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A Guide to Celebrities Who Are the Absolute Worst On Social Media

Ah, yes, celebrities: they’re just like us. Which means some of them are just as annoying as your aunt on Facebook, as unnecessarily cranky as your old college roommate on Twitter, and as insufferable as your #humblebrag colleague on Instagram. They’re basically The Worst, with the icing on the cake being that they have a built-in web audience since they’re celebrities. Here’s a guide to the worst offenders, from Ted Nugent to Jason Biggs to… Read More

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Why Doesn’t Judd Apatow Have to Answer Questions About Racism? Mindy Kaling on Being a Role Model

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Mindy Kaling, the creator, showrunner, and star of The Mindy Project, discussed the responsibility that she feels to answer questions about feminism and diversity in her work and on her show: … Read More

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‘Neighbors': The Bro Comedy Grows Up

It may seem counterintuitive to praise the emotional maturity of a movie whose climax includes a dildo fight, but there you have it. Neighbors is the new comedy from director Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Five Year Engagement), starring Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne as new parents, and Zac Efron and Dave Franco as the heads of the fraternity that moves in next door to them. The high concept is broad and simple: “FAMILY VS. FRAT,” as the ad line rather simplistically summarizes. But it’s about more than that — and hints at some interesting possibilities for comedies of its ilk. … Read More

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20 Overlooked Romantic Comedies From the Last Two Decades

Earlier this week, New York magazine’s Bilge Ebiri and David Edelstein ranked the top 25 romantic comedies that have come out since 1989’s When Harry Met Sally…, which, one could argue, set the standard for contemporary romantic comedies. Since every list of this sort inspires arguments and nitpicks, I thought I’d go ahead and take the bait. Here are 20 great films that were sadly… Read More

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Questioning Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’ Nudity Is Stupid, But Judd Apatow’s Response Wasn’t So Smart, Either

Did your parents ever let you open one present on Christmas Eve because you couldn’t WAIT for Christmas morning? That’s how I feel today, because even though Girls doesn’t premiere until Sunday, we’re already fighting about it! Welcome to Think-Piece Season, everyone. We begin this year with more discussion of Lena Dunham’s nude body, thanks to Tim Molloy of The Wrap, who got into a fight last night with Judd Apatow after asking Lena Dunham, “Hey, why are you naked all the time?” … Read More

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Judd Apatow’s Most Bromantic Moments

Dudebro savior Judd Apatow turns 46 today. I have no clue who his #1 BFF actually is, but based on his movies, I assume that Judd is hugging that bro at this very moment. So in honor of the man who revitalized the buddy comedy, here is a selection of the most bromantic moments from Apatow’s films. … Read More

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