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Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Flicks to See in September

As we’ve discussed, the joyful fall movie season is upon us, and it’s time for Hollywood to spend four months making like they’re not a factory for endless remakes and comic book sequels. But don’t let them break their arms patting themselves on the back; every month the independent distributors give us a steady stream of smart movies for adults, and they’re not backing off just because the big boys are joining in. Here’s a few indie flicks worth checking out this month. … Read More

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Here’s the New Trailer for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s ‘Don Jon’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s feature directorial debut, Don Jon, is, well, mostly about porn. That’s what most coverage of it thus… Read More

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What’s On at Flavorwire: Links You Need to See

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz doesn’t want you to watch Season 4 in one sitting: “The whole show is like the selective-attention test. No one sees the gorilla!” Joseph Gordon-Levitt undergoes a convincing meathead transformation in his new film Don Jon. We got the real story on what really happened at the… Read More

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The Best Breakup Lines in Film

Breaking up is hard to do, but the movies have taught us that a witty one-liner can be empowering during tough times. We searched through film history for 25 of the most memorable goodbye lines. Don’t be too sad, though. This is where some of the best screenwriting really shines. Feel free to borrow these lines next time you need to tell someone, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Leave us your favorite Dear John and Jane quotes in the comments,… Read More

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Exclusive Interview: ’21 Jump Street’ Star Brie Larson Is Poised to Dominate SXSW

You always believe Brie Larson. The 23-year-old actress has done everything from Disney Channel sitcoms to studio blockbusters to micro-budget indies, but no matter what the role, no matter how large or how small, she seems utterly incapable of a false note. Attendees of this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival will have plenty of opportunities to marvel at her gifts; in one of those occasional festival collisions of timing and smart choices, Larson appears in three SXSW movies: she plays supporting roles in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon’s Addiction and James Ponsoldt’s The Spectacular Now (both of which played to positive notices at Sundance) and takes the lead — her first — in Destin Cretton’s subtle and powerful Short Term 12. Oh, and she also co-wrote and co-directed Weighting, which is playing in the shorts competition. … Read More

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Oscar 2013: An Evening in Pictures

More than 30 minutes (and a good dozen Seth MacFarlane-induced cringes) past its scheduled end time, the 2013 Academy Awards ceremony finally drew to a close in the first few minutes of Monday morning. Since a picture is supposedly worth a thousand words — and we’re still too exhausted from last night’s festivities to pen a novella — here’s a selection of our favorite images of the night. Enjoy them — and the 12 or so hours we get until next year’s Oscar race… Read More

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Sundance 2013: Awards, Deals, and When You Can See Them

Indie producers at Sundance would be wise to steer your film editor away from their screenings, since (for the second year in a row, to say nothing of Tribeca and SXSW) practically none of the films I saw over my six days in Park City managed to grab any prizes at Saturday night’s big award ceremony. I’m all out of theories for why I’m so bad at picking these things — but it’s something we’re all going to have to come to terms with, apparently. Not to worry, though; many of the very good films I did manage to see will be coming your way over the next few months, so let’s take a look at films that won both awards and big-money deals. … Read More

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The Best and Worst of Sundance 2013

This time last year, the out-of-nowhere indie Beasts of the Southern Wild emerged at the Sundance Film Festival, knocked out everyone who saw it, and embarked on a thrilling year-long ride to become a critical fave, indie smash, and multiple Oscar nominee. Of course, when you have a big hit, everyone’s looking for a sequel — and most of the press out of Park City has been eager to buzzkill, assuring us that no, there’s not another Beasts in this year’s bunch. But that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t an incredible… Read More

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Sundance 2013: Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Editing Porn, Sex Scenes, and Directing Himself

PARK CITY, UT: Let’s get this right out in the open: Don Jon’s Addiction, the new comedy from Joseph Gordon-Levitt premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, is filthy. It concerns a womanizing New Jersey ladies’ man whose dependence on hardcore Internet porn is so intense that he actually prefers it to the real thing. His voice-over narration, explaining in graphic detail exactly why he feels that way, is one of the film’s funniest scenes; his precise description of the porn/masturbation process will probably ring a bit too comfortably true for some gentlemen in its audience. Both of those scenes, and others throughout the movie, are illustrated by the pornography in question. It may very well be the most hardcore porn we’ve ever seen in a mainstream movie (there’s even a credit for a “pornography consultant,” which sounds like good work if you can get it). But, as Mr. Gordon-Levitt explained following a Saturday morning screening, the film’s not as graphic as it sounds. … Read More

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10 Sundance 2013 Movies We Can’t Wait to See

Hold on to your hats, dear readers: the 29th annual Sundance Film Festival kicks off today in Park City, Utah. Your humble film editor is on the ground, in snow boots and several layers of sensible sweaters, with a film-going schedule that could alternately be described as “ambitious” or “insane.” Here are the ten movies that top our “must-see”… Read More

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