Joy Division

Like Joy Division? Buy Ian Curtis’ House: Links You Need to See

In the market for a two-bedroom house with a “well-appointed bathroom”? Looking to live on Barton Street in England’s Macclesfield, which some might call an “enviable” location? Do you also have a bicep tattoo of the cover art of Joy Division’s 1977 album, Unknown Pleasures? Has love ever “torn you apart”? Do you have $180,000? Then you should probably buy the late Ian Curtis’ old house, which is now for sale. … Read More

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Searching for Clues — and Closure — in Ian Curtis’ and Kurt Cobain’s Handwritten Archives

Ian Curtis wrote in all caps, often with a Sharpie. When he wanted to change a word in his lyrics or notes, he’d scratch out his former word choice utterly completely — as if he wanted to erase it from existence. In a lot of ways, the Joy Division leader’s handwriting seems to reflect his personality: “Ian was a very definite person,” says Jon Savage, the co-editor of So This Is Permanence, a collection of Curtis’ notebooks released last month by Chronicle Books. “If he didn’t like something, he would eventually make his displeasure shown. He was a Cancer.” … Read More

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Famous Songs Become Buildings in Federico Babina’s ‘Archimusic’

Music often drives us to change the architecture of our bodies – if it wasn’t for Rod Stewart’s raw, animalistic beats or Barry Manilow’s thrashing guitar, I wonder if I’d ever move at all. But seriously, the idea of music itself being architectural isn’t too hard to fathom, whether in the way that it’s laid out in blueprint form before it’s actualized, in the way that a series of supporting sounds bolster one another and create a song, or in the 4’33” sense that silences create their own music, just as there’s architecture in empty space. … Read More

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The Best Joy Division Covers

It was 34 years ago this weekend that Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis tragically took his own life. The legacy the post-punk pioneer left behind is unmistakable, despite having only two full-length albums to his credit. His influence is evident in the sound of countless bands who continue to be inspired by his somber lyricism. The number of Unknown Pleasures wannabes is exhausting, but we’ve chosen ten of the best Joy Division covers by artists who uniquely transformed Curtis’… Read More

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Music-Loving Makeup Artist Paints Classic Album Covers Directly Onto Her Face

Looking for a new beauty look to prepare for next year’s Record Store Day? Natalie Sharp has you covered. The London makeup artist decided to commemorate the day by painting eight album covers onto her face — a slightly delusional choice, she told The Quietus: “I stupidly thought I could knock these out in a day.” Each face, she says, took three to six hours, and was painted entirely freehand — no stencils. … Read More

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Post-Punk Goodreads: Joy Division and Nikolai Gogol’s ‘Dead Souls’

It’s doubtful that I was the only teenage punk to pick up Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol, who was born on this day in 1809, after realizing that Joy Division’s Ian Curtis borrowed the name for the title of a song. Since I wasn’t around to snatch one of precious few singles on which “Dead Souls” was a B-side in 1980, my introduction to the song came through the Nine Inch Nails cover that was part of the alt-rock touchstone soundtrack for 1994’s The Crow, which must have been how legions of other angry-at-whatever teens first encountered the song — and possibly Joy Division as well. … Read More

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10 Historic Live Musical Performances You Can Watch on YouTube

Last week, some footage of what would prove to be Nirvana’s final show in Los Angeles, at the Great Western Forum in December 1993, surfaced on the web. One of the great joys of the internet is that it’s way, way easier than it used to be to get hold of (and watch!) bootlegs, live performances and other records of shows that might otherwise have never seen the light of day. YouTube, in particular, is a rich resource for this stuff — so here’s a selection of Flavorwire’s favorite performances, encompassing both some famous shows and some lesser-known events. … Read More

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Ian Curtis’ Kitchen Table Is on eBay

If you’re a wealthy music fan hoping to make your home a little more goth, you’re in luck! … Read More

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The Albums That Flavorwire Staffers Heard Too Early

Earlier this month, we surveyed Flavorwire central for a selection of the books we read too early. The responses we got were both informative and a whole lot of fun, so we decided we’d extend the concept into some of the other areas of culture that we enjoy here — starting with the world of music, and the albums that various staff members listened to at perilously tender ages. From the raunchy through the political to the mildly disconcerting, here are the albums that we listened to too early (including, curiously, not one but two Beatles records.) What are yours? … Read More

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Nostalgic Photos of Iconic Records and the Vintage Turntables That First Played Them

Using Rolling Stone‘s The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time as a resource, photographer Kai Schäfer has catalogued landmark records in music history and the vintage turntables that first played them in his World Records series. Photos of famous vinyl — including albums by Bowie, Elvis, and Joy Division — recall a time when collecting music was a tactile and perhaps more intimate experience. “It is also a private time machi­ne to the spectator: music as an impulse to remember bits and pieces of one’s personal history, a release of former thoughts and feelings. The soundtrack of your life,” the artist writes. Schäfer is celebrating his first solo exhibition at Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles, which runs until July 13. Visit the gallery’s website to find out how you can see over 100 photos of your favorite albums. Click through for a preview. … Read More

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