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10 Famous Artists Who Should Have Their Own Reality TV Show

“For the past three years I’ve been an intern at Eli Klein Fine Art,” says one of the characters on Bravo’s Gallery Girls by way of introduction. This should give you a good idea of what the reality series, which premieres Monday at 10 pm, entails: a handful of pretty young women trying to make their way in the New York art world despite multiple indications that it may not be the best path for them. Pitting the blonde Upper East Siders with fabulously wealthy parents and apparently permanent internships against Brooklyn brunettes on the verge of opening their own gallery/boutique (also with the help of family money), its relationship to art is roughly the same as The Hills’ was to journalism.

In other words, if you like to watch rich girls pick fights with each other and call their dads while soaking in a bubble bath (really), Gallery Girls is for you. But its lack of actual art world relevance got us thinking about what kinds of art-related reality shows we’d rather see — along with Bravo’s fun competition series, Work of Art, of course. It occurred to us that there is no shortage of fascinating, entertaining, and controversial personalities in contemporary art, so we hope you’ll excuse us for mixing the highbrow with the low in this list of famous artists who would make great reality stars. … Read More

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Watch James Franco's New Music Video

In case this tidbit got lost in your daily pile of James Franco news, let’s review: the actor/artist/filmmaker/author/Oscar host recently announced that he’s releasing a dance EP, a collaboration with his performance-art soul mate Kalup Linzy that boasts production by DJ/rupture. Because Franco never does anything halfway, each song from the duo of 7-inches will get its own music video. Today, Stereogum brings us the first clip in the series, for “Rising.” And it’s pretty much what you’d expect: a project floating somewhere in that zone between Internet meme and video art, with Franco doing backup vocals for Linzy’s slightly off-kilter R&B panty-dropper. There are some hazy double exposures, a good amount of casual drag theatrics, a lot of purposefully bad effects, and the whole thing begins and ends with Franco and Linzy apparently spacing out on a couch in what looks like a cloud of smoke. It’s a fairly useful framing device, if you ask us. Watch the video after the jump, and let us know if you’ll be dreaming of James Franco’s smirking, disembodied head tonight. … Read More

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The Morning's Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Frequent collaborators James Franco and performance artist Kalup Linzy are planning to release a three-song, limited-edition EP entitled Turn It Up on July 12th. The pair will be shooting video clips for each of the songs, and promise some “surprise guest cameos.” [via PopEater]

2. Both BBC programming chief Sam Hodges and… Read More

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What Crazy Surprises Can We Expect from the 2011 Oscars?

This year, the Academy Awards need to go big or go gently into that good night, lest they be upstaged by the Golden Globes — which earned stellar ratings last month, probably due Ricky Gervais’s “Who will he offend next?” hosting style. But the Oscars have plenty of opportunities to maintain their relevance, with Hollywood’s biggest wild card, James Franco, on emcee duties and a decent chance at some mischief from Banksy. After the jump, we predict what might be in store on Sunday night’s telecast. … Read More

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Artist Kalup Linzy Makes His General Hospital Debut

Performance and video artist Kalup Linzy‘s much-anticipated daytime soap opera debut on ABC’s General Hospital takes place today at 3pm. Linzy, who has work on view in the recently opened Contemporary Art from the Collection exhibition at MoMA, told the Orlando Sentinel, “One of my biggest dreams has come true.” According to the article, James Franco, who plays the artist Franco on the show, is responsible for Linzy’s opportunity to work on GH. “He pitched me to the producers and they said yes,” Linzy explained. “It is very inspiring to work with him and to have him as a friend.” … Read More

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Terence Koh Speaks in Tongues at the National Arts Club

The talented Mr. Terence Koh, whose poetic and provocative artworks have been labeled both brilliant and the emperor’s new clothes, was at his best last week when he delivered the performance piece Art History 1642-2009 at New York’s venerable National Arts Club. Speaking to a packed house of art-world sophisticates in a completely unintelligible language, he railed, whispered, gestured, and danced his way through a visually entertaining lecture about art since the time of Goya. … Read More

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