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The 35 Best Books by Cinema’s Greatest Auteurs

It’s an old standby that if a person is truly a master at one thing, he’s probably not great at much else. But when it comes to cinema, the auteur’s role is to be good at everything — sound, writing, camerawork, etc. — while also maintaining an overarching vision. So it isn’t surprising that there are so many great books written by cinema’s most famous (and infamous)… Read More

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8 Unreleased Movies We’re Dying to See

Last fall, Francis Ford Coppola went to the Toronto International Film Festival to unveil Twixt, his latest feature film. It didn’t go well — in fact, it went so poorly that there was some question as to whether the picture (unattached to a distributor) would see a release at all. It finally will, this weekend, with a single-theater engagement in San Francisco, but that seems like quite a fall for the director of The Godfather (even if his more recent work hasn’t exactly wowed us).

Meanwhile, a film that’s been in limbo for far longer than Coppola’s is inching towards a release: Dark Blood, the contemporary Western thriller from director George Sluzier (The Vanishing) that River Phoenix was working on when he died clear back in 1993. Sluzier put out a trailer back in May; last week, the film’s long-awaited premiere was announced for September’s Netherlands Film Festival. Those two resurrections got us thinking about other unreleased movies that we’re still itching to see; they’re collected for your reading (and partial viewing) pleasure after the jump. … Read More

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Tarantino Reveals the Films That Inspired Inglourious Basterds

Having undoubtedly seen thousands of movies in his time, Quentin Tarantino is no stranger to the art of the homage — in fact, certain detractors would say that he’s made a career out of it. To give credit where credit is due, Tarantino has proudly (or maybe brazenly) raised a well-exercised middle finger to his naysayers and divulged a handful of the cinematic influences at work in Inglourious Basterds. We suggest that you add these films to your queue. … Read More

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