO weekly and Al Madrigal departed for NBC’s About a Boy, The Daily Show was due for a new hire. Yesterday, they announced Jordan Klepper, who made his first appearance last night “live from Ukraine” as “New Senior Caucasion Correspondent.” Klepper is the Comedy Central program’s first new face since TDS brought on Jessica Williams two years ago. We gathered all the essentials on Klepper’s comedy career thus far, from his Second City days to his collaborations with his wife. … Read More

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