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The 10 Most Underrated TV Sitcoms

The fine folks over at Vulture are following up last spring’s Drama Derby (determining the best TV drama of the past quarter-century — The Wire, unsurprisingly) with the Sitcom Smackdown, an attempt to pin down television’s best situation comedy since 1982 (the year of Cheers’ debut). It’s the kind of project guaranteed to get people all worked up, and your Flavorwire is no exception. It’s hard to argue with too many of their Sweet 16, but man did they leave a lot of great stuff out. So, in response, we decided it was time to offer up some alternates — great sitcoms that don’t get their due, there or… Read More

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New Oscar Categories We’d Like to See — And Who We’d Nominate to Win Them

The Academy hasn’t added any new Oscar categories since Best Animated Film was established back in 2001; that was the first in 30 years. Every winter we discuss ways to spice up the ceremony, whether it’s new hosts or new production ideas or streamlining the handing out of the statues — but maybe it’s time to rethink the categories… Read More

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10 Romantic Movie Couples Who Were Actually Hopeless

Valentine’s Day is upon us, so it’s time to grit your teeth, load up your Netflix queue, and sit through a romance or two. Don’t get us wrong—they’re not all terrible, and some offer some very good advice. But too many hinge on hard-to-swallow coincidences, dated gender stereotypes, and insufferable cutesiness. What’s worse, even the good ones often ask us to buy a “happy ending” that puts together a couple who we all know isn’t going to last five minutes past the credits. After the jump, our votes for the movie couples least likely to actually make it — contrary to what the films that tell their stories insist. Be warned: minor spoilers are ahead. … Read More

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The Best Spoof Movies Ever Made

The month of January (as we’ve mentioned before) does not tend to give us the most high-quality new movie releases, and this year doesn’t look any more promising than usual. This week, for example, will bring to your local multiplex A Haunted House, a parody of — wait for it — haunted house movies (Paranormal Activity, Insidious, etc.) from co-writer/star Marlon Wayans, one of the originators of the Scary Movie franchise (which will itself take on Paranormal and whatever the hell else was moderately popular recently in this fall’s Scary Movie 5). Between that series, the unwatchable works of the Wayans family, and the Friedberg/Seltzer oeuvre, these are grim days indeed for the “spoof film,” the formerly distinguished comedy subgenre targeting cinematic styles and trends with goofy humor, slapstick spirit, and a willingness to do just about anything for a laugh. In light of what they have become, it’s easy to forget how many great spoof movies there were; as a reminder, we picked our ten favorites (and ranked them even!), so check them out and let us know if you agree after the jump. … Read More

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The Year in Film: The 25 Best Movies of 2012

2012’s finest films reflected ambition, risk, and advocacy. They boldly redrew the maps of genre, freshly examined the creative process, and dared us to contemplate our own mortality. And, in more traditional terms, they made us laugh, and cry, and feel alive. These are the best films of… Read More

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The Morning's Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Call it the John McCain bump: Even though it opened in extremely limited release yesterday, Zero Dark Thirty is already breaking box office records. [via Deadline]

2. This photo from the set of 30 Rock is giving us mixed emotions. On one hand, we’re devastated that the show is really ending. On the other: 30 Rock wine?! … Read More

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10 Supporting Characters Who Totally Deserve Their Own Movies

Judd Apatow’s This is 40, out this Friday, is — as its ads carefully note — a “sort-of sequel” to his 2007 hit Knocked Up. It doesn’t concern that film’s leading characters; Seth Rogen’s Ben is only mentioned in passing, and Katherine Hiegl’s Alison is absent altogether. Instead, Apatow focuses on supporting couple Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) and their two kids — played by Apatow and Mann’s real-life offspring. The idea of making a spin-off instead of a sequel is a fairly rare one; there are a few examples, like U.S. Marshalls (from The Fugitive), Get Him to the Greek (from Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Beauty Shop (from Barbershop 2) and Puss in Boots (from Shrek 2), but overall, it’s not all that common. Which is funny, because we think it’s a more interesting way to continue a franchise than the standard sequel, so after the jump, we’ve got suggestions for supporting characters we’d like to see bumped up to leads. (Warning: Some spoilers follow.) … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we celebrated Taylor Swift’s twenty-third birthday like it was her fifteenth. We caught up with the history of that rare Metropolis poster that was auctioned off today. We talked about The Office with a real-life Scranton reporter. We found out who the famous artists are whose works will be entering the public domain in 2013. We explored a list of top-selling movies, music, TV, books, and apps on iTunes in 2012. We looked forward to watching Judd Apatow’s 60 Minutes profile this Sunday. … Read More

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Preview Gallery1988′s Judd Apatow-Inspired Art Show

Can you remember back to a time when the term “man-child” wasn’t a part of the lexicon? Judd Apatow, perhaps more so than any other comedic filmmaker of our generation, has always managed to mine the angst of everyday life to create laugh out loud, and at times, kind of heartbreaking on-screen moments. He’s taken us all the way from high school (Freaks and Geeks and Superbad) to college (Undeclared) to 20-something life (Knocked Up and Girls) and what eventually follows (This Is 40, 40-Year-Old Virgin), all without missing a beat. And now, our friends over at Gallery1988′s Melrose location are celebrating his career with a group show of art inspired by his fantastic work. While A Tribute To Judd Apatow doesn’t open until December 4th, they’ve generously allowed us to preview a few of the 100 or so original pieces that will be on display through Christmas Eve. Enjoy them in our slideshow! … Read More

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Exclusive Supercut: 15 Thanksgiving Dos and Don’ts (From the Movies)

With Thanksgiving approaching, our holiday anxiety is at an all time high — after all, this is a high-stress holiday, with family member and friends gathering to eat, drink (often a lot), and judge. That combination of elements makes it awfully hard to know exactly how to act on Thursday; luckily, as in most difficult situations, the movies are here to help. So we’ve assembled clips from the Thanksgiving scenes of 17 movies, and gleaned the advice they offer in order to create 15 Dos and Don’ts for Thanksgiving. Check out this exclusive supercut after the jump. … Read More

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